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  1. yggdrasil

    What just happen to WHMCS

    I just upgraded to the latest release and I'm not happy at all. First of all, all the products under my customers account show a red icon that no SSL is active. What? This makes no sense, all my customers have SSL on their own servers and some products are not even hosting, why would WHMCS assume now that my products need or require a SSL certificate? Example, a product that is not even hosting shows the SSL status next to it...Clicking on it goes to the shopping cart default product, so makes even less sense... Then I on the admin side when I go to manage my products I see ads on my admin section about SpamExperts, SiteLock. ARE YOU KIDDING ME ???? WHMCS is now advertising products to my staff on the admin side? I'm not happy about this at all, this is still my server, my data and my customers, and yes, my staff, there is no legal right here to promote competitors on my administration section. I want this gone. This is overstepping now, those companies are my competitors in some areas and now my they brand inside my company and management? This is completely unacceptable. I'm sure WHMCS will not accept us putting ads here in their community about competitors either. This is not a free product. I paid a license for commercial use, and I pay my upgrades every year. Is WHMCS really this desperate to make a few bucks? This is very concerning. I want to disable the marketconnect now. Why is this enabled by default is beyond me. Options from third party companies should be opt-in by default and not opt-out. πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ
  2. yggdrasil

    Facebook Pixel

    He probably has his own orderform templates. That might also work.
  3. yggdrasil

    What just happen to WHMCS

    I have no hope. I think they have read more than once some of the valid complaints here in the community. In the end, you cannot tell someone how they should run their business. So far WHMCS has done a great job, as they seem to have no real competition. I guess they are just testing new waters with new stuff but personally I don't like what is coming. I have this gut feeling that tells me something is not right and they are moving the software into a future I don't like or want.
  4. After upgrading to the latest release I noticed many things not working. Opening the developer console on a browser shows many issues with WHMCS. It seems every update is more a train wreck than the other one. I will not bother on the user side because I did not got that far to debug things (I know some are not working either....) but on the admin side in just 1 minute of testing I noticed the search is broken now. Intellisearch or what ever they added does not work on my setup. I'm also getting now more cron domain sync emails than usual over the normal daily one. It shows an 500 server error on example.com/whmcs/admin/search/intellisearch caused by the Javascript scripts.min.js from the blend admin theme folder. On the server side this is generating PHP errors on files like vendor/middlewares/utils/src/Delegate.php The errors are caused by issues on their PHP code: [WHMCS Application] ERROR: Error: Call to undefined function WHMCS\\Search\\run_hook vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Search/IntelligentSearch.php:0 Stack trace: #0 Opening a support got me a reply that they don't support changes on the admin theme referring me to a github file for the original admin themes. Note: I never modified the admin theme. And I just triple checked and compared each file. Both the blend and v4 themes are the same that WHMCS is shipping on their original releases. So no, that is not the problem. Now I'm going to waste all my day debugging the fixing the new bugs on this release. No wonder I never want to upgrade. Oh wait, I can't because those files inside the WHMCS folder are encoded. I guess no more searching stuff on the admin side for me.
  5. yggdrasil

    Many bugs and errors

    I will try a full re-upload of all the vendors files since just re uploading the WHMCS vendors folder did nothing. I'm not sure this is the issue because I never had problems in years with my upload client. I know what files go into ASCII or Binary it never broke anything or did a partial upload like some other FTP clients I had in the past. As for the cron. I don't mind getting those emails, but I was ok with once a day, not multiple times a day.
  6. yggdrasil

    What just happen to WHMCS

    That is not even close to the same. A radio in a car is something most people want and expect. When I buy an accounting software as an accountant I don't expect that software to offer me accounting services from external companies right in my face. When I buy a TV from Samsung, I don't expect to see ads to buy another TV every time I turn it on. WHMCS is selling a software targeted at people selling something to others, ISP, hosting companies, IT, cloud, telcos, technology companies, software resellers, or just people selling services in general. So the WHMCS customer is already someone that is selling towards others. This is why they buy WHMCS, its a billing and hosting manager. You expect people to have customers and bill and manage them using WHMCS. What WHMCS is now doing is trying to sell us customers, services from other companies that we then again resell to others. This is incredible inmoral because some of the things they started to marketing and brand inside our installations may be competitors. Let me make an example. SpamExperts last time I used them was also using WHMCS (the software) to bill and manage their customers. So SpamExperts is a WHMCS customer, they purchased and licensed the software. How do you think SpamExperts would feel if they then see a brand from another Spam filter company right in their admin section and they realize the company to which they trusted their money is now partnering with their major competitor. Do you think they would be happy to keep giving WHMCS money so they can keep pushing their competitor against them and everyone else? I'm sure tons of WHMCS customers are offering some sort of certificates, web builders or spam filters that in most cases have nothing to do with those companies either. This is like buying cash register machines for your grocery store, and the company selling those machines, then advertises other grocery stores in the digital screen towards your staff, right inside your store!!! This is like buying a bus as a transport company and the manufacturer giving you a bus with huge branding inside each seat from your competitors that you now have to remove before putting into service. This is like Airbus selling planes with build in products and services from specific airlines. That is not how industries that sell to others work. WHMCS is a B2B company, they sell towards other companies, not end consumers. Even if someone is just starting his own business, that is still B2B because that person is trying to build a new venture online. If anything, companies like Airbus or Boeing even customize each plane to your needs. WHMCS is trying sell a boxed product towards an industry that is extremely flexible in terms of options and customization. This model will absolutely fail and they will destroy their company in the process. Nobody is going to be successful by having the same WHMCS products on front stores. Someone buying WHMCS already has a website and while I understand tons of people buying WHMCS are really green when it comes to building sites and a business online, in general its not WHMCS job here to teach them how to sell online, or how to design their websites, or how to code. Its like buying a computer from Dell and expecting them to teach you how to use Windows. Most people buying WHMCS are probably at least somehow computer savvy, and most know how to run a software online. They expect to buy a core, like a framework, not buy the finished product. They expect to use the software to sell their own stuff and services towards a market that might be completely different to the next WHMCS customer even in the same city. Its all about options, options and options. I'm surprised WHMCS does not understand this yet. When releasing a feature, just put a switch Yes or No. And problem solved. Sure, the software is going to evolve into something very complex, but that is exactly what WHMCS is being paid for here. If I'm going to invest many resources to remove unwanted stuff and customize the product to my needs, I might just skip the whole process and go full in-house with my software. Assuming most people here sell something related to cloud or web services I will try to make a better example. Its like offering WHM reseller accounts and then trying to brand inside your Resellers control panel your own hosting services or emailing their users directly. I don't need WHMCS to sell me Weebly, or SpamExperts or Certificates. I can sign up directly with those companies (if we want). And I surely don't want to rely on WHMCS for those products either. I want WHMCS to focus on giving me support and investing their company resources towards their software, not supporting external products unrelated to them as a company. I'm sure you will get better support about a problem with Weebly directly from their support team rather than WHMCS. Same goes towards anything else. Its like WHMCS is having an identity crisis and does not know what they are anymore. They should look back some years to the past and see how they started initially and how they became to be what they are today. Go back to the roots, what made them successful and gain customers. Sure, we all are in the service and marketing business, but focused towards services related to our products and marketing our stuff. In that regard, WHMCS should focus their services resources towards supporting and building services around their WHMCS services, and marketing around their main product. Yet they are doing the opposite. They are focusing their services to promote and sell other companies and brands that might just give them the middle finger in the future. Its a completely waste of resources for their developers, marketing person, everyone. Companies change, merge, close, all the time. WHMCS does not have the resources to keep up with those changes, just like some API might free today, tomorrow its gone and now you need to completely rewrite your software. This already happen and MarketConnect was not even ready, Symantec was sold to Digicerts, SpamExpert was also sold and knowing Solar Winds they might increase the pricing and completely drop their API and WHMCS partnership in the future. Solar Winds destroys anything they touch, Pingdom already removed their free accounts and SpamExperts is next on the line. Then WHMCS will have to remove them or find another choice. This is why you build something like this completely external to your main core product, or better, let others do it for you. WHMCS is trying to bundle this market connect stuff right into the software and its not going to last. cPanel and many other companies learned this already the hard way. Both Plesk and cPanel tried something like this before and both now reverted to their cores, they let other people build or develop for their software but they focus their own resources only on features they have developed, their code that runs on their software and will be stable for years to come.
  7. yggdrasil

    What just happen to WHMCS

    You should not be doing any work to remove unwanted stuff in any software at all. Lets see why someone buys a software, to solve a problem, its a tool. We pay WHMCS because its saves us time instead of developing something in house. The whole idea of a software which purpose is to manage customers, billing and automation is being more productive and saving money. If you need to start hacking around here and there to remove stuff then something is wrong with the product. Its now costing you more time = money on each upgrade. Also, if anyone has learned something from newsletters, the Internet in general or even the European GDPR laws is that unwanted choices to customers should always be opt-in and not forced opt-out. Market Connect should be a choice, opt-in, not be bundled or activated by default and then we need to remove it manually. Its a completely different market and users than what WHMCS was selling so far.
  8. yggdrasil

    What just happen to WHMCS

    How big was version 5 or 6? And did more or less the same thing as WHMCS today !!! The bloatware is becoming real. Putting ads on the admin section means that is their priority. Adding your own product? A small button. Adding WHMCS products? 3 huge boxes right on the top consuming a big chunk of the pixels in your interface. Never going away, always there...did I forgot to mention this is an administration section. We paid for this and they are advertising their products. I'm going to bill WHMCS for this. Its still my company, my users and my servers. Its fair that I should bill them for this free advertising.
  9. yggdrasil

    What just happen to WHMCS

    Of course they will. They are just using the software as a platform to start delivering services on their own. Its like a Trojan horse. Its not the first time I see this as well. Eventually their goal is probably SaaS hosted on their own servers. I see this coming miles ahead and I usually never miss. I said the same thing about many other softwares, examples are Kayako, I had the unlimited license !!! They then stopped developing all together and turned everything into a service. WHMCS is going the same route. This year at least 2 or 3 software I use did something similar. Stopping developing and then offering you some new great deal into their upcoming new startup. This is the end of WHMCS. I see it coming, just look all the things they have developed in the last year. Almost everything is related to remote services, building their brand as a service company and partnering with external companies to sell and push products. Their whole focus is not on developing the software for hosted customers anymore but for their own services. They are turning into a service company instead of a software company. This is also the reason they are locking more and more stuff behind encoded code. Its about control, vendor lock and slowly pushing users like us out and gaining more people that will be happy to resell products for then so they can make a cut from each sale. The writing is on the wall for a year now.
  10. yggdrasil

    What just happen to WHMCS

    You call that optional? Optional would be a switch that once enabled downloads all the files and then shows all the proper Marketconnect options. Downloading all this garbage to my servers when I never going to activate it is not optional. Having to force my staff and myself to see brands from other companies that are my competitors is not optional either. I never gave WHMCS (the company) permission to open an affiliate program on my servers and company.
  11. yggdrasil

    What just happen to WHMCS

    When SW Soft started to put Virtuozzo banners on the login page for every Plesk server in the world, people switched in mass to cPanel. When cPanel started to put affiliate icons into cPanel, people moved out of cPanel but cPanel reverted this back to only develop local solution vs just trying to bundle everything with a remote service. WHMCS is going the same path now. Trying to earn money from our hard work the easy way. Wait until they start to push banners for services into the customer area remotely.
  12. yggdrasil

    What just happen to WHMCS

    They basically added the SSL check for all products in order to promote their own SSL affiliate program or was that just a big coincidence? I wish I had never upgraded now πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ I was aware MarketConnect was coming, but I also imagined it was OPTIONAL. Stupid me. I should have realized that once I saw the languages files are getting bigger and bigger, and there are more and more files on my theme related to WHMCS resold services. More and more stuff they keep adding that I will never use but still have to delete or host on my server. The software starts to feel more and more like a WHMCS service instead of something I use to run my business and customers. Maybe that is their goal, move us all into reselling their services and get our customers for free.
  13. I'm in the process of upgrading to the latest release and I found now phpmyadmin is also shipped on the vendors folders. Is there is a reason for this? There was recently a huge vulnerability on this software and it was used widely to exploit servers. Why is WHMCS shipping this on the vendor folders? Last time I checked I don't use WHMCS to access or manipulate my database. I would never want WHMCS to do this in the first place but rather use the proper external MariabDB or MySQL DB tools. I'm just curious what is the purpose of this on WHMCS. The more external vendors things shipped on WHCMS the more the risk of some vulnerability that can be exploited. Makes you wonder if WHMCS is tracking the vulnerabilities or changelogs on the vendors files because I never received an email that a security patch was available.
  14. yggdrasil

    phpmyadmin now in latest release

    I did not actually checked the folder files but the name just go my attention. Thank you for confirming this, makes more sense. Either way, lets hope someone at WHMCS is keeping a change log or some alerts on the vendor third party software they use just in case.
  15. What theme of yours is using Bootstrap 4? Bootstrap 3 is not developed anymore for over a year.
  16. yggdrasil

    PHP 7.3

    Will WHMCS support PHP 7.3 in the next release or it will require some more extensive testing first?
  17. I'm looking for a WHMCS theme using bootstrap 4. If any exists it would be quite unique today, assuming its even possible with WHMCS.
  18. yggdrasil

    Finding Nulled WHMCS distributions!

    Oh ok. My error then 😁
  19. That looks really great. Nice job!
  20. yggdrasil

    PHP upgrade

    You need to check with the add-ons developer to see if your PHP version is compatible. They probably have an update available.
  21. yggdrasil

    PHP 7.3

    I see but why does it say up to 7.2 as a recommended version?
  22. yggdrasil

    Finding Nulled WHMCS distributions!

    Not at all. I would care less what people use, just stick to what you prefer. I'm just posting my opinions since its common for people to compare Photoshop to Affinity Photo because of the name instead of Designer. Its even more common for Adobe users to install those softwares click around a few minutes and then conclude its inferior when they don't even gave it a chance. You can't compare a product you are using for years with one for a few minutes, its not fair. Affinity has many tricks hidden under the hood and I have yet to find something I can't do. That was my point. I disagree that its Adobe in 2014 and less capable just because its missing one or two features here and there. Adobe also has missing features that are in Affinity. I can do many work related tasks that I can't with Adobe and it does many other things better like automatically using smart objects, preview of effects/filters, etc. The same work I did in Photoshop takes 3 or 4 times less now. Either way. Just use what works for you. For me, $500+ a year to use Adobe is money wasted as I don't open those softwares every day and just need them on occasions. More important for me is time. I don't have time to mess 1 hour with one image when I can open Affinity and have the same stuff done in 15 minutes.
  23. yggdrasil

    Big Problem

    You can only use smarty on WHMCS theme template files. Not just any page on your site.
  24. You probably need to edit the bootstrap CSS files. If you are overwriting the user side with your own customization/themes, its taking the formatting from those files.
  25. yggdrasil

    Finding Nulled WHMCS distributions!

    What do you mean with very 2014? What exactly can you do with Adobe that you can't with Affinity because I see this posted by more than one person saying: This is missing, or you can't do that, and its just because they don't know the software around. Shapes? What shapes? Designer is heavily used for game art creation now, you can do almost every shape imaginable: What more shapes do you need than this: You can't even do something like this with Adobe (combining pixels and vectors in the same work), this alone is a killer feature: Again combining vector and pixels in the same work !!! But they are taking features from them. I see that trend in the past 2 years now. On the iPad apps they basically cloned the Affinity apps: I never considered Gimp a replacement to Photoshop, not by any stretch. Now if you are comparing Photoshop to Affinity Photo you are doing it wrong. That would be more compared to Lightroom, you need to compare it to Designer. Combine Photo+Designer and you have something more powerful than just Photoshop, or just Illustrator.

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