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  1. GAAAHHH!!!! As of late December, the system is creating proformas (with numbers that match other invoices - creating a whole mess identifying who is paying what), even through Proformas is set to "Off". I just wanted a thing that gave me GST compliance with affiliate programs, and now every month there is another drama with the billing side that previously never had any problems. 😭 How do I make sure that everything "proforma" dies in a fire? I never want a proforma generated for anything under any circumstances. #RealInvoicesForever..
  2. All in all - loving the extra functionality (still to fully migrate the affiliates across to the new platform, but I'll tackle that over the holidays). However, we have come across another bug, which is causing some problems in our reporting and accounting. Since the documentation states that {ID} isn't a compatible with invoices (documentation says that {ID} is "available for proformas only"), and using just "{NUMBER}" caused all sorts of head aches for us, we have started using this invoice number format: {YEAR}-{NUMBER} However, parts of WHMCS still show the invoice as being the ID and ignore the new invoice numbers. If I look at the unpaid invoices page, I see the new invoice number (all good) If I run a client statement report (reports -> more -> client statement), it shows the ID instead of the new invoice number. In our accounting software, which syncs via the "MyWorks QuickBooks Sync Module", the invoices are coming across as the ID. We either need to be able to: a) make sure that everything shows the new invoice number OR b) be able to set {ID} (the WHMCS default) as the invoice numbers again. --- If I am already able to do this (and it's just the documentation that's wrong), please let me know and I'll change the invoice number to {ID} instead. Thanks!
  3. Hmm... I just realised that this no longer works with Affiliate Plus, which is the nifty plugin that allowed me to create nice affiliate URLs on my parent site (instead of directly to WHMCS - more on how I had that configured is detailed in my review here - https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/3617) Unfortunately though, the redirect links don't seem to track with commission manager. Is there a way to setup custom affiliate landing pages/url redirections with Commission Manager? I'd like something that I can setup that will redirect them out of WHMCS and onto the actual 'nice' landing pages on our main website.
  4. SwiftModders WHMCS Admin Theme I checked that page, it doesn't answer my questions. I understand how to setup commissions in Commission Manager (still trying to figure out how to set limits - such as only paying for the first 24 months of a subscription product, but that's a separate issue). While initially I couldn't understand "what happens with the affiliate settings you already configured in WHMCS's default options" (i.e. you go and edit a product and set a commission of X%), the penny dropped with the opening sentence that reads: "Commission Manager doesn't share any bit of information with the standard Affiliates system of WHMCS. There's no connection between them for the simple reason that WHMCS is quite basic hence there wasn't much to integrate. We built a whole new system from scratch to let you manage affiliates. On paper both systems could work separately." Which answers one question, but opens up another as to how I transfer existing affiliates (along with their corresponding affiliate commissions that they're owed, and what products/clients they referred) to this new platform... but from the looks of things, the answer is "do it manually, then deactivate the WHMCS integrated affiliate tools". Not as streamlined as I was hoping for, but manageable none the less. We were modifying an invoice. Each time we hit save, it automatically sent an "Invoice Modified" email to the client (rather than us being able to manually send a single update at the end when we were finished fixing things). This automated message hadn't happened before installing BX. :-/
  5. 7. BM: Reset Invoice Numbers Annually?! Oh my word, is this a thing in places?! Crap, glad I spotted that one and disabled it. 8. BM: Gaaahh.... Why is it now sending notification emails every time we modify an invoice? We're trying to correct things (which requires saving a few times), it floods the clients with notifications. I've checked the 'suppress notifications' option, and can't find anything relating to that. How do I make that horror go away?! If/when I want to notify clients of the change, I will click the button that says to send it to the client. Much sadness, this has brought :'-(
  6. Well, that made a mess... 😂 Righto, so... the Billing Manager's default configuration is 'somewhat at odds' with Australia's requirements. All easy to change setting (once you figure out what has happened), but when I installed the plugin over the weekend (with the plan of configuring it on Monday), I hadn't expected it to unleash havoc on our billing cycle Monday morning. My bad, I guess. So... a couple of suggestions: 1. BM: Have the default setting for invoice numbering set to "continue from where WHMCS was already at", not "reset invoice numbers to 1". 😕 2. BM: Option to convert proforma back into invoice. I really didn't want it to automatically convert that invoice (paid for with credit) back into a proforma... Now I can't figure out how to turn it back into an invoice. I've disabled that in the future, but I can't figure out how to change what it's already done. 3. BM: Suppress notification invoice you still want to generate. I need to generate those $0 invoices, but I don't need them emailed to the client. They just need to exist for our/client reference (and the fact that a whole bunch of $0 invoices were suppressed has me quite annoyed, so an un-suppress-and-generate-the-missed-ones option would be grand, but I understand that probably isn't a practical possibility... such is life). 4. CM: The admin portal sidebar dropdown menu link for 'Commission Manager' (to show the sub options like settings and such) doesn't work. Clicking it just takes me through to the Commission Manager Dashboard - I've had to code inspect the page to find the link to the sub pages. 5. CM: Clarification as to how Commission Manager Commission Rules impact/override/add-to/whatever the per product based Affiliate Commission settings that WHMCS has as default (that I already have configured). I have no idea what commissions are now applying for products that affiliates have already referred, as CM says everything is "No", while WHMCS affiliate commissions still lists the old amount. 6. Please add a BIG ASS WARNING when installing BM/CM that 'this automatically chances a bunch of stuff - quickly go and configure right this section or sadness will engulf your life!" That being said, it looks like you've put an amazing amount of work into this and I'm really looking forward to seeing how it can help our business... I just need to make sure it only fixes the problems I already have and not have it create new ones 😛
  7. haha, yeah.... sorry 'bout that. But on the bright side, we've both learned a lot about GST :-P (hopefully a large chunk of this will apply to India/Canada's GST as well) Let me know when it's live and I'll go buy 'em and start the install/configuration adventure, haha
  8. From my understanding, yes - assuming the seller and the affiliate were both registered for GST, I believe that milestones would be subject to GST. That is, if there was a bonus is $100 for hitting that milestone, the amount payable to the GST-registered affiliate would be $110 Inc. GST ($100 AUD + GST), as its considered payment for a services rendered (which is subject to GST). The important thing to note is that this would be the case even if the products that the affiliate helped sell weren't subject to GST. Example: If an affiliate referred $10000 in sales to an overseas end client (who thus didn't pay GST) and earned a $1000 (No GST) commission, if that won him the 'top 3 in revenue' bonus, that bonus would still be $110 Inc. GST. For reference, while there are GST exemptions to bonuses, I believe that they're limited to things like taxi/ride sharing services... which have their own super-freaking-complicated set of rules that we're not going anywhere near here, haha.
  9. Woohoo!!! <3 My bad, sorry. 47%. Not sure if I just made a typo there or something.. but yeah, ATO says 47%, so 47% it is. Yes... assuming the following: 1. The affiliate that referred the sale was registered for GST and provided an ABN (per your comment) 2. The seller/store owner was registered for GST 3. The product(s) sold that generated the commission incur GST 4. The sale of those products incurred GST (i.e. wasn't sold to a foreign business or to an entity that is exempt from GST) If the affiliate referred two sales that were $5500 Inc. GST each, so total sales referred of $11000 (of which $1000 is GST), then his 10% commission would be: $1100 Inc. GST ($1000 subtotal, $100 GST) If the affiliate referred one sale that was $5500 Inc. GST and one sale that was $5000 (No GST), then his 10% commission would be: $550 Inc. GST + $500 (No GST) = $1050 Inc. GST If the affiliate referred two sales that were $5000 (No GST), so the total sales referred was $10000 (of which $0 was GST), then his 10% commission would be: $1000 (No GST)
  10. Yup! 🤣 The answer is "almost always yes" - https://www.ato.gov.au/Business/GST/When-to-charge-GST-(and-when-not-to)/GST-free-sales/#MainGSTfreeproductsandservices However, this should be the store owners problem to figure out - not yours. :-) In "Edit Product", there is a checkbox for "Apply Tax: Tick this box to charge tax for this product". It's entirely our responsibility as the store owner to know whether or not we should check this box for each product. If the box is checked, the product will have GST Applied, as long as the client (purchaser) is subject to GST. Whether the client is subject to GST is determined by these two things: 1. Is the client in Australia? (WHMCS determines this automatically based on the configured tax rules per the below and via the country setting in their profile) [My GST Tax Rule in WHMCS] [Country option for a client account that is in Australia] 2. Is the client tax-exempt? (determined by this checkbox which can be enabled on a client's account) [Tax Exempt option for a normal business in Australia (this client isn't tax exempt, so they get charged GST] Finally, here is a picture of a baby Koala to make you feel better about Australia:
  11. Not that apply to anything like this. I'm not sure if it's what you mean, but we have things like Stamp Duty (buying land) and Import Duty (importing physical goods from overseas), but they wouldn't apply apply here. If someone is using WHMCS to run their Real-Estate or Import/Export Business, then something has gone very wrong along the way...
  12. HOLY CRAP! I knew we had a lot of entity types in Australia, but I didn't know we had 143 of the dang things! While it'd be kinda cool if I could filter (since it's potentially an upsell opportunity if they're a sole trader, and some are exempt from GST), it's not by any stretch of the imagination an 'important'... If it can do it (and it doesn't take any extra work), great! I'm sure I'll find a use for it... but don't go out of your way for it, haha.
  13. Awesome! That list looks really good. I don't know if all of it is needed specifically, but no harm in having those details there (as it would be useful to refer to them when they want to order a domain or something, since you need the ABN and registered business name to order a .com.au or .net.au domain). Having the dates recorded could be a good way to tell if the information is current as well I'm not aware of any lookup restrictions on the number of queries. Maybe have it lookup the first time when the client file is saved (or on change) with a button to manually refresh everyone? I.e. If someone isn't registered for GST when the record is first saved, but they later register, we need to make sure it can be updated, but I figure it isn't worth spamming their system with a lookup on every client on a daily basis. As for their ASIC number, this is probably either their ACN (Australian Company Number) or the ID number that associates with their ASIC file showing their business name registration. An easy way to check would be to look up our ABN and see if if "ASIC Number" matches anything you can see listed on either of the below: https://abr.business.gov.au/ABN/View?abn=31459636031 https://connectonline.asic.gov.au/RegistrySearch/bySearchId.jsp?searchIdType=BUSN&amp;searchId=160487070
  14. Haha, all's well that ends well! ❤️ Sounds good! I've sent you a message with my GUID. Also, as a bit of a side note, ABN = Australian Business Number, so its referred to as either an 'ABN' or an 'ABN Number' (which is kinda like saying 'ATM Machine', I know), and the term VAT isn't used here. The ABR (Australian Business Register) uses a GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) to allow ABN searches in the ABR Lookup Tool with their API, because we're all SOL remembering all these TLA's... 🤣

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