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  1. Mark Coates

    POP3 Connection Error

    Hi I have had my provider of the VPS have a look into this and they say the connection to the server works fine with either the settings of the MAIL SERVER or LOCALHOST. It appears to be an issue when WHMCS is then to retrieve the email on certain occasions as it does pull the email from the associated account although misses now and again even when system resources are available. I did have the CRON working every minute and now this has been reduced to every 5 minutes and still this is the same.
  2. Mark Coates

    POP3 Connection Error

    Hi this did not work either as the error emails still come through 😢
  3. Mark Coates

    POP3 Connection Error

    im not sure if this will help although i have just changed the mail server details (within the support department are in ADMIN) to localhost rather than the mail server details. the mail feature for tickets still works fine although i am just waiting to see if i get any error emails coming through. I have attached the settings im using for this.
  4. Mark Coates

    POP3 Connection Error

    this is what i mean. i get an email with this
  5. Mark Coates

    POP3 Connection Error

    this has not worked for me as now i get all my email accounts linked into 1 email everytime 😞 think ill change back as i didnt get this last time although it does import the email still.
  6. Mark Coates

    POP3 Connection Error

    i have just changed ports also and i will see if it works for me also 🙂
  7. Mark Coates

    Knowledgebase Tags

    yes in the cloud sidebar no these was deleted from the admin panel. the only difference was instead of some of them being BIG the changed to a smaller font as they was being deleted. I have deleted the majority of what i had as i am making them animated now so even if they all have not gone the majority of them should have gone. I tihnk that as im redoing them i think it should be safe to clear the tags from current articles then clear the DB table and then add the tags back into the current. I think this should work.
  8. Mark Coates

    Google reCAPTCHA

    hmmm maybe. ill try this later on
  9. Mark Coates

    Google reCAPTCHA

    Hi yes i tried both ways although it only views the default captcha
  10. Mark Coates

    Google reCAPTCHA

    I have an issue similar to this although the google recapture does not seem to show at all even when all of the information has been added. The only one i can get is the standard/default one .
  11. Mark Coates

    Knowledgebase Tags

    Hi all, I am in the middle of adding a new improved knowledgebase and some of the old articles which have been deleted and no longer in the database still have the tags showing. Is this a bug or something as the only way I can think of removing these at the minute is to go through the database and remove manually.
  12. Mark Coates

    Stripe and whmcs

    Thanks 🙂 suppose I should have searched really 🙂
  13. Hi all just wondering if there is anything we need to do whmcs side of things when stripe introduce the sca in September? my site is set up not to store any information in terms of payment details only the payment method. thanks
  14. Hi Yes i use this often as i develop sites now and again although i have been unable to reproduce the error 😞
  15. Hi i think i will be doing then at least then when it does happen there will be something there stating what it is hopefully.

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