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About Me

Found 8 results

  1. We are having a problem with the payment method that is being displayed on invoices after payment has been made. Our customers can choose to pay each invoice by bank transfer, Stripe, cheque/card over phone or Paypal, and they don't always pay the same way. When the customer makes a payment by bank transfer, cheque or by card over the phone, we go to the invoice, 'Add Payment', set the relevant payment method, and record the transaction there. However, after adding the payment, the invoice shows 'PAID' and the Payment Method is frequently different to what you have just entered. There is an additional 'Payment Method' option in the Options tab, which I don't really see the point of. The value that is displayed on the invoice, and that also shows on the payment confirmation email template, seems to be pulled from this additional option. When add a payment and tell the system that it has been paid by Bank Transfer why does it then show, for example, that the Payment Method was Paypal? This is very confusiing and means emails to customers show incorrect information. Could someone clarify if this is working as expected, and why this would be useful? I've attached a screenshot. You can see that the transaction shows it was paid by bank transfer, but the payment method shows Paypal. Why?
  2. I have two accounts that don't have a credit card on file. (They were lost during a migration somehow). And I don't know what's causing those accounts to be delivered an email EVERY day that says "We tried to bill your card but you don't have one on file." What is the setting that's causing this? The only things I suspect are 2 settings in automation. 1. "Retry every week for..." was set to 0 (but I thought that meant disable not every day. 2. The "Send invoice payment reminder" for 2nd and 3rd were both set to 0 also. But those specifically say 0 to disable. I don't feel like either of those should behave that way though.
  3. I have a problem making a connection with Amazon SES but when I put the data related to Amazon in Mail and I chose them SMTP and put the data in my account but unfortunately I see this message in the attachments
  4. Is there a way to choose the emails being sent to clients at a certain client action? When a new client places an order, (Hosting + Domain) in WHMCS, the client gets 6 emails. Client sign up email Order Confirmation Invoice Created Invoice Payment Confirmation Hosting account welcome e-mail Domain Registration Confirmation I like to minimize this. Disabling email(s) at the System settings > Email Templates does not seem to be the right way. When I, for example, disable the “Invoice created” email, so the new customer won't get this email at the ordering action. Then, I guess other existing customers do not receive the “Invoice created” email when there is a service or product due. I oversee something inside WHMCS to send chosen emails on certain actions on auto pilot...
  5. hi all i have noticed that my automation emails from my site are duplicated twice. these emails can be from the orders, new signup's, product renewals and ticket rules like auto close ect. the only emails which are not duplicated are the ones i do manually like going to a client and clicking send mail and the mass mail feature. does anyone have any ideas on this? i originally thought about there being 2 cron jobs active for some reason but no there is only 1. Thanks mark
  6. It is pure pleasure to announce that our Domain & Email Forwarding For WHMCS has been further advanced to offer you and your clients even wider array of splendid benefits! In the first place to compel your interest awaits newly implemented DirectAdmin submodule! This great feature will obviate the necessity of direct using DirectAdmin server in order to handle domain forwarders for good. Along with it, version 1.2.0 expands the set of instruments for managing email accounts' forwarding processes as well as delivers a great opportunity to park and unpark domains directly in your WHMCS. Visit our website and discover other new attributes that upon the update are now at your fingertips! Learn All About Domain & Email Forwarding For WHMCS! Need Custom Software Development For Your Business? Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
  7. Hi Guys, Does anybody have noticed that the WHMCS (version 5.2.12) is not sending Quote Accepted Emails to the clients while accepting the Quote from clientarea....? As you can see there is one email template "Quote Accepted" which we can used to send email notification to clients when they accept the quote. But for us, only the admin emails are working, not getting any emails to the client email address. Please test this scenario and reply here if you have facing the same issue. Also please let me know if there is any settings/config to manage this Quote module(didn't disable the sent option in Email Template). Thanks & Regards, Salih
  8. I have noticed that most of my database space is taken up by the activity log and the emails. I regularly delete old attachments (older than one month) but I have never done any other pruning. I would like some opinions and advice on this. How many emails and how much activity log do you keep in your database? Ideally I would simply keep everything forever, but my database size is about 300 MB and it makes me a bit uncomfortable.
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