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  1. As a manager, I am trying to find a way to have the Project Management default to "Due Projects" instead of "My Assigned". Projects are never assigned to me, so it always says "No Records Found", so that is all the space that the Dashboard sets up for it. So when I click on "Due Projects" to overlook them all, it doesn't have enough space to show it, so I see a couple projects and then the rest causes a train wreck with the other widgets...making the PM widget worthless to me. But I want to use it though, seeing all the projects along with tickets, billing, etc... Is the reason to use the Dashboard. Anyone know a tweak I could make to the code to change the default? Since it doesn't actually have a widget in the widget directory, nor does anything reside in the addons area that seems like it can be edited... I wasn't sure where to even begin.
  2. Over the years, most changes have been great... some, like the default hiding "Inactive" clients from the search have left me annoyed and scratching my head.... But removing the numbers so we could easily see in one place if things needs attention... Is the dumbest thing WHMCS has ever done. Whoever came up with this one, should be worried about their job.
  3. I did search all the files and found the two previous lines have been separated into two files: \whmcs\admin\templates\blend\intellisearch-results.tpl --Line 159: <span class="hide-inactive"><input type="checkbox" id="intelliSearchHideInactiveSwitch" data-size="mini" data-label-text="{lang key="global.hideInactive"}" checked="checked"></span> --Change to: <span class="hide-inactive"><input type="checkbox" id="intelliSearchHideInactiveSwitch" data-size="mini" data-label-text="{lang key="global.hideInactive"}" unchecked="checked"></span> \whmcs\admin\templates\blend\nav.tpl -- Line 508: <input type="hidden" id="intelliSearchHideInactive" name="hide_inactive" value="1"> --Change to: <input type="hidden" id="intelliSearchHideInactive" name="hide_inactive" value="0"> If anyone finds a BETTER way to make this happen where I don't have to edit two files every time there is an update... let me know.
  4. Anyone know a NEW way to do this? V8.0 has changed all this, but yet, left a broken "Hide Inactive Clients" that won't save your preference. I never ever want it to be "ON" for ANY admin. We do a lot of searches and need to be able to always see all users in searches. I can't say I like a single thing about the cosmetic changes in the last couple version.
  5. Brian, My apologies for not being clearer on versions. 7.10 wasn't a problem... it wasn't until we went to 7.10.2 that this problem popped up for us. As for JS in a hook, I'm sorry, that's a little above my head. I know how to place a hook, but not how to write the code. 😞
  6. Since the new version came out, we have been having issues with getting the same ticket over and over, all second apart on the submissions. Today, we had a guy send in 45 tickets, all exactly the same. So I finally looked into it further and found that when they open a ticket and click submit, it's taking a while to start the tickets... So while the customer is sitting there (and it does show down in the corner that it's connecting/loading), if they click submit again because they didn't think it worked... well, it creates multiple tickets. Right now, I bet 50% of our new tickets have 2-6 submissions of the same thing... This isn't something that happened before the new version. I'm not blaming the software, but I'm wondering what might have changed that is causing a problem and delaying the submit.. We are on a dedicated server and I've watched the server load, which is low... and no noticeable lagging anyplace else... Just on the submit. Also, is there a way to change the "Submit" button so that when they click on it, it changes colors, or gives ANY kind of feedback that it's working and to please not keep hitting submit over and over. Ideas?
  7. Has anyone that hosts WordPress website had a successful installation of CodeGuard? I've sold it a number of times and each time, the customer gives up and wants their money back. So I've been trying to work out what is wrong and I'm so frustrated I am just going to remove it, even though I WANT to sell it... Here's my problem: WHMCS announcement said it would automatically figure out that it's WordPress... However, it doesn't seem to because it won't recognize or backup the database file for it. So I created a test website, I installed WordPress. I then went in as a customer and ordered it. On another computer, I accepted the order and it provisioned it. Then under the customer login, I watch it setup the CodeGuard stuff and make it's first backup... which it backed up the wordpress files, but no database. I've tried to install CodeGuard BEFORE I installed WP on a 2nd test site... But the end result was the same. I then tried to add click add WordPress site, but it says "Sorry, you have reached the maximum storage allowed by your plan. Upgrade to add more space!" even though my test site only uses 12MB out of the 1GB I purchased. I was able to manually go in and "Add Database", then go to wp-config.php and get the username/password for the database and then add it... But that isn't something the typical WP user would ever be able to follow. They use WP because they don't want to be technical.... and I was under the thought that WHMCS had said it would auto set that up?!? Did I just misunderstand and it is this hard for a user to setup on their own?
  8. I started running into a similar problem: Support <support@mydomain.com>Error: Connection error: No such host as pop.gmail.com I found in my etc/resolv.conf I only had one nameserver set to point to my dedicated servers ISP... Turns out THEY were having DNS server issues, causing my outages. So in that file, I changed it to : nameserver nameserver And the error has went away and stayed away. (For those that don't know, that is Google's Free DNS servers that are very reliable.) Just thought I would update this in case others run into it, or I run into it in the future on another server and forgot what I did. LOL
  9. I'm really struggling to find more information on Auto Release.
  10. I have some products that we manually set up and it has to be done off-line. I thought I could setup a product with "Auto Release" to start a service ticket when someone orders it. My thinking was if they order the product, it would start a ticket that the support staff could setup and provide us a way to track the full setup of the product for the customer. Did I misunderstand that this should work this way?!?! If it should work that way, I'm not sure what I've got setup wrong, because it doesn't work. I setup the product, in Module Settings I set it to Auto Release. - I left server group at none, since it's not a server. - Changed "Create Action" to "Create Support Ticket" - Change Admin ID to one of the admin users - Changed Support Dept ID to "Support Dept" - Left at Do not automatically setup this product - Saved it. However, when the customer orders it, pays for it... nothing happens. I've then tried accepting the order. Nothing happens (at least starting ticket wise). Am I misunderstanding how it works, or doing something wrong?
  11. Oh, thanks for pointing that out. I've found that if you don't have 2-step verification on, Google will start blocking connections fairly regularly. But since 2-step is on, setting up the App password... It's worked without issue since. Glad my info helped!
  12. I setup a new Google Apps password for the accounts and it went back to working. If you use the password for the account, it'll work for a while, then all of a sudden stop. So you will want to go to go: "Manage your Google Account" (upper right corner under your picture) Select "Security" Under "Signing in to Google" select "App Passwords" Select "Other (Custom name) and call it WHMCS (anything is fine, just a recommendation), then click "Generate" It will then give you a long password (record it, you'll have no way to find it again) and use this as your password in WHMCS. (If you do lose the password, no big deal, delete the app password and just make a new one, no harm, no foul.) ---- In WHMCS, make sure you have: Hostname: pop.gmail.com (even if you have your own G-Suite domain name) POP3 Port: 995 Email address: whatever@yourdomain.com Email Pass: Use the Google Apps password. ---- Hope this helps!
  13. Yeah, they seem to see that it is working exactly how they want, even though it is angering most. So every time they update, I do this fix: /home/public_html/admin/templates/blend/footer.tpl Change line 25 FROM: <input id="intelliSearchHideInactive" type="hidden" name="hide_inactive" value="1"> TO: <input id="intelliSearchHideInactive" type="hidden" name="hide_inactive" value="0"> Change line 90 From: <span class="hide-inactive"><input type="checkbox" id="intelliSearchHideInactiveSwitch" data-size="mini" data-label-text="{lang key="global.hideInactive"}" checked="checked"></span> To: <span class="hide-inactive"><input type="checkbox" id="intelliSearchHideInactiveSwitch" data-size="mini" data-label-text="{lang key="global.hideInactive"}" unchecked="checked"></span> It then works properly, it's the same as above, but just with the exact changes needed.
  14. I am wanting to add to the header.tpl a total for department tickets that are open. So like: "0 Pending Orders | 9 Overdue Invoices | 33 Active Tickets | 0 AWAITING REPLY | Support 16 | Sales 5 | Web Design 12" I have a thing I got to give those number for a status (which I included below)..., but not totaling a department. Can anyone help? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <?php use Illuminate\Database\Capsule\Manager as Capsule; #If making another Variable, use a different hook name # **** Variable for ISP-Inquiry-Answered **** function hook_ticket_status_active_ispanswered($vars) { $ticketsispanswered = Capsule::table('tbltickets') ->whereIn('status', array('Answered')) ->count(); return array("ticketsispanswered" => $ticketsispanswered); } add_hook("AdminAreaPage", 1, "hook_ticket_status_active_ispanswered"); ?>
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