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  1. nimafire

    prevent register with none English letter

    ive use this in input : onkeypress="return /[a-z]/i.test(event.key)" title="{$LANG.fillinenglish}" but im looking for better way , this will prevent customer from enter none english character in input
  2. nimafire

    prevent register with none English letter

    i mean sign up, not registering domain.
  3. hey how can we prevent customer from registering who register with local language character only allow English character this doesnt work now : pattern="[a-zA-Z ]+" oninvalid="this.setCustomValidity('fill form in english')" oninput="setCustomValidity('')" {if $loggedin} readonly="readonly"{/if} autofocus
  4. nimafire

    FREE ADDON: WHMCS SEO Page Manager

    $25.00 USD One Time < is it free for life ?
  5. nimafire

    How stop ticket spammer !!!!

    these emails are not import by email, ive stop any piping and also remove email account from server, still receive these tickets. these are sent from different ip and domain however ive block entire .ru domain in the past, im think are they bypass captcha or theme code to send these tickets?
  6. nimafire

    How stop ticket spammer !!!!

    ive use FW method for importing email into ticket system. so this is why ive say it might be bypassing captcha and opening ticket is the only way they send these tickets,
  7. nimafire

    How stop ticket spammer !!!!

    no nothing, also no email store in inbox of account seems it opens via system, like bypass capctcha
  8. Hey its near 1 week we have weird ticket that opens 3 times per day i have attach today ticket: ive check mailbox and these arent import by email, no email regard this receive in inbox and spam box we have google captcha, ive also change it to whmc default type and nothing change blocks ender isnt work and nothing block by whmcs i cant find anything about these in whmcs activity log
  9. Hello ive found lots of mailchimp error while turning module log on, however mailchimp module is connected via API to mailchimp account mailchimp module page: Connected to MailChimp Account: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sync Status: All up-to-date To setup automations or start a new campaign when i check Connected List in mailchimp website , i cant find new customers who signup recently in my list,
  10. nimafire

    configgateways - Oops! Something went wrong

    also all these modules are work at this time, users can pay the invoice with selecting them so im afraid that this problem is base on custom modules any idea ?
  11. nimafire

    configgateways - Oops! Something went wrong

    mm how can i disable custom module by ftp or ... to check which module has problem ?
  12. Hey after upgrade to whmcs 7.7.1 we got an error on page: Oops! Something went wrong and we couldn't process your request. Please go back to the previous page and try again. If the problem persists, please contact us. « Back to Homepage For additional assistance, please reference the WHMCS TroubleShooting Guide » WHMCS\Exception\Module\NotImplemented in /home/public_html/clients/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Module/Gateway.php:0 Stack trace: #0 /home/public_html/clients/ADMIN/configgateways.php(0): WHMCS\Module\Gateway->getConfiguration() #1 {main} current php version is 7.0
  13. Hello 2 payment gateways are enable in our system. first one is main gateway and second one is for backup.is it possible (with hook) to disable one of main one in 10PM and enable second one untill 2 AM? (for every day) to force users use second gateway from 10-2 ?
  14. nimafire

    add html into sidebar hook

    ok it works now for home page but not knowledgment page (however you allow this in the code) is it because in other hooks ive use moveToBack ?
  15. nimafire

    add html into sidebar hook

    you mean in version 7 , add hook file into includes/hook folder is the old way ?

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