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  1. Glad to see I'm not the only one who was suprised to get a random invoice from these guys. In my case, it was for $800 USD! #NotImpressed
  2. Hi @Kian, Any update? Really trying to remain civil here, but you're not making it easy 😅 Ithiel
  3. Hi @Kian, Just touching base to check if/when your colleague will be able to look into this issue? We haven't heard back from either you or them in the 6 weeks since this message. Thanks, Ithiel
  4. While I appreciate the effort you've put into the platform, most BX features have been disabled because I specifically didn't want it doing most of what it implemented. It does some useful things, but nothing big enough to warrant the effort of implementing in the past. BX and CM were purchased for stringly one reason only - to help our affiliate program become GST compliant. A bad review, 10 posts, 4 tickets to Katamaze, 1 ticket to WHMCS, several private messages, and a few social media messages over the course of 10 months. Again, while only one feature, it is the only feature I purchased it for. Anything else was unintended (some with positive outcomes, some not). I appreciate the work that was put in to get it this far, but a house without a roof is not a house. For the record, I also offered money to fix the issue ("What do you need to make this a priority for you and to get this fixed?"), but this was also ignored. I was not aware of this until now (it had not been communicated to me previously), but it is appreciated. It is noteworthy that most of the reviews relate to customer service. In my case, so much of the animosity could have been avoided with even the most basic level of communication. Never the less, I will remove my negative reviews once the matter is resolved. Thank you. 🙂 2020 has been a right-royal prick of a year, both personally and professionally, and this matter has been an ongoing thorn in my side that continually adds to my base stress level. I (and my blood pressure) will greatly appreciate having it resolved.
  5. Just wondering, am I one of the 8 negative reviews, the 300 companies using it, or both? 🤯 It's been nearly a year since I purchased BX/CM, and it still doesn't do the thing I bought it for... not that my tickets, PMs, reviews, complaints to WHMCS and stalking you across the forums hasn't *ever so subtly* alerted you to that... Seriously mate... what's it going to take for me to get your attention long enough for you to fix this thing?
  6. @Kian, This is getting crazy. What the hell is going on? A large part of my business is on hold until I can get this mess sorted. What do you need to make this a priority for you and to get this fixed? Ithiel.
  7. We're now approaching a year since I asked @Kian if the functionallity I needed was possible. We're now at six months since the requested functionallity was released. We're still at 0 affiliate commissions being paid out correctly - because it still doesn't actually work >.< Growing my affiliate network is going to be one of the major factors of me surviving this pandemic or not. I can't stress how important it is that I get this working... but no one at Katamaze is responding to my support tickets.
  8. A year on, and we're still no closer to a solution. I think I need to start looking at alternatives for WHMCS.
  9. Four and a half months on.. and I still can't get commission manager to work. Commissions track against their affiliate. The affiliate requests a payout. I approve it in the dashboard and... nothing. I sent a ticket to Katamaze support, they suggested a series of steps I had already tried, and when I said it didn't work, they ignored the ticket until it timed out and closed automatically. Really disapointed that after throwing all of this time, energy and money at trying to find a solution, I'm even further away from a working affiliate system than I was before I started with this addon. Ithiel
  10. Looks like the persistent proforma problem is a bug with "enhanced renewals" - if that is enabled, proformas will be created for renewals, even if proformas are disabled. Disabling it seems to have fixed the problem. FEATURE REQUEST: I'd really like {ID} to be a valid auto-insert tag for invoices. This would allow me to keep with WHMCS's default invoice numbering while using this extension. You currently allow {ID} for proformas, but not for invoices (you allow {NUMBER}, but that doesn't always stay aligned with the ID). I really didn't imagine when we started down this rabbit hole that trying to sort our problem with affiliates would create so many dramas with billing, haha.
  11. Proforma Invoicing: Disabled But it still creates proformas! WHY IS IT SO?!?!!?!? *cries in a proforma-corner*
  12. GAAAHHH!!!! As of late December, the system is creating proformas (with numbers that match other invoices - creating a whole mess identifying who is paying what), even through Proformas is set to "Off". I just wanted a thing that gave me GST compliance with affiliate programs, and now every month there is another drama with the billing side that previously never had any problems. 😭 How do I make sure that everything "proforma" dies in a fire? I never want a proforma generated for anything under any circumstances. #RealInvoicesForever..
  13. All in all - loving the extra functionality (still to fully migrate the affiliates across to the new platform, but I'll tackle that over the holidays). However, we have come across another bug, which is causing some problems in our reporting and accounting. Since the documentation states that {ID} isn't a compatible with invoices (documentation says that {ID} is "available for proformas only"), and using just "{NUMBER}" caused all sorts of head aches for us, we have started using this invoice number format: {YEAR}-{NUMBER} However, parts of WHMCS still show the invoice as being the ID and ignore the new invoice numbers. If I look at the unpaid invoices page, I see the new invoice number (all good) If I run a client statement report (reports -> more -> client statement), it shows the ID instead of the new invoice number. In our accounting software, which syncs via the "MyWorks QuickBooks Sync Module", the invoices are coming across as the ID. We either need to be able to: a) make sure that everything shows the new invoice number OR b) be able to set {ID} (the WHMCS default) as the invoice numbers again. --- If I am already able to do this (and it's just the documentation that's wrong), please let me know and I'll change the invoice number to {ID} instead. Thanks!
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