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  1. I need to send a pdf to a third party through a custom code, but i cant see how to to attach a file to the API, can you tell if there is a way to achieve what i need. I saw the WHMCS uses Phpmailer but i dont know how to require it and use it to send the mail. Thanks in advance. this is how i send email normally... $command = "sendemail"; $adminuser = "admin"; $values["customtype"] = "general"; $values["customsubject"] = "example email attachment"; $values["custommessage"] = "example with file third party"; $values["id"] = $userid; $results = localAPI($command, $values, $adminuser); and this is what i would i like to do... $email = new PHPMailer(); $email->From = 'address1@example.com'; $email->FromName = 'Name'; $email->Subject = 'Message Subject'; $email->Body = $bodytext; $email->AddAddress( 'destinationaddress@example.com' ); $file_to_attach = 'PATH_TO_FILE_HERE'; $email->AddAttachment( $file_to_attach , 'NameOfFile.pdf' ); $email->Send(); Thanks...
  2. I solved my problem... In the api function, i add a header that allow access control origin header('Access-Control-Allow-Origin: http://mydomain.com'); // allow access mydomain.com header('Access-Control-Allow-Methods: GET, POST'); // allow method of input
  3. hello forumers of whmcs, i can to use ajax in the APIs i'm trying to conect WHMCS API Function with my login by AJAX this can be done? i have a error page in the console javascirpt. error: "XMLHttpRequest cannot load http://mywhmcs.com/includes/api/nameapi.php No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'http://mydomain.com' is therefore not allowed access" I was read must be set the configuration in apache and to add the line for Access Control Allow Origin.
  4. Hello ... how I can change the price of a invoice? I need to add a rule to subtract tax (2%) to the total , but I can not do this. ejm subtotal = 40.00 VAT1 = subtotal * 12 / 100 VAT2 = VAT1 * 2 / 100 total = (subtotal + VAT1) - VAT2 this is possible?
  5. hello... i have a big problem (i am new in WHMCS) First... what is the difference between create hooks and modules? Second: I want to implement the next process ¿how i can to place the domainchecker of the register or tranfers in the same page of register the contact? that is to say, where you can register and consult a domain all in one page this can to do by hooks or modules? i am confussed
  6. I need to use the template of wordpress above of WHMCS. example: i have my template of wordpress (Acount CPanel 1), specifically the pricing page and i want to mount up on the pricing page of WHMCS (Acount Cpanel 2) how i can do it?
  7. Hello I have a question to the following: how I can to integrate WHMCS + Wordpress if they are in different accounts cpanel? this can be done?
  8. I need to do the next: if a new customer will buy and select a domain without plan or product, must be increases the price of the domain
  9. hello, i am new to WHMCS I need to know, how I can increase the price of a domain if the product or plan is removed from the shopping cart? this can be done?
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