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  1. Hi Tony, Welcome! Who are your leased line providers? .. going through this process for our Wigan based (near Manchester) data centre. How is the business doing? Helmuts
  2. Annyeonghaseyo? 🙂 one of the few words I still remember from times when lived and studied in Korea 🙂 welcome! how is the hosting niche in South Korea?
  3. Wow!! Thank you Brian, This url along with the modified hook (you've sent me, HUGE TX) works as a charm. Who are you?? 🙂
  4. Hi Brian, thank you. Uploaded your php to includes/hooks thank you. Did try various approaches .. couldn't get working :) -- my main category is: cart.php?gid=1 product shopping cart link: cart.php?a=add&pid=1 what would be the exact url to display only product id=1 on the page? --- and what would be the exact url to show items of 2 categories on one page? cat 1: cart.php?gid=3 cat 2: cart.php?gid=5 Huge thank you, Helmuts
  5. This actually confuses me - why do you need wordpress if you offer hosting? Why not to use WHMCS directly?
  6. Fantastic Brian! Thank you - I will look into this. One more day to go and then, enjoy your Thursday and Friday! Helmuts
  7. wuhhh... didn't know that. question answered. thank you
  8. Good morning Brian, my Tuesday morning is a bit dull as well (we need to work less) :) Why do I want to do it? All the ecommerce platforms do have a single listing page > it is a bad practice (for conversions) to send a user that needs 1 particular service to a page that has 6 services or more. Yes, I could create a single custom page for a listing. I was hoping that the cms has a single page listing link. If not - not. Helmuts
  9. Good morning, Do you mind sharing the addon modules you use at your whmcs? And a quiestion: Which of the default ones I should not delete? Thank you
  10. .. you might want to check out whmcs templates at themeforest - quite a selection. .. at least this was our choice, Helmuts p.s. I suppose you are not 123host.com or is it you?
  11. Good morning all, Is there a way to have a link to a single product page at whmcs? A product page that contains a description of 1 single product only with a checkout button. Yes, I did visit links section, but these are not the links I am looking for Thank you, Helmuts
  12. hi, I had the same question. It seems that the system is set up in a way you have to approve/accept the orders manually. But, nothing to worry about > the user will be able to use your hosting plan immediately after the order (order status doesn't slow the delivery process).. at least it is true at our side. Helmuts
  13. Thank you. It does make sense.. especially the security and billing part 😕 have a great weekend! H
  14. Hi Lakshmi, you've got an interesting and cool team! 🙂 reminded me that we should create a page like this as well. Best! Helmuts
  15. Thank you Brian. .. what is the url of your whmcs? .. curious :)
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