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how I can change the price of a invoice?

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Hello ...


how I can change the price of a invoice?


I need to add a rule to subtract tax (2%) to the total , but I can not do this.




subtotal = 40.00

VAT1 = subtotal * 12 / 100


VAT2 = VAT1 * 2 / 100


total = (subtotal + VAT1) - VAT2


this is possible?

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this is possible?

I don't think so from within WHMCS settings because taxes are usually calculated against subtotals - your situation looks more like a VAT refund and so you'd probably need a custom solution to do this.


one possible solution might be to change your VAT1 rate to 11.76% - if you can do that, then total1 should be the same as total2.


total1 = (subtotal + VAT1 @ 12%) - VAT2

total2 = (subtotal + VAT1 @ 11.76%)


so your totals and VAT totals should be correct for your records. :)


what you may then have to do is alter your invoice/email templates etc if they HAVE to show VAT @ 12% and then a 2% subtraction - but they're just basic calculations than can be easily performed using Smarty or PHP along with existing variables. :idea:


btw - you can't change VAT Rates in WHMCS, you'd have to delete the current 12% VAT rule and add a new rule for 11.76%.



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