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WHMCS forcing Template six after update 7.2.2

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Yesterday I have updated my WHMCS 6.3 to 7.2.2 by Sofaculous.

Now system keep forcing me to use template six and standard_cart. Doesn't matter what I will select General Settings > General > Template and General Settings > Ordering


I noticed that whatever page I will open I can see "?systpl=six" in the link. If I remove this than it will comeback on the next open page.

If I change this to "?systpl=MyTemplate" and click enter it will automatically change to "?systpl=six"

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I think the biggest mistake was using Softaculous to update WHMCS... so many threads of Softaculous messing up installations and upgrades... given the option, it's safer to upgrade manually or, at a push, using the updater... although granted, you can't use the updater in v6.


what you're seeing is not something WHMCS should be doing by default, so either Softaculous has added that, or something else is in play, e.g a custom .htaccess etc


if it were me, i'd reinstall using a clean downloaded file, but if that's not an option, then ultimately you might need to open a ticket with support (or Reseller Support) to find what is causing the redirection.

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