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  1. Hello, Demo is here: https://whmcs.christeris.com/community.php Official site: https://www.christeris.com/ Maybe I'm retired, but nobody lets 35 years work. Thank you Chris
  2. 1.- I added a field in agreements table to hold the language. Then I query the agreements according to the active language. 2.- Yes, it's true. The $_SESSION["Language"] is empty if the non logon visitor does not changes language from the menu. But this was easy. If it's empty I set in the query the default (site) language. // Query Database for Agreements if (empty($_SESSION["Language"])) { $ct_agreements = Capsule::table('mod_legalterms_articles') ->where('language','english') ->orderBy('displayorder','asc') ->get(); } else { $ct_agreements = Capsule::table('mod_legalterms_articles') ->where('language',''.$_SESSION["Language"].'') ->orderBy('displayorder','asc') ->get(); } The above code has hand-coded english as default language, but I'm in research to find the correct variable for it 🙂
  3. @brian! I'm retired !!! 🙂 🙂 (but still waiting to get my pension on hands) But coding is like virus... can't stay inactive for long time. So from time to time I'm trying to add some extra features in my mods. Today I decided to make Legal Agreements multilingual. It got me just a couple of hours. Was really easy. But now I've to deal with the difficult (??) part. To know the active language, and show the correct articles. Maybe the $_SESSION keeps this data. I found a smarty variable $activeLocale that also holds the language, but this works only in tpl files, while I want to use it in my hook file. Happy to see you again here, active and helpful as always 🙂 Edited: $_SESSION["Language"] works at least in the place that I want. Have tried it before but didn't worked as I didn't noticed that is Language and not language 😞
  4. Hello, Is there any build-in function to get the active language to use it in a hook code? eg If is a visitor to return the site's default language, if it's a logon user to return the user's language. Thank you Chris
  5. Offer is not valid any more as I transfer my rights to someone else and I don't know what he'll do from now and then. Goodbye community it's time to relax and enjoy my retirement 🙂
  6. It's not that bad 🙂 ... Ok from one side it says "You're really old..", but from the other, having my pension every month, I'll not be stressed, so I can enjoy my hobbies and the most important of them, coding. Just I can't sell, otherwise my pension will be terminated. But I can accept donations. This is what I plan to do.
  7. Hello all, After 42 years in Business, it came the time to go retired. Strange feelings I can say, but that's the life. Years are passing like the wind. Was June 1978, just after my military service, and now is end of 2019. Incredible. To make the long story short, all my professional modules, listed at: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/user/ChrisTERiS/products are now available for free download at: https://www.christeris.com/resources/ My apologies as my new site is ugly for the moment, but just today I started building it. But registration and downloads work, this is the important for you. More details I'll post in my site the upcoming couple of days. I wish the best to all of you. Health and Happiness to your and to your beloved persons. Chris
  8. From now on, till midnight (GMT) of 24 Sep 2017, I'm running a promotion period with 35% (!!) discount for my WHMCS Modules: whmcsBB Social Blog Cart Plus Legal Agreements Please use promo code: SEP2017 For more info and orders click here Thank you Chris
  9. I know it. I had the owned licens, plus projects, plus license manager, plus mobile apps, plus chat and I sold all of them 2years ago for just $250. And now I'm in monthly plan
  10. Can't understand. To test Themes and other stuff, means that you must buy them before. How you'll spend money to buy themes and addons, while you haven't decided yet if you'll use WHMCS or not?
  11. Thank you but is for US residents only.
  12. Maybe is better to list in priority your needs? Have tried both 2 that are available now, but still I'm missing one that I used back to 2001 by a company seems that now works only as hosting provider, and they removed it from the market. The current ones, with better (in my opinion) Project Management & Activity Tracking are very complicated for my needs, so instead to save time working with them, I found that I'm wasting time. That's why I gave up.
  13. @wsa Wherever if I go the result should be the same: Nothing In anycase. I post it by mistake here. The other time I post it on the right forum but this time I was in rush. It was to post it on Friday as the promotion was for weekend, but I forgot it and finally I post it on Saturday afternoon.
  14. Here is the promotion for August 2017. 25% discount to all my modules, including whmcsBB. https://www.ewhmcs.com/ Use coupon code: AUG2017 Valid for 28 hours only !! Hurry up!! This is the last chance to buy a license for whmcsBB at 37,50 Euros. This module was already a full month at promotional price and from Monday Aug 21th, it's price will grows to 65 Euros. Have a nice weekend Chris
  15. Without any meaning for personal attacks, but sorry to say, is $199 a normal price for a template? Have nothing against you. Actually the template that I'm using in my site is your eNO and works super fine. And all this for $27. $199 is about 80% of the price that cost WHMCS before starting selling it with monthly subscription. In anycase I wish you good luck in your sales. But if sometime see people going away from WHMCS is because the total cost (Main script, 2-3 addon modules and a template), should be high.
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