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  1. Wow that is one pretty looking pricing table!!! Mine has the grace/redemption periods as well as the fees. Very neat!
  2. stormy

    When is complete.tpl used?

    I have a payment gateway script that provides its own "success" URL, but I might need to move away from it and use the regular WHMCS system where the ordering process ends at complete.tpl. So, I'm hoping to get some much needed info about it. There's almost no documentation and this is a crucial part of the ordering process. I need to do conversion tracking, upsells, etc. -Is the URL always cart.php?a=complete - or does it have variations? -Is it ONLY part of the cart process? i.e. for cart orders. If that's true, it will never get shown after a renewal invoice payment. Is that so? -Does a customer ALWAYS end up at this page after a successful payment through a payment gateway? I count on the "ispaid" section to always work if the payment was successful. -When/why does a customer arrive to that page without having paid? (so "ispaid" is not activated) Maybe if they enter wrong details on the payment processor? -What happens with gateways that might take some time for the callback to arrive, like Paypal? Or Bank Transfer orders which are not real-time? I suppose ispaid will not be true so conversions won't be tracked. Lots of questions, I know. I hope to get some answers! 🙂
  3. Thanks for all the great info, Brian! As for domain-pricing.tpl, I tried calling it with an include it in the clientarea and in a cart page, and it didn't work. I'll go for the domain-pricing2 solution since I couldn't find a way to alter the jQuery from that page, and I don't want to mess with the main file.
  4. stormy

    Cron Job Activity daily email v7 vs v6

    Turns out this information is not given anymore. There's a feature request - please vote! https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/restore-the-previous-style-of-cron-job-email-template/
  5. I have several search forms outside WHMCS that post to the now-gone domainchecker. I am looking for a way to keep the domain matrix with all the TLDs and prices on sight after a domain search. If customers hit the domain results from another page, they don't even know which TLDs are available. And if I'm using suggestions from the new domainspinner, it doesn't even list my available TLDs and goes straight for suggestions. By the way, I like the new domain search page, domain spinner, featured TLDs, everything. I think it's a huge advance, and I'd love to be able to customize some more stuff in there, like the categories, which can't even be translated...
  6. I was wondering how is everyone handling the lack of hosting renewal notices in WHMCS (there's a 5-yr-old feature request for it) and the lack of a "renew hosting" button. I have a third-party module that handles this but it's been extremely buggy over the years. There must be some other solution. Or do you people simply accept that WHMCS will send an invoice with a big red "Unpaid" text on it, with no further explanation and that's the hosting renewal notice? How do you handle when a customer wants to renew in advance? Or a change in billing cycle, from monthly to yearly for instance? I wonder if I could create a button in the client area that opened a ticket automatically for these requests. It's really weird that a hosting automation platform has a ton of renewal notices and options for domain renewals, and nothing for hosting renewals.
  7. I finally upgraded from WHMCS 6.3.x to 7.6.1 and I'm working my way through the changes. One thing that has struck me is the WHMCS Cron Job Activity daily email, which used to have a lot of important information on v6, and it only has some stats on v7. Where can I get the details now? I used to archive all the cron emails so I could refer to them in the future in case of doubt.
  8. Thank you. I'm a Lara admin theme user myself, highly recommended!
  9. Ah, brilliant! I'm on the standard cart but on 6.3 version, ready to update soon! I'd really like to see an official demo where we could test all different carts, etc.
  10. I was wondering if there's a way to let customers change the domain registration period on cart.php?a=view or cart.php?a=confdomains I think it makes more sense there than in the domainchecker.php.
  11. stormy

    Email marketer for domains

    Expanding on this, it wouldn't be terribly hard to do, I might give it a shot. 1. Create a new "No hosting" client group. 2. SQL query seeing which domain values are in tbldomains but not in tblhosting -> identifying clients -> adding to the new group. 3. A hook after ordering that removes client from the group if they order hosting. Then I can reach them with the mass marketer when needed. That's pretty nifty!
  12. stormy

    Email marketer for domains

    Thanks Brian!
  13. stormy

    Email marketer for domains

    I need to find a way to email customers that have only registered domains and not purchased hosting, so I can try to sell them hosting 🙂 There was no way of doing that with the email marketer 4 years ago (when I last asked support about it). Is there any workaround today?
  14. Thanks! Unfortunately, there's some stuff overlaid on top of the radio buttons that doesn't let this work...

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