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  1. Yes this explains it. have installed it several days ago, , but the table was empty indeed: cron is running as I can see, I ran it now by hand and I have 2 values now in bx_currencies table: I created now a new invoice,and I noticed that the php time was wrong, must be set separatly from server time .... anyway I created a new invoice on the 19th and on viewinvoice,tpl it works. 🙂 For the pdf it works as well with the file inclusion directly in invoicepdf.tpl and not in invoicepdfheader.tpl. Thank you all very much especially @Kian !
  2. Hi Kian, I did all that of course, we also completed "Header and Footer Integration" as we use that. We also tried without header and footer and nothing. Reading thru older posts I understand what you say. Nevertheless there are still some of us that like and use what you do as it is very good. You and the Katamaze products do improve WHMCS in many ways and yes you are doing for many years now. So thank you in any case!
  3. I purchased the module and after some time I got it working ... mostly. It had some errors first but after a lot of trial and error it works ... except the part i needed in the first part. So I need anybody that got BX working and uses snapshots and exchange rates. Basically there are 2 variables that seem not to initialize $bx_currencies and $notes that we would need. This here is the main description: https://katamaze.com/docs/billing-extension/58/whmcs-historical-currency-rate-invoice Any help would be greatly appreciated. Yes I know we could use hooks and program this, but i want to avoid custom code as much as possible. Andrei P.S. We have tried support, we even purchased support with one day guaranteed response, but we have not received any non automatic feedback so far -1 week
  4. I didn't have that information but they were quite slow and unattentive to new customers, but at least its a point to start. We could code everything from scratch, which remains an option for a bit later, but for start seems like a fair deal. I think it would work for at least a year at least. Maybe until tan someone else will do something new. yes optimism dies last ... 😄
  5. Thank you Brian! I had a look and its good as well but I found another one that seems better - in theory so far 🙂
  6. Yes I also think this is very arhaic, thought at the time when the world was much smaller. As we move towards electronic invoices and direct payments this should be reconsidered from the groud up. However to my problem I found a module : Billing Extension . Lets see if they are able to sell that as it looks very good on the description. If i read corectly the docs you can also have multiple currencies on the invoice but its not 100% clear.
  7. regardless of the currency, it means if I understand corectly that whmcs stores the number xx,yy and for the following invoices it just uses that number even if I change the product price. So its disconnected from the product in a way. Could I use the bulk price updater to actualize the prices for all customers? I think I will let it run once every moth for all customers to push the corect amount in USD.
  8. Hi , I have a shop base currency in EUR. A customer puchases someting in USD, conversion rate is applied, invoice is in USD, payment in USD all ok. Customer remains with USD in his/her account. One year later my EUR price is the same, but the conversion rate has changed. I update the conversion rate daily, so all products have current prices in all currencies. What happens when the customer gets invoiced: does he/she get the same amount as last year or does he/she get the current price in USD as per the latest conversion? Thank you! Andrei
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