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  1. That is not smarty, that is JavaScript. You could also use PHP but its bad practice to use it with smarty.
  2. While that might work its bad UI design. Now you are forcing the customers to submit or try to check out every time to see another error leading to frustration and people just jumping boat and leaving the ordering process because they realize its sucks. If you are giving such a horrible experience before even buying a product, how can you even expect to gain customers... The Jquery logic works on the fly on other shopping carts and informs instantly the user about what needs to be changed without even reloading the page or going to the next step. The shopping cart validation should be used to avoid critical errors while upgrading, not for pre-ordering configuration options on a sales page. People like to play with configurations on shopping carts, its not only bad design to make them try to submit a form to see the changes, but it's also bad in terms of server performance. You don't want someone submitting a post request unless its necessary.
  3. That is the irony. They don't take a year to fix some bugs. They take years !!! I'm not even going to mention critical features, because then we are speaking about decades, yet WHMCS expects all their customers to run 1 year version behind. I would have no problem with that if they also committed to fixing all bugs before a year, which they don't. This is also why they don't have a bug tracker in the open, as we would be able to see how long some things are still pending a fix. I would be embarrassed to call this long term support. The folder for that patch, they just moved old code to new paths. It's the same files, but now they reside on the vendor library.
  4. Really? How do you change the sidebar menu links just using HTML? You can't! You need to use PHP hooks. That said, it's not possible just to use HTML to change some things on WHMCS anymore, now you need a programmer just to change a color, a link or add an icon. This is troublesome for people that expect the software to come with a theme that you can edit in your regular web design/IDE software, and then they find out some things are not even available in the template files at all. Stuff that was in the template files in the past and was removed on later versions. It seems every new major WHMCS releases removes more than it adds. Like in WHMCS 8 people cannot even reset accounts passwords anymore... this is terrifying. Every time I see WHMCS announcing a major version, I'm afraid to open the link to see what was now removed... Your web designer or webmaster cannot work with WHMCS anymore, you need a PHP developer now. This is not user-friendly in any sense for someone that is not using PHP for his/her website but expects HTML/CSS/JS like in with any other page or system. I have nothing against hooks if you had both options available. Example, change the same menu with a hook, or just by editing a template file. But instead WHMCS removed code from template files and now the code is behind Ioncube PHP files, and you can only interact with them using the ultra buggy hooks system that loves to break your installation and is an absolute nightmare in performance if you expect any decent traffic in your WHMCS website.
  5. You do realize, Microsoft or Red Hat or even SUSE patch their software for 10+ years right? It's not uncommon in the B2B market to have very long supported versions and pieces of software because your target is not a regular consumer. It's a business. As such they have other things to do than upgrading critical platforms every year. 2 years for long term support on a software such a WHMCS is short, way too short to even call it Long Term. This is more true because every new release they take 5 years to fix bugs and 10 years to add features. No, I'm not joking. WHMCS does take 5 years to fix some bugs, and you can check their feature request page, years is an understatement. So they expect their customers to keep 2 years upgraded to date, but they make zero commitment to add or fix things in the same period. If you add to this third party softwares and customizations, 2 years is not that much to test everything. I'm running always the latest supported version for a reason. The patch is 1 file and a few lines of code. It takes an hour to apply this to other versions. If they cannot do that, then I would seriously reconsider my programming skill. Most security patches in a software like WHMCS work the same for all versions because its usually just fixing some syntax or adding a new check on PHP which will work on all versions. The rest of the files in the patch are just related to the actual file fixed. No, they are not asking too much. There are tons of bugs that are not fixed from new version to new version. If your whole system relies on a hook (which WHMCS forces you to use) or some API or function that is still not fixed, you cannot roll it out because it will cascade and break your whole billing/ordering website. How do you explain that to your customers? Sorry, we cannot fix this because we're using a software to which we don't have the source code and even if we want, we cannot fix it. How? How do you even fix something that is behind PHP encoded files? You can't. You completely rely at the mercy of WHMCS to fix the issues. This can be tomorrow, or never. You really think people here are not upgrading because they are lazy or just don't want to run on the latest and greatest? That is not the reason. It's because of compatibility issues and bugs. It can really destroy your business and put your installation in an inoperable state until what you need is fixed.+ This is why most people that do run some business or customers on WHMCS test every new release and upgrade for days first before rolling from developing to production. And trust me, most find new bugs on every new release. Some are not even minor but huge bugs. And most of the time, they are also happy trigger to completely remove functions someone is using daily. If you are running on a supported version, the patch is just uploading a few files, but I can completely understand if someone now is forced to do a full upgrade of their installation. Bye, bye weekend...
  6. Because you are comparing it to only products in the similar target as WHMCS. If you look into more cloud billing systems, all of them have them. If you look into shopping carts or ordering systems in general which are not necessarily targeting WHMCS customers but can also be used to sell services besides tangible products, again, most have them. In the past this would have been considered something fancy or innovative, but not in 2021.
  7. Most people that requested this probably don't even use WHMCS anymore.
  8. I don't actually care about the UI as long as its 100% customizable. I actually prefer it to be simple and just let WHMCS users customize and adapt it to their designs. In a perfect world, you would be able to use what ever UI framework you like but bootstrap is so heavily integrated with WHMCS features, that there is no other choice than using what they support.
  9. Yes, they do, I had that product before I sold it. They had logic build into order forms. I don't seriously know any product which does not in 2021. You cannot build even something basic without logic forms today. This is more true when it comes to selling software and configurations which absolutely need to change depending on the users' selection. A simple example, someone selects as Operating System Windows means cPanel is no go. Not possible to even sell VPS or servers on which users can select a different operating system because you cannot change the options based on a first selection.
  10. So much for a product called Web Hosting Manager Solution when it requires that many extra steps for such a simple administration task 😁
  11. No, sadly there is no form logic at all in WHMCS. You will need to create a custom order form for anything moderately complex. The configurable options in WHMCS are mostly not usable for this reason, not only with your Minecraft setup but almost every server or software config requires some logic to change or show different options depending on selection which is not possible out of the box right now. I think I asked this years back.
  12. Actually my rules remote the extra .html at the end because that is how it worked before WHMCS 7.
  13. Isn't impressive that Smarty has no redirect variable? At least I was never able to find one. Using JS to redirect is not ideal.
  14. Thank you, the JS option worked. I first tested the template code, and while the link was active (in the browser status bar it showed my correct link) when clicked, it seems the JS still was overwritten the click and using the default. Hence, for me only modifying the JS worked.
  15. Thanks for sharing. Nice design! Do tags work? I don't think you are using them. You do seems to run custom rules. Your articles only display by number like: knowledgebase/240 Instead of: knowledgebase/240/article-here-title
  16. That seems a rather weird coding approach, instead of consistency, using different variables that sound and look similar but are not and still do the same thing.
  17. Well, there is the consideration that people are dropping Google and Facebook services like flies as more people value privacy online, this is particularly true it seems with European markets. I assume most of us here and most WHMCS customers are tech related, that means hosting, web design, development, IT, services, etc. That is precisely the people that value privacy more than the regular Joe, as such it makes sense for WHMCS to offer Google alternatives. If you take a look at the code even Google fonts are included, which personally I think should be hosted locally, removed or at least give you the choice. Same with Analytics which I also have disabled. reCAPTCHA from Google is one of the most invasive tracking codes you can put on a website today. There are real motivations to use something else like hCaptcha, plus they do seem to give more options and customizations as well. I know Cloudflare changed to them as well. I had no problems interchanging reCaptcha with hCaptcha with other softwares, except WHMCS. I'm not even claiming they should add this a feature that is supported by them, just make WHMCS more open so that developers can do things like this which does not seem possible today. Its just replacing the URL and tags, its not rocket science but with WHMCS again this is not possible 😪
  18. Does someone know how to redirect the URL to which domains point when the SSL is not valid: index.php?rp=/ssl-purchase Or this is another hard coded URL we cannot change?
  19. It should be a global variable but since WHMCS has changed so many things and removed code from templates, I'm not surprised if it's not working in some template files. In your smarty file put the following: {debug} Now reload and a new popup will appear (most browsers will block this, don't forget to enable it). Now you can see all the variables available. Don't forget to disable debug after your testing.
  20. Here are the main situations: As root domain example.com WHMCS now becomes your whole site. Not something most people want since building your whole site around WHMCS is next to impossible as the code is not open. Most companies and users would prefer to use their own CMS or files for the main site and leave WHMCS isolated, this also avoids potential issues and bugs with your main site or other software. Subdirectory WHMCS runs on its own directly which makes it more simple to manage, all files in that folder are only for WHMCS. Subdomain People go with this choice if they run WHMCS in another server separated from the rest of the site like forums, blogs, etc. This is actually suggested, to run WHMCS in a complete separate server, except you don't need a subdomain for this either... example.com/whmcs That can very much be a completely different server, assuming you use a load balancer it makes no difference to use whmcs.example.com or example.com/whmcs since load balancer can route to a different server this way. But, the simple away is just create a new subdomain with a different A record that points to a different server. The main drawback about the subdomain option is that if you integrated WHMCS in your main site, you are not making twice the DNS requests for every page. Assuming you are loading the images, CSS, etc from example.com for whmcs.example.com, browsers consider subdomain.example.com as a separate domain, you will make an extra DNS request and it also not cache elements from example.com, which means someone jumping from example.com to whmcs.example.com is now loading everything again, this is twice the bandwidth and for first time visitors, they will load slower than opposed to using a subdirectory. You can also have issues with fonts, and JS related to cross origin resource sharing, while that can be solved in a simple way to authorize the main domain, its still something to consider since cookies, javascript and others will be considered as loaded from a different domain name. In the end, the best approach depends on what you are doing and how your site is setup. What ever you do, do not put everything in the same box. If you are running a blog, a community or other softwares, don't put WHMCS with them. WHMCS does billing and as such is more sensitive than other software. You don't have your billing and customers compromised because you forgot to update WordPress in the same server. Run WHMCS on a different Linux account with its own permission or better, run it on a completely different server for privacy and security.
  21. I think his point is that if the index.php was open, you could integrate with any other index.php that also does routing.
  22. Agree, but its encoded, and not only index.php but many other parts in WHMCS are encoded. The themes or smarty .tpl files are getting more and more useless as they remove code from templates and put them behind iconcube files which make editing and design impossible in some cases if you don't have a hook available.
  23. This, also using subdirectory, there are pros and cons to every situation. I prefer to keep WHMCS out of my main website since its so limited when it comes to customization and coding.
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