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  2. Just a question for @Kian I just realized that in WHMCS there's a number of old tables, likely no more used, with prefixes: mod_billingextension* mod_bx* The tables used right now by BX2should have bx_ prefix, and I guess that those mod_billingextension* and mod_bx* tables are no more in use,,, but (better safe than sorry) here I'm to ask: may I delete them?
  3. Over a year since the GST compliance was released for Cm/Bx, yet the affiliate system is still completly inoperable for me. Initially, while it ignored the GST Rules all together, it would at least allow affiliates to request a pay-out.... it just generated invoices (bills) for affiliates instead of an RCTI saying that they would be paid (not factoring in GST either). However, after Kian's first investigation into the matter in July 2020, affiliates can no longer request a payout at all. The system is completly unusable in its current state and I have been pleeding for any sort of support/assistance in resolving this issue for months, yet my messages continue to go unanswered.
  4. I wanted to point out that the hook you make available to cPanel & Plesk login unfortunately does not work on whmcs 8.0.4 with php 7.3 It would be nice to be able to fix it and make it available. Once installed, it does not present any errors but immediately after modifying the template, instead of the button, only a wheel that rotates infinitely
  5. Within in next few hours, I'll release an update that will do the following at 00:00 o'clock: Reset invoice / credit note sequantial numbers Enable the new XML format for italian electronic invoices Remove UK from EU & MOSS The problem is that I still don't get if I should also do the following: Remove UK from VIES Turn off tax exempt for UK companies Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey Anyway I'm pretty sure that I won't do anything here as everyone has an opinion.
  6. Slightly OT: what about a post on "how to remove MOSS support for UK tomorrow night" ? 😉
  7. Thanks, this is very useful, I just updated to v8 and was disappointed to see that the pending orders/tickets had been hidden making it more work for admins! I wondered if there was a way to change it so that it doesn't show the Overdue Invoices just keeps the Pending Orders and Tickets? I did have a go at this but ended up with some whitespace left over.
  8. Restrict the access to support departments based on the products purchased by users. Define rules as follows. $department['1'] = array('45', '46', '10'); $department['2'] = array('85', '86', '10'); // Keep adding rules one per line The key of $department array (the [1] and [2] between square brackets) corresponds to the ID of the support department for which we are creating a rule. The value is an array() of product IDs required for access. In a in nutshell, the above configuration unlocks department #1 to users with product IDs 45, 46 and 10. Department #2 requires 85, 86 and 10. Here are few more things to consider: submitticket.php doesn't show restricted departments Access via direct link submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=2 triggers a redirect to submitticket.php Department dropdown lists only allowed department The same product can be used for multiple rules Pending, Suspended, Terminated, Cancelled and Fraud products are ignored Get the Code »
  9. Client group background colors no longer display on ticket view page. Go figure out why WHMCS decided to remove it from v8. This action hook puts the styling back. Get the Code »
  10. The script has been updated with two new features. First. You can perform Termination or Suspension. Second. The previous version of the hook worked only for products/services using a server module (eg. Plesk, cPanel etc.). Now it works also with "basic" services not assigned to any server module. In other words services with no Create, Suspend, Unuspend and Terminate button. In this case the script updates the status accordigly. I'm also planning to make the hook work with multiple conditions like in the following example: Product ID 10 suspended after 10 minutes Product ID 12, 13 and 14 suspended after 8 hours
  11. @WGS It seems you moved from copying contents to paying money trying to hurt our website with negative SEO. Nicely done 👍 I've got two words for you: Stop wasting money. It doesn't work as I know how to deal with negative SEO Do you want me to post details? 😛
  12. Securing WHMCS We're pleased to announce we're working on releasing our second free module for WHMCS. In case you missed the first, it's named Plesk Checker. It lets you quickly identify problems in the integration between WHMCS and Plesk. This time we want to open source a script we used internally for years to help our customers to fix compromised installations of WHMCS. Here is the dashboard (click to enlarge). Watchdog Features The script performs file system integrity checks to detect: Compromised files that could potentially threaten your core install (eg. malwares, files with injections) Intruders. Unknown files that require your attention as they could be legitimate scripts of backdoors Missing files that could cause unexpected errors Anomalous and suspicious files buried deep within directories You can inspect all findings to take the appropriate actions but the module can also be configured to automatically deal with such files. The module verifies checksums of all .php files and performs checks every X hours. When a compromised file is detected, optionally the module can automatically take any of the following actions. Neutralize file so that it can't be used to harm your system (quarantine) Send notifications to selected administrators Watchdog Settings All settings can be changed from the following simple and intuitive interface. Please keep in mind that the module is not ready for use as we're still working on it. It won't take much time since we're "converting" a stand-alone script to make it work as a WHMCS Addon module. Get Involved! Follow the project on Github to send suggestions and be the first to use it once it will be ready for use! Follow Us on Github Looking for other free scripts? Take a look at our huge collection of Action Hooks and Reports for WHMCS.
  13. As you probably know WHMCS v8 no longer provides statistics on top of the page about pending orders, overdue invoices and tickets awaiting reply. This action hook adds them back to interface as you can see from the following screenshot. This badge is fully responsive and appears if there's at least one pending order, overdue invoice or ticket awaiting reply. If there's nothing to show it disappears. To avoid any possibility of confusion, the hook automatically detects if you're running v8. Get the Code »
  14. You can find all details about action hooks here. Here's a step-by-step guide: Go here and click File > Save page as... Your browser will download a file named ForcePaymentGatewayDependingOnInvoiceBalance.php Use an FTP client to upload this file in includes/hooks directory Edit the file you have just uploaded with a text editor Configure it according to your needs, save, upload and confirm you want to overwrite
  15. I don't know what I'm not doing well because it still takes my paypal commission per transaction I don't know what I didn't do well
  16. which script when I download there are several folders I really don't understand how to proceed can you tell me exactly each step? or what I need to put in the hooks directory
  17. Download the script and upload it to includes/hooks directory.
  18. where and how and in what folder or how to add these codes I put the code in invoicepdf.tpl but there is no change that must be done exactly step by step
  19. The hook assigns clients to groups based on the number of active domains in their accounts (Active, Grace and Redemption). This is particularly useful for Domain Pricing slabs. Let's take this code as example. $groups['1'] = '10'; $groups['2'] = '25'; $groups['3'] = '100'; The key of $groups array (eg. ['1']) represents the ID of the group while the value the number of active domains. According to the above configuration, here is what happens: Customer A has 10 domains. He goes to client group ID 2. Next day domains become 9. The the customer is removed from the group Customer B has 99 domains. He still goes to client group ID 2 but will be moved to 3 in case he manages to reach 100 domains Customer C has 250 domains. Group ID 3 The hook runs with WHMCS daily cron job meaning that customers are moved (or removed) from groups on a daily basis. Optionally, you can use the following feature to add some restrictions: $activeCustomers rules apply only on Active customers (boolean true or false) Get the Code »
  20. The copy/pasted article disappeared. I guess I was right 🤔 I appreciate that the updated version says that... Exactly 👍
  21. In Billing Extension 2.2.133, we renewed the existing plugin that trasmits invoice PDF to a remote FTP server. We extended this concept to emails so that you can achieve the following goals. First. If you company uses a DMS (Document Management System) you can process invoices as PDF files. The module can store them in a logical folder structure so that your DMS can extrat data from file content, name and dirctory. Here is a list of the available auto-tags: {YEAR} Format yyyy (2020, 2021...) {MONTH} Format mm (10, 11...) {DAY} Format gg (09, 10...) {NUMBER} Invoice number (tblinvoices.invoicenum) {ID} Invoice ID (tblinvoices.id) {TYPE} Document type (Proforma, Invoice, CreditNote) {USERID} User ID {COUNTRY} User country ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 (IT, US, DE...) {CURRENCY} User currency (EUR, USD, AUD...) {PAYMENTMETHOD} Payment gateway system name (paypal, stripe...) Let us show you two examples. Using {YEAR}/{MONTH}/{CURRENCY}/{COUNTRY}-{NUMBER}.pdf gives the following path/file structure: 2020/04/USD/US-Invoice 120.pdf 2020/04/USD/US-Invoice 121.pdf 2020/04/EUR/IT-Invoice 122.pdf 2020/04/EUR/FR-Invoice 123.pdf Here's another example with {TYPE}/{PAYMENTMETHOD}/{TYPE}-{ID}.pdf: Proforma/stripe/Proforma-1290.pdf Invoice/stripe/Invoice-1298.pdf CreditNote/paypal/CreditNote-1305.pdf Proforma/banktransfer/Proforma-1354.pdf The same feature is available for email sending. The module can automatically send all PDF files as attachments via email to multiple recipients (eg. you accountant) on a weekly (every monday) or monthly basis (on the first of every month). You can customize the way files are stored in the zip as describved previously by simply using auto-tags. This way you no longer need to use Bath PDF Invoice Export to send invoices to your accountant.
  22. Sure. Here is a SMALL selection of things you copied from our site without even worrying about using the same exact phrases (I highlighted some - scroll down). But that's not about using the same phrases. Try reading our article and your article. Same topic, same concepts, same phrases and expressions even used in the same order. It's obvious the the author the same (me, not you). There are probably millions of articles about SEO on the internet and I can't find two that look so similar. Is it a coincidence? Of course not as you repeated the same dirty copy/paste job for other articles we published. It is so cringe. You're telling people «don't do X, do Y instead» while in your own site you are doing X. This clearly doesn't come from you. Here is the fun part. I noticed you were copying us long time ago. I even saw you doing it in real time from Chatstack and Google Analytics. You spent like 700 hours on our site idling on articles you copied. As if it wasn't enough, I also noticed clicks coming from your site. Why? Because when you were copying contents from our site, you inadvertedly clicked on some links that were included in the article. Next. Few weeks ago the "E" on my keyboard started to not work consistently (I had to press "E" harder). When I noticed that, it was already too late. I updated some articles with more text and there were some missing "E". Guess what? I noticed the same problem on your site in the same paragraphs I had to fix. I respect all my competitors to the point that I have no problem in recommending them to visitors of our site (source). I even have a list of competitors that I'm ready to include in this list as soon as their websites are fully functional (I don't want to link "Coming soon" sites). Same goes for my own customers. I "sold" tens of NicIT and EurID modules by Modulesgarden and some Zomex/WSA plugins. This includes some of your modules. I do not expect anything in return. I just want my customers to "be happy". Frankly I don't know how you can come here to say that you didn't copy anything 😐 Now I understand what brian was saying about you few years ago. Katamaze WGS ATTACK! Thanks! ❤️❤️ ❤️❤️ I noticed now that I wrote "attack" instead of "attract". You're even copying my typos 😂 Katamaze WGS Katamaze WGS Katamaze WGS Katamaze WGS
  23. https://whmcsglobalservices.com/whmcs-amazon-lightsail-module/#lg=1&slide=4 Haha, nice copied from us: https://deploymentcode.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/powerbox_dedic-min.gif
  24. Dear Kian, There is nothing we have copied in here, the titles are same because there is nothing extra we can add in these blogs because WHMCS do not have much to highlight, SEO have basic things and we have to add them all. We have launched Hetzner Module, AWS modules, OVH modules, with same and extra features team Modules Garden have launched, we will not call them as they have copied our modules. The billing extension here we are talking about the default billing module whmcs is using so there is nothing to do with your billing extension. Please share your thoughts. Thanks Team WGS
  25. Starting from version 2.2.132, Billing Extension introduces cash flow statement for WHMCS. You can finally estimate the amount of money going in and out of your business. Cash flow projections cover a 5-year period helping to determine the return needed on investments and savings to meet the goals over a given period of time. Billing Extension is capable of tracking the following operations: Operating activities (FCFO) Beginning year cash Cash recepits from Customers Other sources Cash paid for Inventory purchases General operating and administrative expenses Transaction fees Refunds and payouts Wage expenses Interest VAT Income tax Investing activities (FCFF) Cash recepits from Sale of property and equipment Collection of principal on loans Sale of investment securities Cash paid for Purchase of property and equipment Making loans to other entities Purchase of investment securities Financing activities (FCFE) Cash recepits from Issuance of stock Borrowing Cash paid for Repurchase of stock (buy-back) Repayment of loans Dividends For systems selling in multiple currencies, the module takes into account historical exchange rates. This way every transaction keeps its original value safe from currecy fluctuations. You can manually enter any kind of inflow and outflow of money such as office rental, electrical bill, stationary, accounting expenses, purchase of new computers and selling of old ones etc. For every entry you can make use of the following options: Start date / fiscal year End date (optional) Recurring cycle. It can be one time or every X days, weeks, months or years Depreciation to divide the cost of an equipment by the number of years in the asset's useful lifespan As for the rest, Billing Extension automatically determines and figures out projections on a daily basis with WHMCS daily cron job (there's an option to refresh statistics on demand). Calculations are 100% accurate. Let us give you an example. Domain registration Registration period 2 years Recurring amount 20 euro That's not 10 euro per year but 20 euro right now and nothing next year. Let's see another example: Product/Service Billing cycle Monthly Recurring amount 10 euro Ordered on 1st Dec That's not 10 euro x 12 months but 10 euro for 2020 and 120 euro for 2021 as long as the product is renewed. Below you can find a complete example of the report. If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know.
  26. 2018: WGS exposed for bad coding and (probably*) copy-pasting from stackoverflow. 2020: WGS exposed for copy-pasting blog articles. Normally I stay out of competitor bashing, but I couldn't resist... * I don't remember exactly the expose letters.

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