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  1. Hello @Juan Cabezas You can locate information on how to resolve this at https://help.whmcs.com/m/troubleshooting/l/799757-troubleshooting-server-ip-address-appearing-in-client-logs
  2. Hello @Isaac Asher This is a known issue regarding registering .app domains with eNom. Case #MODULE-7498 is open and active with our developers in order to have this resolved for future releases. Unfortunately, I cannot provide an estimated time for completion for this. However, once we resolve cases and push features they are available at our change log, here: http://changelog.whmcs.com/ I apologise for the inconvenience In the interim, as indicated in your post, you will need to register the domain via the eNom reseller portal and it will then become manageable in your WHMCS installation on manual import. To import the domain on manual registration instructions can be located at https://docs.whmcs.com/Migration_Guide#Adding_Domains Regarding syncing please ensure that Domain Sync Notify Only is disabled. When enabled the domain sync script won't make any changes - it will only notify admins of the changes it would have made. Relevant documentation can be located at https://docs.whmcs.com/Domain_Synchronisation#Setting_it_up
  3. Hello @Stuart Newton These table records data relate to cron. Basically, it is where the results of a cron task are stored. The daily cron email report aggregates its content from these rows. At present it is not possible to prune this log from within WHMCS, however in WHMCS 8.1 and above we have optimized the indexing for cron log data. https://docs.whmcs.com/Changelog:WHMCS_V8.1 CORE-14970 - Optimize indexing for cron log data In the meantime, if you did want to do this, you could so with a SQL query. For example the SQL query below will remove any entries in that table that predate 2020: DELETE FROM `tbllog_register` WHERE created_at < "2020-01-01"; As always please backup your WHMCS DB before perfoming such operations. I hope this information helps.
  4. Hello @Stuart Newton This is a server issue and the error suggests that the server tmp directory is full. If you don't have the level of access required to manage this then you will need to contact your server provider or system admin. They will certainly be able to assist with this and advise . I've located a couple of relevant threads regarding this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46245309/cant-delete-or-load-the-table-mysql-sqlstatehy000-general-error-1021-disk https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47018980/database-exception-general-error-1021-disk-full/47019043 I hope this helps.
  5. @thereverend, That's correct. For others who are experiencing this issue and looking at cPanel as an example. You need to enable ionCube in WHM at Home » Server Configuration » Tweak Settings Once completed then enable ionCube for your PHP version(s) in EasyApache at Home » Software » EasyApache 4 If you don't have access to Tweak Settings or EasyApache in your cPanel then your server provider will certainly be able to assist with this. I hope this helps.
  6. Hello @brian!, I've opened a case #CORE-16070 with our team to have that looked at and resolved. I cannot provide an estimated time for completion for this however once we resolve cases they are available in our change log at https://changelog.whmcs.com/ Thanks.
  7. Hello @brian!, This is covered in case #CORE-16031 with a workaround introduced in the linked topic. The language string issue is included in the case. All the best for the New Year.
  8. Hello @Beekingo and @brian!, We do rely on the dedication of our users for contributing translations, as we find real life translations are typically of a much higher quality compared with using automated translation systems. If you have any suggestions for improvements, or a new language file you are willing to contribute, please get in touch via a support ticket and we can have this cased and triaged accordingly. Confirmed and added to the case: https://github.com/WHMCS/templates-twenty-one/blob/master/header.tpl#L51 https://github.com/WHMCS/templates-twenty-one/blob/master/contact.tpl#L5 https://github.com/WHMCS/templates-twenty-one/blob/master/store/ox/index.tpl#L126 https://github.com/WHMCS/templates-twenty-one/blob/master/store/order.tpl#L184 https://github.com/WHMCS/templates-twenty-one/blob/master/store/order.tpl#L186 Regarding the Six template I've opened a case #CORE-16027 with our team to have that resolved for the following lines: https://github.com/WHMCS/templates-six/blob/master/store/ox/index.tpl#L126 https://github.com/WHMCS/templates-six/blob/master/store/order.tpl#L174 https://github.com/WHMCS/templates-six/blob/master/store/order.tpl#L176 Thanks again for your input.
  9. Hello @xyzulu, Case CORE-16026 is more of a reporting issue with the client side UI when using a child theme and not related to "ticket submissions". Rest assured this case is active and being looked at by our developers for review. In the immediate term, a workaround would be to switch to the stock "Six" or "Twenty One" parent themes.
  10. Hello @zomex, Regarding the client area email history issue on child templates, I'm able to reproduce this. I have opened case CORE-16026 with our development team to review for a future update and have this resolved. Thanks for taking the time to report this. Season's greetings and all the best for the new year.
  11. @Beekingo Thank you. https://github.com/WHMCS/templates-twenty-one/blob/master/homepage.tpl#L2 https://github.com/WHMCS/templates-twenty-one/blob/master/includes/domain-search.tpl#L59 Confirmed and added to the case.
  12. Hello @Beekingo Thanks for taking the time to report this, appreciated. I see it https://github.com/WHMCS/templates-twenty-one/blob/master/login.tpl#L55 I've opened a case #CORE-16025 with our team to have that resolved. Season's greetings and all the best for the new year.
  13. Hello @VirtualWorldGlobal, Thanks for the deatailed error report. The error "Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted" indicates that the PHP version you are using in shell currently has a PHP memory_limit value of 32M which does not meet the WHMCS requirements. Please raise this to the minimum 64M or the recommended 128M to resolve this error. For your reference https://docs.whmcs.com/System_Requirements
  14. Hello @Vpxgamer You can run the following SQL comand directly on your WHMCS DB and change the http://www.yourdomain.com/whmcs/ entry accordingly. UPDATE `tblconfiguration` SET value ='http://www.yourdomain.com/whmcs/' WHERE setting='SystemURL'; I hope this helps.
  15. Hello @thereverend This error indicates that the PHP binary used by your web server does not have ionCube PHP Loader compiled with it or cannot access the ionCube loaders. Please work with your system administrator or hosting provider and make sure that the server meets the minimum system requirements for the WHMCS version you are using as listed here: https://docs.whmcs.com/System_Requirements For your reference https://docs.whmcs.com/Ioncube_Installation_Tutorial I hope this information helps.
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