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  1. We are wanting to use the "Support Tickets" page on a kiosk screen in our office. We currently have it setup to Auto Refresh every minute so that we can see any new tickets coming up along with a quick visual on status. Is there any way to JUST display the ticketing area without all the top and sides displaying? 1/3 of the screen is taken up with the menus and 1/6th of the width taken up by the sidebar. Is there any way to do this, OR anyone up for a programming job to make that happen?
  2. Did you find any resolution to this? We are having a lot of problems with this. I ONLY use Enom, but for some reason, it wants to default to None... so ever order has to be manually changed. I'm sure I've not got something set right, but sure can't see where.
  3. It looks like I solved the problem, so I wanted to update this in case others run into a problem... For reasons I don't understand, they will start blocking WHMCS using the standard password for the account. So, you have to login to your G Suite account and click on MyAccount. Then go to Sign-In & Security, and under App Passwords, you will want to create a password there. It'll give you a password to use instead of your own password, so that it knows you are using an app connection. Then, it works just fine.
  4. Yeah, those were already in place... Like I said, it was working fine for over a year... and while I was on vacation (and nobody else has access), it stopped working. I changed some things, no difference, then change it back to exactly how it was before and it started working again.... Only 2 weeks later, it broke again... Only this time, I can't find any way to get it to work now.
  5. Yeah, I have tried that also.. and it didn't work. I just tried it again, just to make sure. I'm stuck in the triangle of Hostgator - Google - WHMCS... All saying it's someone else. I believe it's Hostgator issue, but I can't prove it... and all the ports are opened, the IP's are whitelisted and I can "telnet smtp.gmail.com 587" and it connects from the server, so it doesn't seem to be blocked. I could believe it's Google blocking it, but I verified the "Less Secure" setting is turned on to allow outside connections...and I'm able to send/receive using Thunderbird from my computer... So it seems to be playing nice with outside connections... I can get it to send email by turning it to PHP Mail() instead of SMTP... But in the past, we had problems with some servers blocking the mail when I sent it that way.
  6. I am having problems with sending email through GMAIL. After a LOT of playing a year ago, I got it to work... But now over the last month, it works. stop working, then seems to start working as I play with things... But never the same thing... and the funny thing, what I play with, doesn't work, I change it back to the way I had it and it will start mysteriously working again... Then after some time... the error comes back: Email Sending Failed - SMTP connect() failed. https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer/wiki/Troubleshooting I have it set to I turned off SSL type to none and then turn it back on to TLS (original setting) and it went back to working one time, however, hasn't ever worked again on future breaks... I've changed the host to tls://smtp:gmail.com and it started working... for a while. I'm sure it something I haven't completed correctly, but I can't seem to figure out what it is... I have added all the GMAIL IP's to my whitelist, I've made sure the 587 port is open on the Hostgator firewall... Still... Email Sending Fail - SMT connect() failed. Any ideas? I wish I could run away from gmail, but it's what our company uses and we are too far in to ditch it now.
  7. Thank you. I look forward to finding a fix.
  8. Maybe I'm wanting too much, maybe I'm doing something wrong, or maybe I found a glitch nobody thought of... But when a client has a change of email address, it sends an update to MailChimp, which is bounced back. (Added Module Debug Log below) If a customer checks "Don't Send client marketing emails", saves it... Changes their email and then unchecks it... It would work. But what client would know to do that? So if their email address ever changes, they will never be able to get emailed again...without a lot of manual interaction after someone either complains or just would happen to know they changed it. Ideas or thoughts? ============================================================================== REQUEST: ============================================================================== Array ( [id] => cust-11984 [email_address] => [email protected] [opt_in_status] => 1 [company] => [first_name] => Test [last_name] => User [orders_count] => 0 [total_spent] => 0 [address] => Array ( [address1] => [address2] => [city] => [province] => [postal_code] => [country] => [country_code] => US ) ) ============================================================================== RESPONSE: ============================================================================== Array ( [type] => http://developer.mailchimp.com/documentation/mailchimp/guides/error-glossary/ [title] => Invalid Resource [status] => 400 [detail] => An email address may not be changed once a customer is created. [instance] => a1e12c27-ff1c-499f-96bf-cb1e8cdc8942 )
  9. I assume, since this is a major flaw that has already caused us a number of issues with customers who sent us files and we don't know it, along with the major issues of @sol2010 tells me it's time to just assume I wasted my money with WHMCS PM and money I won't get back... and now I need to buy wbTeam Project Management. It's a little more complicated than WHMCS's... But I'm a business that needs something that works and doesn't make my customers think we are idiots for not knowing they sent us the files we requested. If something is coming SOON, let me know and I'll hold off...
  10. Everything had been running fine under PHP5.6, but after we updated to PHP7.0, now when people try to attach a file to the ticket that is bigger than 150k, it will give them a 500 Error and obviously doesn't post their reply to ticket (or start ticket). The server reports: [core:error] [pid 29993:tid 139990052824832] [client] AH00524: Handler for (null) returned invalid result code 20014, referer: ######.com/#####/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=2 Again, we are talking files that are larger than 150K (not 150 MB, but only 150K). So I am at a loss on what could be wrong. I've checked the settings in PHP.INI that seem relavent from other forum posts, but all looks to be fine. They are currently set to: max_execution_time = 190 max_input_time = 60 memory_limit = 256M file_uploads = On upload_max_filesize = 64M max_file_uploads = 20 Anyone have any ideas? We have a number of people sending pictures in our tickets that we need... so this new problem is very embarrassing... Anyone have an idea? - - - Updated - - - Actually, I went ahead and set it back to PHP 5.6 but the error still happens. Less than 150k is fine, larger than 150k, 500 Error. So apparently this started happening after the last WHMCS update. I'm not saying it WAS the update, but it started happening about the same time. I am running the latest version as of this posting of WHMCS 7.2.3.
  11. OK, I wasn't thinking... the files are not in the public area, they are stored on the server in /home/myserverdir/whmcsdata/attachments But, finding that allowed me to go into the projects folder and see that under the ticket number, it does have ALL the files there, the ones added by admin, and the ones added by the user. However, ONLY the user can only see filenames, but can't access the files... and the admins, don't see they exist at all. If I go into the Log section of the project, it does show that the files were uploaded by the user, it just doesn't let anyone get to them and do NOT show in the admin "Files" area.
  12. I do have the Version 2.0.2 Project Management installed... When an admin adds a file to a project, it shows up just fine, all admins can see it. However, it does not show up on the users side, they see no files available. Now, if the user uploads a file on his side in the Project Management module, it uploads and shows the file name. However, if he clicks on it, it gives a white page that only says "Access Denied". They can upload all kinds of files, but can't open them up. - From the Admin side, the files are no place to be found. It still shows 1-File Available, which was the file I uploaded as an admin... None of the users files show up. I turned on debugging and no errors are posted. I tried to find the actual files and went to /whmcs/attachments but there are no files/directories in there (except the index.php file). Am I looking in the wrong spot? What could be wrong that users can't see the admin posted files and nobody can see files uploaded by the user?
  13. Check Domain not working the first time

    Also, I just noticed the name spinner from enom is no longer working either. It only displays a list of the tried name with all the different .TLD's on it.... I am clueless to what in the world I could have done.
  14. When a client visits the WHMCS Home page and types in a domain name to see if it is available, I am getting a page that lists all the domain options and labeled them unavailable. However, if they scroll all the way down to the bottom and click continue, it brings up the same page, only this time it works properly. It didn't used to do this, but after I spent crazy amount of time adding all the TLD options and setting prices, boom, it started acting up. Any ideas on what could be happening?

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