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  1. It's like they don't want us to use there system for customers who aren't "Active", which if they aren't active, they don't get more money. Odd how little "new features" like that happen and don't get fixed. LOL
  2. Yes, it was one giant turd of an addition to the software... and it's made us look into a different route for the future and replacing WHMCS. We have too many 1-invoice customers that we did a job for but don't have ongoing services. So it caused us to start having tons of duplicate accounts for a customer, because people kept thinking they didn't have an account. I really wonder what WHMCS was thinking (or wasn't thinking) with this completely stupid addition and with no way to turn it off.
  3. Thank you... I had forgotten about %20's -- Used that and it worked great.
  4. OK... I've found that the problem is my status.... I started using supporttickets.php?view=answered format and it works fine... so I guess I'm actually trying to find out if there is a way to use supporttickets.php?view= and add my status which has spaces in it?
  5. We have projects that we do and it gets moved to a "Complete - Awaiting Pickup" status. We still want to track these until their item is picked up, but it drives us crazy to have them still showing in our active tickets count/view. So I took some information I found in another support community topic and modified it to work.... And it does show the correct count of tickets in that specific status, but if you click on the link, it shows an empty page. Here is what I did: /include/hooks/adminticketstatus.php: Then in the admin\templates\blend\header.tpl I added the part in the header to show '$ticketscomplete' So it does display the numbers properly: 12 Pending Orders | 4 Overdue Invoices | 27 Active Tickets | 0 Ticket(s) Awaiting Reply | 5 Complete/Awaiting Pickup However, when you click on Complete/Awaiting Pickup, it takes me to the supporttickets.php page, but it shows no tickets at all. I know I'm just linking to the wrong page to pull that information up, but I'm just not sure what I should be pointing to. I want to be able to click that and have it ONLY display the tickets with the status "Complete - Awaiting Pickup"
  6. YIPEE! That method worked for me! My appreciate to everyone who's worked on this problem! While I know Brian!'s method works, and I'm sure that it didn't for me due to a 3rd party plugin issue... This final method did work for me, even with my crazy plugin issue. Now... If only WHMCS fixes this problem without us having to alter the code.
  7. Yeah, it's a serious problem for us, enough it's got them looking for other platforms to move to and move away from WHMCS. I'm hoping I can get everyone to calm down, but the things above, while I can get them to work on a test system, for some reason, will not work on our production system (and the only one that matters to us that it does work).
  8. Oh and I did try replacing the assets directory also. No changes.
  9. I have made the change in V4 and it DOES work just fine... But Blend doesn't work still. So, I moved my Blend to Blendbackup, then copied a fresh copy of Blend template from the WHMCS77 ZIP, then made the changes to this fresh version of Blend.... ...but still same problem. Hide Inactive Client still is ON. I've checked in multiple browsers and multiple PC's just to make sure I wasn't fighting a strange caching issue. It's weird that V4 Template works fine, but Blend doesn't. But we can't use V4, because it's straight out of 1998 and looks no where near a modern look.
  10. Well, I was excited for a moment, because it LOOKED like it worked, but it doesn't. It does indeed say that it is turned off, however, it is still functioning like it is on. I am able to turn it back on, then off again manually and it begins working properly. However, whenever you first load the page, it says OFF, but when I do the search, only active people come up.
  11. I've tried that also, but no luck. I triple checked that it's the latest BLEND Template version, no other modifiers... But it opens up with "Hide Active Clients" ON... I've even tried to turn is off, hoping it would stick now... but nope, when I close the window and then reopen, it went back to ON. 😞 Here is what I have now: (admin/templates/blend/menu.tpl) <div class="navigation"> <ul id="menu"> <li><a id="Menu-Clients" {if in_array("List Clients",$admin_perms)}href="clients.php?filter=1&show_hidden=1"{/if} title="Clients"><span class="hidden-xs">{$_ADMINLANG.clients.title}</span><span class="visible-xs"><i class="fas fa-user"></i></span></a> <ul> {if in_array("List Clients",$admin_perms)}<li><a id="Menu-Clients-View_Search_Clients" href="clients.php?filter=1&show_hidden=1">{$_ADMINLANG.clients.viewsearch}</a></li>{/if} {if in_array("Add New Client",$admin_perms)}<li><a id="Menu-Clients-Add_New_Client" href="clientsadd.php">{$_ADMINLANG.clients.addnew}</a></li>{/if}
  12. I tried that, but it didn't work... This is what I now have for my Blend menu.tpl (yes, we only use Blend Template) <div class="navigation"> <ul id="menu"> <li><a id="Menu-Clients" {if in_array("List Clients",$admin_perms)}href="clients.php?show_hidden=1"{/if} title="Clients"><span class="hidden-xs">{$_ADMINLANG.clients.title}</span><span class="visible-xs"><i class="fas fa-user"></i></span></a> <ul> {if in_array("List Clients",$admin_perms)}<li><a id="Menu-Clients-View_Search_Clients" href="clients.php?show_hidden=1">{$_ADMINLANG.clients.viewsearch}</a></li>{/if}
  13. OMG, this is driving me crazy... The staff has made all kinds of duplicate accounts, because they couldn't see the Inactive accounts, so they started a new one. ARGH!
  14. We WANT to be able to search all clients active/inactive, all the time. However, while you can click "OFF" when the search window comes up, it doesn't hold that setting. It will keep defaulting back to ON, which we NEVER want. Is there a way to turn off this new feature for good?
  15. garybarr

    Domain Registrar keeps defaulting to NONE

    And yes, I'm aware the domain shows up above. Just wasn't worried about it since it's a free domain I play with.

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