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  1. Here: https://www.how2shout.com/how-to/install-wamp-server-windows-10-step-by-step-tutorial-guide.html Then: https://docs.whmcs.com/Installing_WHMCS
  2. It seems the latest release always requires an auth code on domains transfers, even if that TLD does not support one. I'm sure this was not the case before. If you unchecked the option to require an EPP code for a domain on the admin side. The field was hidden and not required on the user theme. But now its always visible confusing users for domains that don't support auth codes.
  3. yggdrasil

    Another bug on domain transfers

    That is right. I will probably just modify the template to indicate its only required for some extensions. This will avoid users sending emails or asking what they have to fill on that field for domains that don't support it.
  4. yggdrasil

    Another bug on domain transfers

    You are right but it still confuses users because the field is there and it tells them its required. I don't think most users try to submit the form with that field blank as they read its required on the form. Maybe when a user types an extensions that does not support the code, the field should be hidden automatically with JavaScript in the future. Or change the message that the field is actually not required but optional depending on the extension.
  5. Just like you would on any other server, assuming you have a web server and all the required software installed (LAMP) on your local computer. Make sure you are on a fixed IP with your ISP for the license check and that you have punched all the ports (firewall) on your network. This alone is just a terrible bad idea for security reasons. You should never turn your personal laptop or personal system into a public accesible web server unless you know exactly what you are doing. If your question is if WHMCS can work offline, not it cannot. It requires eventually an Internet communication for the license check. You can use Xamp or Wamp for an easy way to deploy a local server for testing. But even for testing or developing you still require a valid license from WHMCS. You cannot use WHMCS without a license, that includes developing.
  6. yggdrasil

    Disable smartsearch

    Is there a way to disable the new SmartSearch feature and have it working like it was previously?
  7. yggdrasil


    Obviously, bigger will always be better. If your site is small just start with the basic one and then upgrade in case of issues. Just take into account that a VPS is a full server and will require the same amount of work in terms of patches, upgrades, security, as a normal server. In that regard you will have to manage everything from the operating system to the network configuration. If you don't have a system administrator for those tasks, get a fully managed system.
  8. You can also directly export from the database assuming you are using a proper software or tool for database management. Most will let you export data and even create reports in what ever format you like, even do this programatically (automatically). But if you need to automate this, I would rather have something custom build that then runs with a cron and exports the data you want.
  9. yggdrasil

    [Locked]Unlicensed Installation

    This. They either don't have money, so you don't actually lost a potential customer because they just don't have the resources to pay for the license every month or they do but don't see any value on paying. Either way you cannot force someone into paying something they don't want. They have to see value in order to put their greens out. You don't want people paying by force and be upset, they have to be happy while paying otherwise they are bad customers and are going to leave your product/company the second they have an option out.
  10. yggdrasil

    [Locked]Unlicensed Installation

    I'm not entirely sure what solution that is since nobody was able to come up with a way to solve piracy. You just deal with it and make it part of your business, trying to convert them into customers. There is something worse than people pirating your product, nobody using it. Piracy means its popular and people want it. No piracy means its garbage and people are not even interested on using it, even for free.
  11. I might just have fun with WHMCS own bugs on their software. I just logged into my WHMCS customer account and for some reason all my software licenses say they are inactive?!!
  12. yggdrasil

    SSL Monitoring does not work.

    Since this community post was published on January, almost 5 months ago what you said is most likely correct. It will take a year or more before they even fix this or put an option to make it optional.
  13. yggdrasil

    Customer Account on WHMCS.COM bugged

    The status is ok, what is not ok is that those are software licenses, addons, a SSL icon should not appear at all. That is my point. Why should I have an SSL status check on the Android Addon license for example? It has no domain!
  14. Looks nice. So this creates smarty TPL templates on your existing theme? If yes, you should consider restricting this to staff permissions as I'm not sure if everyone wants to give access to their staff to create pages on their site.
  15. If you activate an account as affiliate, every one already gets its own referral ID code that is unique to that account. You could activate every customer as affiliate and then send them their link to promote your services. As for the free month, I guess that would better be take care with a discount code that gives them 100% discount on the first month.
  16. Sadly many things are not working on 7.7.1 because of routing issues. 😭
  17. yggdrasil

    SSL Monitoring does not work.

    Completely agree. This is not only about visual issues but adding an intensive background server task like this should be optional or at least properly documented before being rolled out. As someone already commented here, the checks are even executed on all the domains disabled (fraud, cancelled, etc.) causing completely unnecessary server usage resources on each scan.
  18. yggdrasil

    SSL Monitoring does not work.

    Quick solution is to remove the icons from the template files.
  19. yggdrasil

    SSL Monitoring does not work.

    Well, I upgraded to latest release and all icons on my customers domains and products are either gray or red. And yes, they have SSL valid certificates. I would understand them taking months to issue a fix for this if this was a new optional feature but since its not I need to explain all my customers what those red icons are. I just tell them the software we use WHMCS is broken. So not great for WHMCS as a company and I'm just telling the truth. Next time they force a feature on my customers at least they should make sure it passed basic beta testing.
  20. yggdrasil

    decrypt client CC details

    If you are using stripe I believe the idea of the tokens is that CC details are not stored on your database/site in the first place. Only a token is stored on your site, and the last 4 numbers and expiration date. The full CC details are stored on Stripe. The token is only used to identify the CC/customer details in order to bill them. If what I stated is correct, you cannot decrypt anything because no CC details are stored on your database. That way, if your database or sites get compromised, there is no financial data stored on your server.
  21. I don't think this is possible out of the box. Maybe creating a hook with code that detects if the security questions are blank and force them to that page on each login. Users that completed them already would be bypassed and log in as usual.
  22. The method that works is combine: .htaccess Change the templates for the knowledgebase, and other files and replace the code with the pre 7 version links and SEO url structure Include Hooks that change the links again on the menus and articles PHP code on the error pages that detected the page directed 404 and redirect properly back the user to the proper page That is what I done and it's a complete mess. I mean mess because it requires many tricks and hacks to get something extremely simple done, which is using valid links and filenames. This was baby easy before version 7. And in my case its still buggy, some things don't work, like when someone changes the language while viewing a knowledgebase article it will default to an internal 404 so I had to disable that and just redirect to the main page. Again, this was working fine prior 7. Every single knowledgebase article in my setup had its own localized URL. It was beautiful, elegant and worked. I had my WHMCS site working the way I wanted and was very happy, then v7 came... Google traffic vanished on my site after v7 and that included my new sign up and sales because of broken front face. This was one of the biggest damage caused to my installation by a WHMCS upgrade, a year later I still don't have the time or energy to fix it because since I cannot access the encoded files I would be forced to create a completely new interface on top of WHMCS to get it to work my way just tapping directly into the database and leaving WHMCS out of the way. I considered not using WHMCS for news, help articles and other public facing stuff already because of the issues and just used it as a fancy billing system. The problem is that knowledgebase articles are integrated into tickets suggestions and canned replies, so it would mean the ticket system is also less useful since its not integrated with the rest of the knowledge base database. If you ever find a proper solution please post it.
  23. yggdrasil

    [Locked]Unlicensed Installation

    You probably are right, we can't just accuse some domain that shows as unlicensed since there could be valid technical reasons that can make a license fail even if the user/domain is licensed but I think in most situations the assumptions are correct. As for the legal jurisdiction I don't think there is anything WHMCS can do in most cases. I was very successful with take downs of my copyright by just copying on the emails the hosting company and datacenter in the same message. In most situations the infractor is more scared of the company on top of them, even put a warning that I will go to the upper carrier. So if its not the host taking him down, its the company that leases the servers to the host or the datacenter on top of all of them. So someone forces the take down the chain. Legally it would be cost prohibitive to do anything. The other problem is that most people doing this are just night fly shady operations, some are just trying to cheat other people so they don't care about nulled licenses or copyright either. What works the best is public shaming. I think WHMCS had a site the hosts of shame or something like that in the past but its gone. While I understand these forums is probably not the best place, I believe making domains public that use invalid licenses is a proper measure and should be done because I don't like other people being deceived. Most fraud companies will use nulled WHMCS installations and they are doing more harm than anything else not only to WHMCS the company and brand, but also us WHMCS customers. I have read before that some people don't want to buy anything on sites that look as if they are using WHMCS. Others consider WHMCS companies not to be very serious players. This is damaging all those that are paying WHMCS and running valid installations. In other forums some people prefer to not use WHMCS because they don't want to be associated with cheap, budget or even fraud schemes. My point is that invalid licenses should be taken down as soon as possible because it also hurts everyone else using WHMCS on their sites. Another thing I complained in the past, is that WHMCS should make it so, that we can customize the front end to the point of not being WHMCS identified. Just like several professional corporate PHP frameworks give you complete freedom in how you code and its more or less impossible to identify the CMS or framework, with WHMCS its the opposite. All sites have the same link structure, load all the same WHMCS names and references on the CSS/JS and some even look the same. I don't think this is good business for those that want to use WHMCS and don't because of the reasons I stated before. They would probably buy and use WHMCS if they could make it that way that their customers are not aware of what they are using. I understand WHMCS prefers its brand to be known, but you already have the branded licenses with a link for that purpose. For those that pay unbranded, unbranding and white label should be 100%. Believe it or not, it will increase sales as with most frameworks/software that allow 100% customization, branding and customization they are willing to pay for that feature. I'm talking about the custom/public facing site. The admin I just stick with the defaults that ship out of the box.
  24. PayPal does not always mark the invoice as paid immediately. I had this before. It takes a minute or two. Are you sure IPN notifications are properly configured on the PayPal side as well?
  25. Thank you for sharing!

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