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  1. Always appreciate your help Brian. That worked perfectly and it did add it to the end but that's ok as long as it's there.
  2. Hi there, Could someone help me add a alert message (with link to kb url) to the domain configuration page when a certain tld is selected? For example a message would only popup if a .au domain is being registered. Thanks
  3. Thanks Brian. Ya we had it working perfectly and even following the same link it just won't work in our new setup mentioned above. Don't mind ditching the subdomain idea. Will give it another go today without the subdomain.
  4. Hi everyone, Could someone help me setup the server status please? I originally had my whmcs install in my reseller account with my clients and the server status was working fine with the folder uploaded but I have now split my whmcs install to a separate server and my clients to another server. I've tried a few ways of getting it working again and it just won't work. The way i would like to have it setup is on a subdomain. So servstatus.website.com would show the server status. Do i just create a subdomain where my whmcs is installed and point the subdomain to the clients server and upload the status folder there? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Hello, I had a client purchase a SSL last month and it was billed annually (SSL Certificates - RapidSSL 2020-04-19 - 2021-04-18), but now WHMCS has generated another invoice this month for (SSL Certificates - RapidSSL 2020-05-19 - 2021-05-18). Any ideas what's going on here? WHMCS version 7.9.2. The product addon billing cycle is set to annually in his account and next due date shows 2021-04-19. Thank You
  6. You are AWESOME @brian!. That's exactly what i needed and it worked perfectly. I can't thank you enough. 👍👍
  7. Thanks again Brian. I found another post with the 'Check For Promo Code Hook' code posted by you and that part looks great. Now i'm trying to figure out how to adapt that but I have no idea about php code really but only one way to learn so will see what i can come up with.
  8. Oh wow thanks @brian!. That sounds promising. I'm not to familiar with writing hooks but i'll start researching now.
  9. Ok, thank you Chris. Will have to rethink the coupons then i guess.
  10. Hi there, Is it possible to restrict a coupon code so it can only be used for a certain payment type? E.g Can only be used if paying via PayPal? Thanks
  11. Hi, Are we supposed to get a notification when someone signs up as an affiliate? and if not, is there a way to set that up? Thanks
  12. You don't need to use vpn or anything. It will stop working because you need to create and use a App Password and then use that only or else it will keep blocking you. See here: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/185833?hl=en
  13. Just wondering what should be the average time for the checkout process to complete? Whmcs is setup on a separate server and with smtp (php mail is disabled) for email. Of course with no auto provisioning it's pretty instant but i'm seeing times from 30 sec to 45 sec in my testing. I read it can sometimes be the smtp server but using Gmail was the same. Don't see any issue with servers either (load etc). Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  14. I set it up to Automatically forward the user to the payment gateway. I felt it made the checkout process faster and what most user have come to expect.
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