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  1. Thanks! Unfortunately, there's some stuff overlaid on top of the radio buttons that doesn't let this work...
  2. I'm looking for a way to get a text to appear when clicking the radio button for the bank transfer gateway, and then be hidden again when clicking another radio button. I know it can be done with jquery, but I wonder if there's something already built-in that I can use. If not, can someone give me some hints for the jquery function?
  3. Since yesterday or today (not sure) I'm getting a news popup in the WHMCS admin area with no content. After a while, it displays an error message. Anybody else getting the same?
  4. List active domains by default

    If I activate the hook debugging I can see it's getting loaded. Maybe some other hook interferes with it? I don't know how I could debug it. It's not the template, because I have the original six and my modified version, and it happens on both. And it's not the browser, because it happens on both Safari and Firefox. Anyway, I'll try your other suggestion, it's pretty much foolproof
  5. List active domains by default

    I'm still on v6, but I'm using the Six theme as well. Domains appear sorted by domain name, I tested it on two different users. There are no errors in the javascript console or anything.
  6. List active domains by default

    Hi Brian! For some reason this has stopped to work Anyway, since I'm asking - would there be a way to change the selection in the sidebar instead? i.e. preselecting "Active" in the top sidebar section, so only active domains are shown.
  7. Thanks! I think there's real potential in this idea if a module developer would want to tackle it. I will have to investigate...
  8. We have customers that would like the ability to create, suspend and terminate plans from within WHMCS. The idea is that they would purchase something like a "10-pack" of plans, and use them as they see fit. Is there any WHMCS feature, or existing commercial module, that could allow us to offer this service?
  9. List active domains by default

    Brian you are the best!!! Thank you!
  10. Is there a way (maybe with jquery?) to have the list of domains in the client area default to "Active" status? We keep getting requests from customers that have a long list of cancelled/expired domains and have to click "Active" in the sidebar every time they login to configure something.
  11. I'm sorry to add some negativity here, but I stopped using these forums for exactly that reason, and I know more people that have done the same. I almost stopped using the cPanel forums too, but there's a lot of good cPanel personnel and knowledgeable users to make it worth posting there. So, that's good news. I'm really glad to read that there seems to be a genuine effort to improve the forums!
  12. The mobile app works via API, so it's a totally different way of using WHMCS.
  13. Our payment gateway is external, so we don't capture credit cards. We too have long suspected of slowness in the callback part, but can't easily test it.
  14. I'm on 6.3.1 as well. However, the news aren't as good as my initial report. My dev install, which has a slightly lower amount of tickets, runs smoothly after pruning the old tickets. It went from 20 seconds to instant ticket reply submission. However, the production install doesn't. It improved only marginally. Either there's a number of tickets that acts as a tipping point, or something else is at play. I don't want to keep deleting tickets to see if it improves though.
  15. I'm not. No slow queries either. It's the software itself that gets slow. Still can't figure out why.

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