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  1. Hi everyone! Hope you're doing great today. I just want to ask for your kind guidance about a few in regards to managing WHMCS account especially the part of how Invoicing and Transaction List records are related to each other. I mean for example when a client orders a service/product to me, should I need to submit a transaction record per order to submit the fees associated for it or something else? I see some invoices were paid but aren't recorded to the transaction list, particularly the ones those are paid through Account Funds. Please enlighten me. Thanks further. 🙂
  2. Alright but can you give an example why I should use transaction functionality aside from the docs of WHMCS? What option do you mean? The transaction or Add New Order (Manually)? This is what I did to my recent order and what I did was to edit the products after setting it up. The amount due cannot be changed in the Order info. although I already have set changes to it and OH! I didn't know about the Auto Calculate thing. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone. Hope you're all doing great. I just want to know if are we able to charge a recurring monthly payments for a specific client for a product which was created default Annually or beyond terms of payment? Scenario: I have a product which can be avail thru the site by Annual and beyond terms but what if I want to charge a monthly recurring term for a spefic client alone and I do not want the public to have the ability to purchase lower the an annual term of this product? Can I use the Billable items function to addrrss my concern or something else? Please enlighten me. Thanks further! Regards
  4. Go it. thanks! But I'm confused about this: https://i.imgur.com/CcpWX81.png and how do we recur for unlimited times? https://i.imgur.com/C8UPHJ5.png Update: I already know about the recurring times https://i.imgur.com/rNL0ASx.png
  5. Hi @brian! So it's not possible to add a new order instead (https://i.imgur.com/mqssjmv.png) via a monthly basis for new clients, right? or use the billable items function https://i.imgur.com/AcMzZB3.png Just want to confirm. 🙂
  6. Thanks for the idea everyone. Another thing. How do you manage an add fund transaction with offline payment? Should I use the transaction listing or the add funds invoice thru the client's summary info.? And what about order from clients that have an available funds on their account? Should I use the Add Order functionality or transaction? One more thing. Scenario is that I have a client who would like to pay for a monthly term but I only offer my product for annual payments. When I use the Add Orfer functionility, it is safe to choose the monthly recurring payments. Will l don't get a problem with this idea?
  7. Hi there Guys. Hope you're doing great today. Just want to ask some idea how to fix this issue if possible... Please see screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/BjXIdTR.png I recently use the Sign-in integration for users on my WHMCS which I followed from the Documentation correctly but unfortunately, earlier after a week using this integration, I received an email from Facebook about the app in relation to setting up the feature. Another thing, by the way, I am also having an issue with "Error. Cannot connect your account, something like that" when using the sign-in feature. I am using a custom template made from Six and original Cart templates. Please enlighten me. Thanks further. More power!
  8. Thank you very much! Is confusing error of the login page part of this hotfix?
  9. Hi Guys. Please enlighten me about this statement, I am confused from the documentation link https://docs.whmcs.com/PayPal#PayPal_Subscriptions.2FRecurring_Billing
  10. Yeah. Thanks a lot. It's a simple statement but it needs a clarification on my end. 🙂
  11. I have 3 emails listed in my PayPal settings. Thank you for the clarification! Much appreciated.
  12. Thanks all for the good thought. 🙂
  13. Yeah, I agree. Thanks for the thought and right, I have disabled it earlier because I don't want clients to get scared about the error that I could not explain.
  14. Hi there! Never had as far as I'm aware. Haven't tested yet on other browsers too. I use Chrome
  15. Hi Guys. Hope you're doing great today. I would like to ask for an enlightenment of how are we able to import an existing account from WHM to WHMCS client account and generate invoices along with it or else, how are we able to instead create an order for an existing client manually and ake it refect to hist client area without running the module for that certain product? The scenario is that a client has requested to move his server to my other server and the following day, he would like to get it back along with the new server. I believe when I move his account via WHMCS to another server, his old account from the old server is still active so I am wondering how am I able to import that account to WHMCS when I'm using a plugin called WHMReseller Plugin and not the standard Reseller Center function... Looking forward to hearing from you guys. Thanks further. Cheers.
  16. Thanks. I figured the second part of the idea recently. Thank you so much for your help
  17. PayPal Direct Payment Transaction Hi Guys. I recently received a PayPal payment through a direct payment on PayPal by a client but I would like to record the transaction to my WHMCS system to manage the business transactions all in one place. Do you have an Idea on how to do this or can you recommend some steps to fulfill this scenario? Managing Gateway Fees Another thing... Can you recommend me how to manage the billing and invoices when receiving a payment from a client and less the gateway fees on WHMCS? It's so confusing that WHMCS is recording the actual invoice amount when on my actual merchant account (i.e. PayPal) is less for gateway fees of what was invoiced. Please enlighten me. Thanks further...
  18. Oh, this resolved my wonder. Thank you very much @brian! @steven99 Actually, I am using a module too to additionally top any chargebacks for wire transfers or anything else...
  19. But is the transaction fees amount automatically generated for any regular transaction when a client makes a payment?
  20. Hi there, I'm apparently setting up the Serelver Status using the instructions from WHMCS Documentation but I couldn't get it to work. There are images shows that it seems like broken and the status is always loading. I have a few reseller account on my account. Please help anyone
  21. I actually made it work by enabling my site to get served by Cloudflare. Thanks for your time @steven99
  22. Do you mean myserverdomain.com/status/ and mydomain.com/status/? Yes, it does shows up

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