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  1. yuuup :'-( I finally managed to get a reply back on Jan 20th (below) where he begrudgingly promised to look into it (while also complaining that he was spending too much time supporting other vendors products instead of his own), but then refused to actually reply to the new ticket he instructed me to create. At this point, it seems pretty clear that he is more interested in playing the victim card and posting random community support posts on the WHMCS Forums instead of actually doing the job people paid him for (even when they offer him more money to actually do it). I just want my affiliate program to function correctly. Hell, it functioning at all would be an improvement. Fortunatly, WHMCS Support have said that as long as I keep it classy, I'm welcome to chase him across the forums and hound him to fix the problem as much as I see fit... so I guess that's my life now. 😕
  2. Starting to wonder if this is @Kian's general approach to supporting his (paying) clients too. 😕 Even when he says he will actually look into things, he goes radio silent for a month (or six) - all the while providing indepth support for random WHMCS Community posts instead of looking after the people who buy his products/services.
  3. I'm glad Kian was able to help you. Unfortunatly, it seems he only supports the people who aren't actually his clients. Those of us who spent money on his software are left wondering if he will ever reply to our tickets 😕 It's kind of funny, really... When I've asked him why he doesn't reply to tickets, he often complains that he has no time because he is busy helping people on these forums with general WHMCS issues or helping support other products. I just wish he showed the same enthusiasm for supporting his own clients.
  4. Hi @Kian, The ticket was submitted a little over a week ago, and includes a breakdown of a minimum viable product outcome that would work, which I hope simplifies things enough to allow this to get sorted quickly and easily. In the ticket, I also highlighted a bit of my personal situation and how this issue impacts/relates to it. Your attention to this would be greatly appreciated. Ithiel
  5. As infuriating as it is when I'm on the receiving end of the 'supported ended' stick, I tend to agree. It just isn't practical for a developer to continue long term support for a platform that the platform's developer has EOL'd. Ticket submitted 🙂
  6. Thank you. I will submit a ticket today. As mentioned, it's not just a case of GST compliance - it won't even allow affiliates to click the 'request payout' button. 😐
  7. @Kian - what about a fraud check process for when you buy modules for WHMCS in November 2019, but it still doesn't work by January 2021 - and the developer refuses to reply to any of your tickets, messages or posts?
  8. Awesome! And how do people get the affiliate system they bought from you to work, @Kian? 😐 .... he says to draw attention to the over-one-year he's been waiting for Kian to fix a plugin, but at the same time saving this genuinly helpful script because it will come in handy once his affiliate program actually works.
  9. Over a year since the GST compliance was released for Cm/Bx, yet the affiliate system is still completly inoperable for me. Initially, while it ignored the GST Rules all together, it would at least allow affiliates to request a pay-out.... it just generated invoices (bills) for affiliates instead of an RCTI saying that they would be paid (not factoring in GST either). However, after Kian's first investigation into the matter in July 2020, affiliates can no longer request a payout at all. The system is completly unusable in its current state and I have been pleeding for any sort of support/assistance in resolving this issue for months, yet my messages continue to go unanswered.
  10. On November 21, 2019, @Kian released an update to make Commission Manager compatible with Australia's GST rules. Sadly, it didn't work. Payouts were initially generating invoices as bills (so a $10 commission would make an invoice saying the affiliate received a $10 invoice) and everything that was discussed about GST was completly ignored by the system. After months of back and forth, @Kian finally had a very brief look at it... after which the system became completly inoperable, where users could no longer request pay-outs at all. A giant step backwards. Since then, nothing. Months rolled on, and it's now 2021. @Kian refuses to reply to messages, he refuses to respond to support tickets, and refuses to respond to community posts. This has been lodged with WHMCS Support, his marketplace account flagged for his refusal to support his products, and I've been given tacit approval to stalk him across the forums to kick up a fuss as much as I am able - as long as I keep it "classy". I gave Katamaze/Kian another oppertunity to respond over the holiday period, warning him that I'd kick up more 'public' fuss if he continued to refuse to reply. His silence is my answer. Guess we all know what happens next 🤷
  11. Hi @Kian, In Mid-September, you said that you would ask your colleague to take a look at our issue. We are now three months on from that post (over a year since we purchased the software), but the only responce we've had from anyone at Katamaze was that our ticket was closed. I really can't stress this enough - I need this to work. I have already offered to pay more for the fix if that's what it takes. I need this to work, and I need it urgently. Can you please respond. Regards, Ithiel
  12. Glad to see I'm not the only one who was suprised to get a random invoice from these guys. In my case, it was for $800 USD! #NotImpressed
  13. Hi @Kian, Any update? Really trying to remain civil here, but you're not making it easy 😅 Ithiel
  14. Hi @Kian, Just touching base to check if/when your colleague will be able to look into this issue? We haven't heard back from either you or them in the 6 weeks since this message. Thanks, Ithiel
  15. While I appreciate the effort you've put into the platform, most BX features have been disabled because I specifically didn't want it doing most of what it implemented. It does some useful things, but nothing big enough to warrant the effort of implementing in the past. BX and CM were purchased for stringly one reason only - to help our affiliate program become GST compliant. A bad review, 10 posts, 4 tickets to Katamaze, 1 ticket to WHMCS, several private messages, and a few social media messages over the course of 10 months. Again, while only one feature, it is the only feature I purchased it for. Anything else was unintended (some with positive outcomes, some not). I appreciate the work that was put in to get it this far, but a house without a roof is not a house. For the record, I also offered money to fix the issue ("What do you need to make this a priority for you and to get this fixed?"), but this was also ignored. I was not aware of this until now (it had not been communicated to me previously), but it is appreciated. It is noteworthy that most of the reviews relate to customer service. In my case, so much of the animosity could have been avoided with even the most basic level of communication. Never the less, I will remove my negative reviews once the matter is resolved. Thank you. 🙂 2020 has been a right-royal prick of a year, both personally and professionally, and this matter has been an ongoing thorn in my side that continually adds to my base stress level. I (and my blood pressure) will greatly appreciate having it resolved.
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