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  1. Just FYI, I REALLY-REALLY hate these Paypal buttons, but like everything else about the modern paypal interface. Reason: it confuses my customers to use Paypal for credit cards, vs my Authorize.Net account which I've negotiated much cheaper rates with. Only person that wins here, is Paypal.
  2. Forgive me... I forgot some key points. I have it set up as a Product/Service for the service they are ordering which is recurring monthly. Then in "Configurable Options" they must select which device to purchase and that is set up as a one-time fee. I do have Add-On options and those calculate properly... But I really don't want to do the required device that way, because then, it doesn't MAKE them choose a device at all.
  3. So, we have a service the customer buys and in doing so, they chose which device they want to buy to access the service. It's a one time fee, not a recurring fee like the service it... But in the Order Summary, it shows it as "Monthly" just like the service. We only want the monthly service they are ordering to be monthly... the device they buy is only a one time fee. I've looked over all the settings and they seem to be set properly. Is this a bug, or am I misunderstanding how this works? If I am misunderstanding that a one-time fee can't be an option for a monthly service... then any suggestions? The service we are selling, requires a device. We don't want the customer being billed for the device every month... but we also want the order process to be as easy as possible.
  4. Ahh... I had missed that it was no longer needed in the CRONS... I will remove it and have updated my records to reflect a better time period for this use. Thanks Brian! As always, you rock!
  5. I noticed an increase in Domain Sync emails and noticed instead of daily, it was now running every 4-hours. I went to my Cpanel CRON settings and sure enough, found it was set to 4-hours now... Maybe I switched it to that for some testing and forgot, so I wasn't worried and set it back to run once a day. However, even though I am looking at the CRON, it is set for daily... yet still running every 4-hours. Is there another location that can force this to run? I've quadruple checked, there isn't another domainsync.php running in crons.
  6. The part at the bottom was also a screen capture of my Error Log settings, showing they are all turned off... yet it's still showing the error message in detail. Everything was set properly.. so I changed my Cpanel to PHP 7.3, it stopped doing it... I moved it back to 7.4, it stayed fixed... That's all I did. Not sure why that fixed it, but it did. ...So now I'm back to waiting for WHMCS to fix this major bug that should have warranted an IMMEDIATE hotfix. It's insane that the most important thing WHMCS does for us, just doesn't work and we have to wait for the next version to fix it with no real ETA. Our customers are very understanding of that... {rolling eyes}
  7. Is anyone else having this error display the full error message to the visitor that gives out details that hackers would love to have? I've checked my settings and it is set to NOT do that, but it is....
  8. I did just get this response from WHMCS: I am afraid that there isn't a hotfix at this time. I can confirm that this is a known issue titled CORE-15708 that is resolved in WHMCS 8.1. As a workaround if you do not yet wish to upgrade, setting the presales form destination (Mail tab of General Settings) to forward to an email address rather than a support department is a viable workaround. If we can be of any more assistance, please don't hesitate to get back in contact.
  9. I was running PHP 7.4, so I went backwards to 7.3 just to see if that was it... it wasn't. I also do not see it listed in fixs for 8.1
  10. Obviously 8.0.4 is broken and will not accept Guest Ticket Submissions and giving an error... unless in your certain situation. So I'd be interested to know your PHP version, and what type of OS/Version you are running... If you would want to share.
  11. Yeah, the problem is, they know they have a leading software and other software like Blesta (while I LOVE those people and their support) are behind on having all the extra stuff we really have to have (3rd Party plugins). So I don't think they care. This has really hurt us though, so we are looking at moving away to other solutions that might not be all in one, but more reliable with better support. Thank the lord for Brian!, he rocks!
  12. This is a HUGE deal to us, 90% of our tickets do not have accounts, so this has prevented 90% of our business getting through to us. So I guess we only have two choices, install Beta 8.1 in production use or replace WHMCS ticketing system all together? Before I make a choice on either of these distasteful solutions, is there any other choices? I have to get this up before tomorrow when we are expecting LOTS of tickets coming in for a roll-out project we are part of.
  13. As a manager, I am trying to find a way to have the Project Management default to "Due Projects" instead of "My Assigned". Projects are never assigned to me, so it always says "No Records Found", so that is all the space that the Dashboard sets up for it. So when I click on "Due Projects" to overlook them all, it doesn't have enough space to show it, so I see a couple projects and then the rest causes a train wreck with the other widgets...making the PM widget worthless to me. But I want to use it though, seeing all the projects along with tickets, billing, etc... Is the reason to use the Dashboard. Anyone know a tweak I could make to the code to change the default? Since it doesn't actually have a widget in the widget directory, nor does anything reside in the addons area that seems like it can be edited... I wasn't sure where to even begin.
  14. Over the years, most changes have been great... some, like the default hiding "Inactive" clients from the search have left me annoyed and scratching my head.... But removing the numbers so we could easily see in one place if things needs attention... Is the dumbest thing WHMCS has ever done. Whoever came up with this one, should be worried about their job.
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