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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I'm using SMTP. My WHMCS sent me notification mail. I open the original mail and discover that the message ID always contaion @localhost instead of my domain name. It showing something like that, Message ID <fkfasdfwerkasjdfiasdfkjadfiasdfaef@localhost> But it should be like, Message ID <fkfasdfwerkasjdfiasdfkjadfiasdfaef@domain.com> When I sent email manually from WHMCS it showing the domain name on the message ID. New client also get my WHMCS mail on spam folder for the first time. But if they mark my mail report not spam it's goes to inbox. I have a fewer clients and my WHMCS sent few email. I have valid SPF, DKIM, DMARC records. My server IP isn't blacklisted. I search everywhere but I didn't find the solution for this. Is there any one can help me?
  2. For all you WHMCS users out there, proudly releasing the initial version of "whmcs-inbound-piped" for free as open source software. So, there are basically two ways of injecting emails into the support-queue: via cron via pipe The cron method can be quite tricky at times, especially on large incoming mail volumes. A disadvantage is also that it will add quite some delay on every received email. However it has a huge advantage of working out-of-the-box with your current external email provider (e.g GMail) The pipe version will act instantly on every received email, but has the huge disadvantage that you need to run your own MTA (such as postfix) "locally" on the same server as where you are running WHMCS. Additionally, since you have to run the MTA locally, this means you either have to use a different subdomain for your support emails, or you have to also process all emails from the same domain as well. The current pipe implementation is mostly geared towards Postfix or similar. But running such a MTA is quite an effort. Especially in my case, Debian was overwriting /usr/sbin/sendmail, which I did not want as I am using nullmailer to improve performance of PHP scripts sending emails as it makes use of an async background worker (e.g. PHP is not blocking while sending an email). This is where whmcs-inbound-piped comes into play 😍 whmcs-inbound-piped will listen on port 25 but will only process receiving emails - it does not send emails (so you can keep your current sendmail setup). Any received email will asynchronously get piped into your pipe.php script where WHMCS will process in the background. To ensure that you do not need to worry about spam hitting your server-ip directly, you can specify (via environment variable "LISTEN_TO") an email address that the service will listen to. Any email not sent to that specific address (so make sure its random) will be dropped. Quick instructions Download a zip depending on your server operating system Unzip the binary into your /usr/local/bin Create a /etc/default/whmcs-inbound-piped - you can specify any environment variable in that file as you see here Add the unit file to your systemd You can view the logs via: $ sudo journalctl -fu whmcs-inbound-piped FAQ Can this work on multiple servers? Yes absolutely. You can create something like a "inbound.YOURCOMPANY.com" subdomain with multiple MX records pointing to each server that you want to act as a receiver. Will this work with Google Mail? Yes. You can create a group and subscribe your LISTEN_TO to it. Unfortunately any external email will have an ugly footer. At dd.vu I opted out of Google Mail completely in favor of IONOS Mail for this reason. Questions and Feedback Please post in this thread if you have any questions or comments 😅
  3. I have a problem making a connection with Amazon SES but when I put the data related to Amazon in Mail and I chose them SMTP and put the data in my account but unfortunately I see this message in the attachments
  4. I've recently noticed that automated SMTP emails from WHMCS have been failing for the last few days due to an SSL problem. I've managed to get this fixed now and emails are sending fine again, However, there's quite a large number of emails that have failed and I can't see any way to either resend them or even to know which emails exactly failed. The email log only shows emails that have sent successfully. The only record I can see of the failed emails in is the System Activity Log, but this only shows lines like: Email Sending Failed - SMTP connect() failed. https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer/wiki/Troubleshooting (Subject: Customer Invoice) How can I tell what emails exactly have been missed out. Is there an easy way to resend them?
  5. Hello everyone thanks for reading my topics. i am having a big problem now with my whmcs. i have connect my gmail in my whmcs with SMTP. and its working fine. i want all other emails from my whmcs to my customers go from no-reply@mydomain.com so the clients can't reply that email only in my product details email i want it go from my gmail email address. so clients can reply that email and its comes to our gmail address but now i can see all emails like password reset order email invoice email all going to my clients from my gmail. if its happenning than i am scare that gmail could be block our email address how can i use SMTP for gmail only for that product details email. and other email need to go from domain email please someone help me do i need to make some hook? or is there any settings? this is my smtp settings http://prntscr.com/jhf2xc this is another setup http://prntscr.com/jhf391 this is my product details email template http://prntscr.com/jhf3uo and this is system emails template http://prntscr.com/jhf46n please someone help me it just one email i want to send out from gmail other all email from domain emails hope someone can help me Thanks in advance Mahim
  6. I am having problems with sending email through GMAIL. After a LOT of playing a year ago, I got it to work... But now over the last month, it works. stop working, then seems to start working as I play with things... But never the same thing... and the funny thing, what I play with, doesn't work, I change it back to the way I had it and it will start mysteriously working again... Then after some time... the error comes back: Email Sending Failed - SMTP connect() failed. https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer/wiki/Troubleshooting I have it set to I turned off SSL type to none and then turn it back on to TLS (original setting) and it went back to working one time, however, hasn't ever worked again on future breaks... I've changed the host to tls://smtp:gmail.com and it started working... for a while. I'm sure it something I haven't completed correctly, but I can't seem to figure out what it is... I have added all the GMAIL IP's to my whitelist, I've made sure the 587 port is open on the Hostgator firewall... Still... Email Sending Fail - SMT connect() failed. Any ideas? I wish I could run away from gmail, but it's what our company uses and we are too far in to ditch it now.
  7. Hi, I have been using this SMTP for a quite long time but suddenly it stopped working after I upgraded to the latest version, 7.3 I suppose. What I did: 1- Resting the SMTP password 2- Changing the SMTP server 3- Changing the port None of above worked. So I re-uploaded the WHMCS files and disabled addons, not fixed. I followed the steps for SMTP troubleshooting, but did not help at all. I also checked the firewall both at my website server and at the SMTP host, there is no problem with them. I opened a ticket 8 hours ego and still no reply.
  8. Im getting in my activity log some entries like this: "Contact form mail sending failed with a PHPMailer Exception: SMTP Error: data not accepted. (Subject: bla bla bla)" Some are from system username, others from client username. Im using amazon SMTP services, all the test i can do everything works fine. Emails works, customer get their emails. No problem at all. I have only these 9 entries with the error and i can't reproduce it by myself. Looks like these comes from some sort of form. The only one i have is the one to submit a ticket and its working fine. Any help? I already opened a ticket but mayne this is faster. Thanks Cristian
  9. Happy New Year To Everyone! ***Updated*** ...never mind we found the problem and it had nothing to do with the v5.3.11 Patch. We found that some how the CSF SMTP Port Block had been updated to include the SMTP port we were using. We corrected that and now we are back in business. Sorry, for the false alarm...
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