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  1. Thanks @Brian. Editing clientareadetails.tpl was easy and quick 🙂
  2. Modified clientareadetails.tpl and it seems to be quickest and easy way. (screenshot attached) Still please let me know this
  3. A bit confusing for clients. To make it a more clear, I would like to show a "warning message" on https://example.com/clientarea.php?action=details page. Should I modify clientareadetails.tpl or hook can be used? (using lagom theme) I have the below hook to show message on checkout. <?php if (!defined("WHMCS")) die("This file cannot be accessed directly"); add_hook('ShoppingCartCheckoutOutput', 1, function($vars) { $return = '<div class="alert alert-warning text-center" role="alert"><b>Please Note:</b> </br> 1) <a href="https://myhostingbill.com/clientarea.php?action=details">This is a simple warning </div>'; return $return; }); What should I change ShoppingCartCheckoutOutput to so that it is shown where I want?
  4. Got it under "Your profile" option. One issue I am facing is that: If I change Email from "Account Details", the email get changed with the new one. But when I try to "Reset password" of the new email via "Forgot password" option, there is no email showing on the new email to reset the password. Is this a bug?
  5. <div class="promo-slider " data-promo-slider> seems to be the tag which I should add in clientareahome.tpl Am I correct @Brian ?
  6. Its a paid extension so I am looking if it can be done without purchasing it Any idea how can I start on it? I was not able to find any tag of code which could let me post my code on that banner or which could let me insert anything on that specific position.
  7. Hello, Anyone know how can I show ad banner like in the screenshot? (I am using lagom theme)
  8. Not sure if WHMCS is a "Billing system" or "Bugs System". They never fix existing feature bug and they add new feature adding more new bugs
  9. Hello, Yesterday I encountered the same issue. There is no option at change 'owner' email at client side leaving them with broken email change. The funny part? If client need to 'reset password' of his profile, he cannot because the password reset can only be done from 'owner' email. The Email change feature of WHMCS is broken and also "locked fields" are broken as well
  10. I tried your hook but it simply don't load the page rather than showing message to open a support ticket. Is that how it is working for you?
  11. Hello, I have a website example.com and a WHMCS on examplebilling.net I have used API to sign up from example.com to examplebilling.net Problem: When anyone signup, they don't get logged in into examplebilling.net upon signup (I only want then to signup and login session start but they should be not redirected to examplebilling.net). What I want to get. 1) Signup and Login into examplebilling,net but I don't want user to get redirected to examplebilling.net How can I get it done?
  12. Hello @Brian I need one help. I want to hide the message of hook if user is logged in. Please let me know how can I do it.
  13. Well. I am using WHMCS from 2018 I was not much in customization because I din't knew much on what could be modified and what could not (I was using WHMCS Version: 7.10.2). I also used it "as is" with "six" template until starting 2021(so you know now I never even bothered to customize it). Now as I have to make improvements, and customization so I am learning about it and I really find @Brain!(you) helping others more than WHMCS team itself. I have seen a lot of your posts and I have learned many new things and I really appreciate the way you help everyone for free!(WHMCS team is non-existing on community and only for deleting comments against them or their poor software). WHMCS sucks and their support team too(I reported a bug of dedicated IP more than a year ago and I bet they still haven't fixed it!) Their feature requests suggestion is just for "show". They don't actually implement things with the higher votes. They do what they want and not what customer needs. Ummmm. As of now, I will wait until the bug is fixed in 8.2 because I have seen a lot of bug fixes in WHMCS 8.2 If WHMCS 8.2 doesn't have the fixes I need, I will stay with WHMCS 7.10.2 on which I am much comfortable (I am just testing WHMCS 8.1 before upgrading from 7.10.2 and messing up things.) I would have hired a developer or paid for addon in marketplace but after the price hike, I don't feel like investing in a lot of customization or on addon and wasting money. Thanks again for reply Brain. I was hoping for WHMCS Support team reply on this thread.
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