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  1. +1 for dynamic keys. I'm also surprised why so few seem to use it. Probably because it requires to read the ioncube documentation and there are a few things to keep in mind when using dynamic keys to get started with it.
  2. I am not a lawyer and have no special knowledge in this regard, but I think that every reputable German provider responds to such a page. Stichwort "Providerhaftung".
  3. Funny: $ telnet <Website links removed by Moderator - Leads to Nulled Software> Trying <Website links removed by Moderator - Leads to Nulled Software> Connected to <Website links removed by Moderator - Leads to Nulled Software>. Escape character is '^]'. EHLO 220-<Website links removed by Moderator - Leads to Nulled Software> 25 ESMTP Exim 4.91 #1 Tue, 14 May 2019 23:26:06 +0200 220-We do not authorize the use of this system to transport unsolicited, 220 and/or bulk e-mail. 250-europe.<Website links removed by Moderator - Leads to Nulled Software> I have no doubt that asrhost.com is affiliated with <Website links removed by Moderator - Leads to Nulled Software> I included that also in my report few months ago to WHMCS. I had the same idea when i found this page. I did reported them to cPanel. Nothing happened. It seems contabo provides bulletproof hosting. Contabo has some interesting history (Gigahosting, BGP session with syria), but thats an other topic. Edit: Just saw that the screenshot of WGS already mentions asrhost.com. So yeah, they are definitely the same.
  4. string

    addon module admin area

    I would either create a new file for ajax calls or do a "exit;" after you echo the json output. That should work.
  5. I reported this site already serveral months ago to WHMCS and to the hosting provider (contabo, abuse@contabo.de). This amazes me a little, because Contabo is a German provider who actually has to react to something like that by law. That's not the only side that does that. There seems to be a market for it.
  6. string

    Hook for rel canonical in header

    You can use the ClientAreaHeadOutput hook to add HTML into the header.
  7. Maybe you need to set the session lifetime higher on your server. See this.
  8. string

    [Locked]Unlicensed Installation

    Really? I always feel like nothing happens, except the standard thank you response, so i mostly stopped reporting. I've reported a few times pages hosted at webhosts that definitely would respond to an abuse. The sites were still online when i checked the last time, on the same IP.
  9. string

    500 internal server error

    You seem to miss some files on your server. I suggest to reupload the directory "/vendor". If that does not solve the issue, i would upload one directory after another until the issue is fixed. HostDime could probably help you.
  10. At an other community i found that harzemdesign currently have a promotion: Maybe this is something into which you are interested since you say you want an unique theme. However, i have no experience with them, but they advertise that they made themes for some bigger hosts. With a budget of 500 USD you probably will not find a designer who will create a great unique page for you. Definitely. You should also search in google for the company name where you want to buy to prevent insecure developments or bad customer experience 🤔 Edit: Yeah, my last sentence was an allusion to Brian's link 😀
  11. string

    PHP upgrade

    The PHP version compatibility check could help you.
  12. string

    Bootstrap 4

    It will also be a big deal for module developers. Developers need to ensure compatibility to Bootstrap 3 until WHMCS decides to make Bootstrap 3 templates EOL, which surely will take a long time. I can also imagine that WHMCS will release a Bootstrap 4 template in addition to the Bootstrap 3 admin + client template. If they would just update Six to BS4 it would probably cause too much headache for everone.
  13. Another way: If we assume that WHMCS itself does not use the option "Invoice # Incrementation" 71972 invoices were created between 03.01.2019 and 03.02.2019. Between 03.02.2019 and 03.03.2019 70696 invoices were created. And yes, of course, no life time licenses are included and invoices are not only for the software "WHMCS", but also for the marketplace and addons. Let's say, on average, 70000 invoices are created per month. As far i know, WHMCS does only offer monthly billing. I guess, 90% of these invoices are for WHMCS licenses. This brings me to a similar result as Kian and I think we are close to the real number. I think, in the best case, there are 20k additional (active) lifetime licenses. I would have thought that there are more (licensed) WHMCS installations 😀
  14. Yes, cart.php isn't the best example, i have adjusted the search: https://www.google.com/search?q="powered+by+whmcompletesolution"+inurl%3Acontact.php 40300 branded installations looks realistic. My post is about showing that there are certainly more than 7,000 installations. A Google search with the branding is just the easiest way to do that. Exact numbers can only call WHMCS.
  15. I am pretty sure that more than 7000 websites use WHMCS. A google search for "powered by whmcompletesolutions" brings 355.000 results: https://www.google.com/search?q="powered+by+whmcompletesolution"+inurl%3Acart.php However, that seems to me a bit too much.

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