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  1. Hi all i am having this issue too and will only work on the rewrite on index.php/ and with this setting no one can login to the client area. If i choose the other 2 options then the site will not load any page other than the home/index page. i am also on the latest version of WHMCS i also notice the KB does not work either. you can select the category but then nothing deeper than that works if you choose anything other than the /index.php/ setting.
  2. I have tried this and i get the status code of 200 and i still get the error in the health status page
  3. i have this issue too although i am not using a directory on the domain name. the URL the issue is giving it directly to my main domain name there the WHMCS installation sits.
  4. hi all i have noticed that my automation emails from my site are duplicated twice. these emails can be from the orders, new signup's, product renewals and ticket rules like auto close ect. the only emails which are not duplicated are the ones i do manually like going to a client and clicking send mail and the mass mail feature. does anyone have any ideas on this? i originally thought about there being 2 cron jobs active for some reason but no there is only 1. Thanks mark
  5. hi all i believe i have found the issue to this. since my last posting i have not had any of these until 2 days ago when i did a migration for a new client of 9 sites to my vps. since the upload and the sites was being used the errors started again. this cause was the memory on the actual vps so i have increased this again and now the issue has now stopped. hopefully this issue could help out some of you guys and as for this only happening with a certain update of WHMCS im wondering if this is because the updated version requires a little more memory to process the email/ticket feature.
  6. erm..... i think i missed the most important part out on this one as i managed to fix this as when i added the timezone into the configuration.php when i uploaded it i noticed the file failed. i did this manually through cpanel filemanager and this is all working ok now. Thanks again though @WHMCS John
  7. I have been on to the tickets section in the admin area also and this looks nasty as the clients are appearing where they should be and all of the admin replied are being thrown at the top! Client side this seems ok its just the admin area
  8. The morning after is looking good as the Warning err has now gone and all working fine
  9. Hi @WHMCS John Well this is the "morning after" so to say and there was no spike so it must have been the database backup which im shocked about the the database normally hovers around 83mb and when you go though WHMCS to back it up it only takes a few seconds before its completed. Thanks for the info though. I also tested generating all total invoices to PDF and this does not really touch my server for this in terms of resources (using 'top' at the command line) so it must have been the DB backup.
  10. no problem and thanks. ill change back to 7.3 now and wait until the morning and hopefully this is cured 🙂
  11. Yes they are enabled and have been since day 1 although i will disable them overnight as WHM makes a backup anyway and see if this makes any difference.
  12. Hi all, I noticed since the updates i no longer get anything in the Activity log (from the dashboard) saying anything less than an hour. I do have some CRON jobs which run every minute no problem and it used to say 23 seconds ago, 1 minute, 2 minute ect... Is there a way to fix this as the only way to fix this issue it changing the timezone although this is not the best way to cure this. I have also checked to make sure the server (WHM/cPanel) time matches WHMCS and this is correct. Thanks
  13. Hi all, Since the update i decided to update my PHP version too from 7.2 to 7.3. The change worked without any issues although then i got a warning about the cron task still set up on PHP 7.2. Not a Problem as i changed this in the cron tab to 7.3 also. The sad news is the CRON stopped working and i still had the error in WHMCS saying its still running under 7.2 even though it had been changed.
  14. Hi all, Not sure if its just me but i have noticed when my daily cron runs daily (8am) there is a huge memory (RAM) spike whilst its being processed and then resumes normal usage. Is this normal as the memory did not hardly move before? Im guessing there are new tasks added to the CRON to make this big jump? I am using the latest version 7.8.1 with fully updated CentOS 7.6 running on PHP 7.2
  15. hii sorry i have fixed it. similar what you said but whilst you was typing (im guessing) i changed the admin theme to v4 and then back to blend and its appeared now with additional parts on there 🙂 my logo has gone from the top also so im wondering if its some sort of server or site cache or something as i empty my browser cache quite regular
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