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  1. As there is a lack of SEO, language support and theme editing options on WHMC installation I have decided to install WordPress theme. Currently, my WHMCS is installed directly on my domain www.mydomain.co.uk but with WordPress theme, I think would be best to install WHMCS in folder www.mydomain.co.uk/whmcs I have to add that Wordpress Theme is only partial ready as I never used WHMCS Bridge and WHMpress and will need to work on the design on working WHMCS. I'm not sure how to handle this to make as less impact on running WHMCS as possible. I'm sure some of you had done the same thing and could give me some advice or steps to follow.
  2. I followed automatic update and I got error. When I closed this window I could see that I have latest version so I cannot try to update again. How would I know if all files has been updated successfully? Allso I got another error on front page: This disappeared after I deleted Install folder.
  3. Hi, Under pricing tab you can only set price of the product for customer as far as I can see. I'm looking for a way to set cost (How much I'm paying for this product to supplier). Otherwise Income and Profit reports are inaccurate.
  4. Hi, I recently upgraded from 6.3 to 7.2 and one of my rewrite rules stop working. All my website links were rewited to open diffrent languages like English: http://www.mypage.co.uk/en/ Spanish: http://www.mypage.co.uk/es/ All pages are properly redirecting but not home page. So http://www.mypage.co.uk/en/ and http://www.mypage.co.uk/en/index.php returns 404 Page Here is my code RewriteRule ^en/Web-Hosting.htm$ cart.php?gid=1&language=english [NC,L,QSA] RewriteRule ^en/Email-Hosting.htm$ cart.php?gid=3&language=english [NC,L,QSA] RewriteRule ^en/Domain-Search.htm$ cart.php?a=add&domain=register&language=english [NC,L,QSA] RewriteRule ^en/Domain-Transfer.htm$ cart.php?a=add&domain=transfer&language=english [NC,L,QSA] RewriteRule ^en/Cart-View.htm$ cart.php?a=view&language=english [NC,L,QSA] RewriteRule ^en/(.*)\.php $1.php?language=english [NC,L,QSA] RewriteRule ^en/?$ ?language=english [NC,L,QSA] RewriteRule ^en/(.*) $1 [NC,L,QSA] I know my solution is not perfect but all used to work in WHMCS 6.3
  5. Hi, I'm wondering how to set cost for custom product. I'm setting product type as "Other Product Service". This is backup service which is set manually by me and athe moment all payment is reported as Income without any cost.
  6. Hi, Yesterday I have updated my WHMCS 6.3 to 7.2.2 by Sofaculous. Now system keep forcing me to use template six and standard_cart. Doesn't matter what I will select General Settings > General > Template and General Settings > Ordering I noticed that whatever page I will open I can see "?systpl=six" in the link. If I remove this than it will comeback on the next open page. If I change this to "?systpl=MyTemplate" and click enter it will automatically change to "?systpl=six"
  7. Hi, Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately that didn't help. I don't have access to servers php.ini so I created this file in the cron folder: memory_limit setting 300M upload_max_filesize 300M post_max_size 64M max_execution_time 300 max_input_time 300 default_socket_timeout 6000 I have enabled error display in settings. My cron folder it's outside whmcs folder and I wasn't sure how to visit domainsync.php manually so I copied cron folder to whmcs and than open domainsync.php in browser but page was blank. My registrar is ResellerClub and DomainBox
  8. I have WHMCS v6.3, As this was provided by my hosting company I can only update trough Softaculous but no longer see update 6.3.1 since v7 come out. Because of that I'm not sure if updating to 6.3.1 would fix my problem. PROBLEM: All of the sudden one of the crons stopped working (Domain Sync) and I have also stopped receiving emails with this cron. All other crons working without problem. I can see in Activity logs: "Domain Sync Cron: Starting" but nothing is happening after. How can I trace root of the problem?
  9. Hi, I'm trying to trace root of this problem. Here is step by step what I do: 1) Log in as customer 2) Go to cart.php?gid=renewals 3) Select few domains to renew 4) Invoice is generated (I can see all selected domains there) 5) Paid by paypal (payment is taken for all domains) 6) Only first domain is renewed This is not one off problem as I already have tried this for few other domains. There are no problem with particular domains as I can renew them manually from admin panel or if I will renew them one by one from customer panel.
  10. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone come up with solution for displaying dataTables on mobile version of six template? When I say dataTables I mean any table, for example list of domains on clientarea.php?action=domains If you open this page on mobile, you wont be able to see whole table. So far I found those 2 solutions: https://www.datatables.net/extensions/rowreorder/examples/initialisation/responsive.html http://hargahosting.com/artikel/responsive-data-tables but not sure how hard will be to implement this in whmcs
  11. In admin panel I can change language for each customer: Customer > Profile > Language This language change language of emails sent to customer and also display language for logged in customers. The problem is that each time customer change language on the page that also overwrite that language setting in admin control panel. I have written hook that detect browser language and based on that displays page in same language. If customer open website not on own computer than that will change language of his emails from preferred one to English. Is there any way to disable this automatic language change and make this as an option in settings, same as in any other system?
  12. Hi, I have seen a lot of hooks and solutions to redirect customers to specific language based on geolocation. As I want to focus more on UK customers and based on this that this is Multicultural country it would made more sense to detect browser language and redirect user to specific language on WHMCS. People do travel and live everywhere this days. Why would WHMCS be shown in Spanish just because person open this page in Spain? That could be English person living there. Is there any Hook or module to buy?
  13. If "Configurable Options" are unable to automatically increase disk space on the server and you have to manually upgrade to hidden plan. Than more sense is not to use "Configurable Options" at all and offer "Upgrade/Downgrade" to that hidden plan instead. This way is more automatic and doesn't require your attention.
  14. Thank you. I almost gave up on it. I tested it: 1) Customer have plan with 5GB disk space. 2) I placed order through "Upgrade/downgrade options" for another 5GB 3) Than I went to admin Panel, accepted the order and run Cron 3) When I go as an customer to product/services (clientarea.php?action=productdetails&id=20) at the bottom I can see "Additional Disk Space 5GB" but at the top in "Usage Statistic Disk Usage" it's still shows 5GB total. So I have to manually adjust disk space on the server or probably as you suggest best idea to do hidden products.
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