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  1. Hello! This works in some way. I check if the variable existes to show a text that say "Discounts may apply on next step". I hope in next releases whmcs takes this in consideration. Regards,
  2. Hello! I know this has been asked several times before but i do not find any solution. Maybe now its easier to do this. We allways pass the promocode in cart link and it works ok after all. But the customer can´t see it applied when select the billing cycle. It is possible to show the prices with the promocode applied on billing cycle cart step? Thanks
  3. I have exactly the same problem. Also happens with the other two options. Register and transfer. Thanks Cristian
  4. Thanks @brian! @ocastaned you should add those two lines used at register new account and in customer security page. $_LANG['remoteAuthn']['connectWith'] = 'Vincular con :provider'; $_LANG['remoteAuthn']['signUpWith'] = 'Ingresar con :provider';
  5. Hello John, i maneged to make it work. I found that is not enough if i accept the order. The payment has to be done to proceed. Best regards, Cristian
  6. Hello! I want to know if this addon works when a customer upgrade his package. I managed to get this addon work when new purchases, the nre hosting account in WHM have the correct settings. But if a customer upgrade for example disk space it does nothing on WHM. Thanks
  7. Hello! I revived this thread because i have exactly the same question. Do you finally get the answer?
  8. Hello, i purchased this addon but never used it yet. I have a question about how it works. We have always worked with fixed packages. If any customer bought more disk space we edited the account by hand. Every time we update a package from the server, all accounts with that package are updated to the new values and we must then go account by re-adjusting the disk space of those who had bought more space. With the "Configurable Package Addon" enables, what happens to accounts that have more disk space when a package is updated on the server? Is there a cron that modifies those customers who had bought more disk space? Thanks
  9. Beekingo

    Domain lookup problem.

    Thanks you all, the problem was legacy files on my install having problem with ioncube loader.
  10. Beekingo

    Domain lookup problem.

    Looks like my install have many vintage files that are giving error. I need to clean up.
  11. Beekingo

    Domain lookup problem.

    This is how the page configregistrars.php is loading: No error on modules log. - - - Updated - - - I enabled show errors and now i can see this on that page: Fatal error: The file /home/public_html/whmcs/includes/whoisfunctions.php was encoded by the ionCube Encoder for PHP 5.3 and cannot run under PHP 7.0. Please ask the provider of the script to provide a version encoded with the ionCube Encoder for PHP 5.6. in Unknown on line 0 Módulo Checking my install files now. This is strange because my site are using the auto update function.
  12. Hello! The domain lookup is not working on my install. The loading wheel keeps spinning and nothing happens. If i enter into configure domains pages i cant change or configure the lookup provider. Any button i click i got this message "An error occurred while communicating with the server. Please try again." I test disabling firewall and nothing happens. Any help?
  13. I think you teach me something new.
  14. Beekingo

    whmcs cron problem

    I have the same problem. For some reason WHMCS cancellations take much time on my server (manually from WHM its really quick). My Fix I uncheck "Tick this box to automatically terminate accounts with cancellation requests when due" from automation settings to avoid this problem because the cron totally stops at that point and some tasks are undone.

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