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  1. There is nothing. Or, to be 100% clear, there was nothing till some months ago. I also need it to create documentations for my modules. By the end of September I'll modify my Legal Agreements mod which actually is an Articles mod, to support this.
  2. And by the way this a public invitation to @ThemeMetro to come here and explain the situation. No bad thought at all. Just curiously on how he bypass the terms. He paid more? He has a friend in the company? He is member of the company? ....or what?
  3. And not only ignore, but to advertise it on the official website. That's incredible. A company allows someone to advertise that he is giving for free, something that they try to sell !!
  4. I can bet for it, even if I don't know the reason.
  5. What makes things more frustrated is the marketing trick that Thememetro.com is using. to tease the Laws (he thinks so). You can offer for free something that belongs to you (the template in this case). You can't offer for Free something that is Commercial and belongs to someone else. While the title says "Get WHMCS license free with Croster whmcs theme" (So Free WHMCS, Paid Template), inside he says "which means you pay almost nothing for the top class & Feature-rich WHMCS CMS theme Croster " (So Paid WHMCS, Free Template). And here is the proof from his site. I'm wondering if WHMCS counts the value of their script so low that they accept someone to advertise that offers for free their script if someone buys a template?
  6. I think that the problem of @zoemex (and mine too), is not the price that a Reseller sells the license, but how they sell it. As I read above, a Reseller can sell a WHMCS license only as part of a hosting plan (eg as Namecheap does), and not as part of any other product (eg Module, Template etc). That's the critical point.
  7. I think that something like this, did WHMCS lately. From what I understood reading: "If you are seeing a licence suspended message when attempting to access your WHMCS Admin Area, rest assured that your customers will not encounter any errors or reduced functionality in the ordering and client area." at: https://www.whmcs.com/members/index.php/knowledgebase/238/Iandsharp039m-seeing-a-Licence-Suspended-message-in-error.html and also from my own experience 2 years ago, when WHMCS suspend a license, there is no access to Admin area, but everything else for the clients works as before. Having this in mind, I didn't gave lot of attention when my license suspend 2 weeks ago. But WHMCS found a really very bad way to make webmaster ridiculous to his client. See (with real data) what happen in the sale that I've during this suspension time: My Client ordered my module KiS Cart On his account appeared that he bought Legal Aggreements In my PayPal transaction appeared that the client bought KiS Community In the same PayPal transaction even if it says "KiS Community", the price is not correct, actually is the lower price of the modules that I've in my store. You can easily check that Invoice No is the same, transaction id is the same, but product is different, price is different, and both are different from what the client ordered. THANK YOU WHMCS for this. You proved on the best way how much your respect people who support your software since 2006. 15 full years. And getting the chance, I want to send a public message to Matt, the owner. "Matt do you remember me?? I'm "Maria (MicroHellas)". Back to 2006, you coded me 2 examples for license addon, for $100 each. It was the time, that you had time to support your clients and help them, because you know that, especially developers, they'll help you to increase sales. Was the time, that you did all them alone. Now you grow up, you became rich, and you're giving a sh@#@ to those who helped you in your first step. But Socrates said: The one who, on the success days, forgets from where he started, is his destiny, some day, to return to the point that he started. Deep of my heart, I wish it to you."
  8. Same here. So much that last 2 months I had just one single order, and none renewal. And as I've as rule in my online business to not use my own money for them, I left my WHMCS license to suspend, even if, in my case, the price increase was not high. If I get any sale, I'll renew it, if not, I'll continue without access to admin area. At least from what they told me in the past (good days), suspended licenses are blocking only access to admin panel. Everything else continue to work, including orders/payments. But to be honest, don't know if I must trust it or not.
  9. Correct. Leased license, I believe, is the most fair solution for both parties. For clients as they'll pay a small fee to enter the business and try the water, but also for the developers to build a standard monthly income to be able to continue supporting software.
  10. Correct. Cost of life is always, maybe, the most important parameter when you want to setup a price.
  11. Thank you for your recommendation, I know it and I've tested it some years ago, but the extensions that I need are very expensive. Only the Software License costs $199 https://easydigitaldownloads.com/downloads/software-licensing/ But the main problem is that for some reason I don't like Wordpress. Maybe is a free software, has 100's of free plugins and templates, but for someone who wants to build a Business site is the most expensive choice.
  12. Not all fingers in our hands are same, so not all cases are same for people. That said: Why $750? I'll start (talking in person and just for my case), I can pay $295 with "Powered by..." link (something for which I never care), plus $35/year. For maximum 5 years this means $175+$295 = $470 and not $750. As I wrote before, I'm talking for myself only, I'm 65yo and 5 years to work more is a dream. Don't think more than 3 years. Sure what you wrote about "making money and selling the company" is totally correct and logic. The only difference is that for WHMCS it already exists NOW, while for them (or any other company), can be true after some years, and most important is MAYBE and not a fact. I don't deal with any type of Hosting, so some missing features does not touch me. I want it for selling software and the License Manager which is a default feature works fine (I paid $100 to WHMCS just for this). Also some extra features like Blog, Page Builder, very configurable homepage etc, save a lot of money to buy them for WHMCS. I wrote about Owned License just to be able to compare things. Actually I'll use the leased license with $12.90/mo, with all features that I wrote before, and without the restriction of total clients. So I can easily use the system for free software something that was impossible with WHMCS, which counts as active client anybody who has order something even if what he ordered has a zero price. That's all Chris
  13. As for me, I'll go with WiseCP. Pitty that my age does not permits my to learn new things to be able to move my WHMCS modules to WiseCP. But for sure I’ll use it in my site, and actually should be funny to sell WHMCS modules in a website operating by WiseCP 😊 The only that I found a bit as negative is that there are no 3nd party templates, even if the 2nd template that comes with WiseCP is very fine. And best of all, the License Manager for which I paid $100 to WHMCS is including as standard (so Free) feature of core files.
  14. If, after checking Homepage Builder, you see my site messed, then is a browse cache issue. I haven't updated my site to a Bootstrap 4 template, so is normal sometimes Homepage Builder, which is Bootstrap 4, to mess my design. Please Click Ctrl+F5 to clear your cache, or use this link to revert to normal template: https://www.whmup.com/?systpl=whmup Thank you
  15. Strange. Just tested the links and everything works fine: Announcements https://whmcs.teriakis.com/announcements Cart https://whmcs.teriakis.com/store/w Community https://whmcs.teriakis.com/portal.php But please give a look to the bundle that I've released with the above 3 modules, plus Legal Agreements, plus Homepage Builder https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/5961-whmcs-deluxe But if that messing in my site was after checking the Homepage Builder, then is a browse cache issue. Click Ctrl+F5 to clear your cache, or use this link to revert to normal template: https://www.whmup.com/?systpl=whmup Thank you Chris
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