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Is WHMCS Version 6 Going to Have Native Stripe Support?



I've got a new client who wants to have a client-billing system set up, and I've used WHMCS for several years for other clients, but been frustrated by the lack of native Stripe support. The 3rd-party plugins that add it make it a pain to maintain WHMCS.


Is version 6 going to offer native Stripe support?

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We do not have plans to introduce a stripe module in 6.0 at the current time


Why Not?

Lack of stripe support has got me actively investigating alternatives to whmcs.

This is a feature that has nearly 100 votes and users have been waiting for for nearly 2 years.



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Can someone tell me which Stripe module you are using right now or which one is the most used currently in terms of quality, support, etc.?


I don't mind if it has a cost, but I don't want it to be encoded as you can understand this would be a major trust issue while managing payment data.


I installed the one from ServerPing and it seems to work but I'm not sure how well its done in terms of finished quality.


Example, you can enter as many numbers you want in the CC number field or the CVV field !!! It seems they didn't entered a max characters delimitation in the fields here.


Who exactly has a card with a CVV that has a number like this 99999999999? Its usually only 3 or 4.


Also, I assume its making the validation on the Stripe side while updating the card? Because usually, you can do this with a simple JS while typing the number.


Example: When you enter a specific number format, most sites will tell you immediately if its a Visa or Mastercard based on the initial numbers. This is a nice visual help in case the user is entering the wrong card. This module does not validate input as far as I tested.


I read some people had failing payments with this module and I think this must be also be the reason. Its not formatting the numbers correctly. What if a user enters the numbers like this 4555-4555, or 455555555 or with spaces 4555 4555?


Should this not be properly validated first before sending it to the Stripe API?


Now, when I looked into the template changes, they remove code from the original six theme. And the code they add instead is not complete either. Its missing some CSS ID's in the fields and other functions. So it seems you are actually making your template less functional.


Just my first impressions after installing it. The last thing I want is failing payments. So I may ask someone that is using WHMCS with Stripe successfully what they are using right now as integration. Again, I don't mind paying for this but I don't want to be beta testing my live users either.


Sadly WHMCS does not officially support Stripe so we have to rely on third party modules. Nothing wrong with using third party modules for extra features. I don't mind modules, but not for payments stuff...as billing and accounting are the main reasons why someone would buy WHMCS in the first place. Personally I think this should be a core function. Modules and addons should add extra functionality, not something as important as a billing function.

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