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  1. Yes, this software is so hard to use for our customers, it takes years and even decades to get basic things added... And when they break something that makes people made, they plug on without a care in the world about it. It's time for Blesta to get bigger and take over, they care way more, better support. It just lacked a couple things we had to have.
  2. Bummer... It just seemed like such a "Duh, of course it's there" thing, I just couldn't imagine... well, that it wasn't already a thing... Does anyone know of a trustworthy company that could write a plugin to do this?
  3. Is there any way to show the custom questions when opening a ticket? We have 7 questions we need to be filled out when we have internal started tickets and because of it being a three-step process... Step 1: Create Ticket Step 2: Go back into the ticket Step 3: Click on Custom Fields and then fill it in ...it means a large amount of the time, our staff forgets to go back into the ticket and fill out the custom fields. All I want is for it to be like a client starting a ticket, where it has the entire start ticket questions and the custom fields. I can't understand why a customer is asked to fill it all out and yet for admins, it is made dramatically harder. Am I missing something? If I am right that this isn't an option, does anyone know of a plugin that can do this? Or anyone know of a reliable person/company that can write such a plugin?
  4. We cleared out the TMP directory and it had 3.5 GB of disk space to use and still did the same thing. Just sits there forever, times out and creates lots of mysql temp files that it doesn't clean up. I had Hostgator double check that and they saw the same thing.
  5. LONG after the error message above happens, I will get a System Activity Log saying this: 09/02/2019 14:52 An error occurred generating the backup archive. The error is: Unable to write tbllog_register data. 09/02/2019 14:52 An error occurred generating the backup archive. The error is: Unable to write tblmodulelog data. I'm assuming this may be related (or maybe not)... but I also now can't run the reports for Sales Tax Liability report. We use it every month, but when trying to run the August report, we set the dates, click Generate Report, but it just says loading and immediately goes back to the page without giving any information.
  6. The Auto Update normally works great for me, but when I tried 7.8.0 and 7.8.1, I'm having a problem. It will take me to the "Download Database Backup" and when I click it, it sits there for a very-very long time, then shows this: It'll never download the database. I went and manually downloaded the database, and when I clicked download, I stopped it, which allowed me to "Continue", and it did update to 7.8.0. Now as I try to update to 7.8.1, the same thing is happening... Only I started getting messages from my server complaining that : DISKCRITICAL blocks ⛔: Mount Point “/var/tmp” (IP ###.###.###.###😞 3.51 GB/3.94 GB - 94.348772% The server guys say: Upon review I see the most of the usage was associated with mysql, in this instance there were several attempts to dump a mysql database named (MyWHMCSNameRemoved). The multiple attempts had temporary files associated with tmp and were still present. Any ideas why I'm bombing at the download Database section and filling up my temp directory?
  7. Just showing that the desires of the customers are not on the top of their list. This is literally a few lines of code to fix, yet they don't have time to fix it causing continued headaches for many.
  8. Thank you for the detailed info... Two Questions... The Beta WHMCS 7.8 has more features for PM? Because in PM, I made a things to do project, then assigned a task to me. While it emailed me, from within WHMCS, nothing tells me I need to go look at a task assigned to me: I've always hated PM with a passion, because it's a project management system that seems to be setup for one person to use it. If things are assigned to me, I'd like to see them on my PM Widget screen, but I don't unless the entire project has my name. Thus, it seems like they intend it to be a PM for only one person. Also, I was wondering on your Staff Time sheet... How do you make it where others can't see another persons time sheet? Have I overlooked something?
  9. I'm trying to make a Widget that includes a button for opening a ticket to a specific account and department. I'm using variables I found in the docs, but it only uses one of them. This is what I'm using: https://mydomain.ext/admin/supporttickets.php?action=open&userid=122155&deptid=5 So when they click on this link, it does start a ticket for the userid I've added, but it does not assign it to deptid 5, it just uses the default 1st department. Is this possible, or am I just messing up a parameter somehow?
  10. We do actually own Project Management from WHMCS also, but it's a little too complicated for this use. I appreciate the help though. I have actually found a Ticket Filter by BusyRack that looks like it will get me where I need to be. Thanks for the help!
  11. We are wanting to be able to open tickets up for "Things to Do" that are not related to our clients, but would exceed the capabilities of the built in To-Do List. We would like to be able to make notes on progress of the office thing to do. However, we don't want to clutter up our client ticketing system with office projects, we want it to be a separate area to see it... so I've done this so far: #1: I have created a Support Department called TTD and a status called "OfficeTTD". #2: I created a hook that makes a variable $OfficeTTD and the amount of tickets open under this OfficeTTD status #3: I then edited the header.tpl to show OfficeTTD at the top All that works perfect, but it's a real pain to open a ticket, then have to go back in to the ticket and edit the options to then put it to "OfficeTTD" status. Something most people don't do, so it ends up in the general tickets open area until someone moves it. Again, we want everyone to focus on client tickets by themselves and never worry about TTD stuff unless that is specifically what they are assigned to work on. (But everyone will part of these tasks.) ***SO MY QUESTION*** Is there any way to set a ticket status for this Support Group only, that it would open with the status of "OfficeTTD" instead of "OPEN"? Or does anyone have the ability to write something that would allow this to happen, as it is above my level of knowledge to do so.
  12. It's like they don't want us to use there system for customers who aren't "Active", which if they aren't active, they don't get more money. Odd how little "new features" like that happen and don't get fixed. LOL
  13. Yes, it was one giant turd of an addition to the software... and it's made us look into a different route for the future and replacing WHMCS. We have too many 1-invoice customers that we did a job for but don't have ongoing services. So it caused us to start having tons of duplicate accounts for a customer, because people kept thinking they didn't have an account. I really wonder what WHMCS was thinking (or wasn't thinking) with this completely stupid addition and with no way to turn it off.
  14. Thank you... I had forgotten about %20's -- Used that and it worked great.
  15. OK... I've found that the problem is my status.... I started using supporttickets.php?view=answered format and it works fine... so I guess I'm actually trying to find out if there is a way to use supporttickets.php?view= and add my status which has spaces in it?

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