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  1. I completely understand your points here I'm also very sorry of what you had to go thru as for customers bad behaviour and "weird" requests in addition to WHMCS built-in non sense "features". Knowing that BX is still supported and being so hopefully till the point when we will have a way to jump to Leap or anything else would be a big relief and should be fine for the original poster here @Sophia16 Having a vision of an alternative in future would make the need of open sourcing BX not pressing. If BX support get dropped when there's an existing migration path people can just jump and forget about BX/WHMCS With Billing Extension you have coded an amazing product that fixes WHMCS and make it work smoothly along with "fattura elettronica". On our side we've tried to commit supporting BX even more by subscribing to a 360plan but apparently we picked the wrong time or got late to the party. If there's anything we can do as a community to help making BX survive let us know, I'll happily signup again to a 360 support plan as well. I think BX does great things and cannot be easily replaced. My referring to exporting raw data from WHMCS and then processing/fixing it externally was purely on a long term view and only specifically related to the Italian framework ... with "fattura elettronica" included. That posture would make it so whmcs upgrades will break less things as most of processing and fixing (yeah, even fixing wrong VAT calculations) can be done outside (on italian framework what make sense is the fattura elettronica, every other paper is worthless, so as long as the XML is "fixed" we can ignore what whmcs produces and use it just a payment and product management) OFC I know this is a too optimistic view and also a very complicated road to take, god bless BX 😄 Thank you for your hard work, commitment and especially for the BX module, keep up the good work, I'm sure you have a great amount of good people and happy customers that will follow you
  2. Billing Extension is an amazing addon for WHMCS to make it complaint with fattura elettronica I think there are multiple hosts temporary stuck with WHMCS and willing to jump ship as soon as Leap or something else open source that can be trusted to be supported on long term will be available. @Kian if BX will stop being maintained could it be released as source code so a collective effort of sponsored developers can keep it maintained while Leap is completed? a short term work around alternative while still using WHMCS is exporting on daily basis whmcs data and parse it with "legacy" on premise tools (like teamsystem csv format) and have those tools take care of sending data to SDI
  3. it is a confirmed bug still not fixed in the latest version available. once you will see CORE-13584 mentioned in the changelog it means it has been fixed
  4. actually there's something (WHMCS api bug?) if the ticket submitted has an attachment when doing AddTicketNote the same attachment is also attached as a note (despite not populating that value when doing the local API call)
  5. for now hooked to `TicketOpen` and worked great. updating subject and also adding a note with additional infos from other systems.
  6. Ok, thank you. So I need to intercept, alter and save updated. cannot alter on the fly before saving (and before notifications are sent) Will give it a try, thank you Brian
  7. Hi I'm looking for some ideas to alter ticket subject during submission (want to append custom data to it based on IP that is submitting the ticket, only for a specific department) is there a hook I can use that can "filter" the ticket before submitting it into the DB?
  8. Pulled the trigger and did DELETE tbltickets, tblticketreplies FROM tbltickets RIGHT OUTER JOIN tblticketreplies ON tbltickets.id = tblticketreplies.tid WHERE tbltickets.userid = '0' AND tbltickets.status = 'Closed' and tbltickets.date < DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 6 MONTH) to remove tickets from anonymous users older then 6 months, now just need to wait for the next WHMCS version for the auto pruning of attachments before doing the delete here and we should be fine 🙂
  9. ouch, didn't know that admin replies had userid 0 then this as a select makes more sense then SELECT * FROM tbltickets RIGHT OUTER JOIN tblticketreplies ON tbltickets.id = tblticketreplies.tid WHERE tbltickets.userid = '0' AND tbltickets.status = 'Closed' and tbltickets.date < DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 1 MONTH) change the SELECT * with DELETE tbltickets, tbltitcketreplies and we should be good. how does it looks to you?
  10. hooking at the cronjob make sense, but my main question is running these two queries: DELETE FROM `tblticketreplies` WHERE `userid` = 0 AND `date` < DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 1 MONTH) DELETE FROM `tbltickets` WHERE `userid` = '0' AND `lastreply` < DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 1 MONTH) is safe to run and do not leave things broken behind the only thing left broken behind are the attachments, but those are taken care on 7.8 beta with automatic old attachments pruning another incosistency is removing a ticket before all tickets before their respective ticket replies are deleted, but that's not a big deal, just a metter of delayed days
  11. Hi, do you think having an SQL query to delete old (older then 1 month for example) tickets filled by anonymous users completely removed would be doable without breaking WHMCS? Basically we are talking about sales requests or similar things. It makes sense to retain tickets from account, but the ones from anonymous sources should be deleted in order to have the least possible personal data stored. Is there any example to start from or any already existing module? Thank you
  12. Hi, I'm looking for a hook to open a support ticket under user account in case of invoice overpayment Basically what I would like to do is: hook to addinvoicepayment everytime addinvoicepayment is called check if the invoice paid amount is > of the total amount. if it is: open a ticket to that user Is there some example code I could start with? (how do I check invoices amount and so on within hooks?) Thanks
  13. Well, thanks for the post... is there an SQL that we can run to update all the countries with the correct % instead of having to do them all one by one?
  14. Any news about EU vat addon being updated in order to automatically set all the EU values? or shall we not trust it anymore?
  15. Hi, starting for the 1st of january the whole VAT values must be changed http://www.foreigninvestments.eu/en/fdi/expert-topics/change-in-european-union-vat-rules-per-1-january-2015-for-telecommunications-broadcasting-and-electronic-services Is whmcs eu vat module already up-to-date?
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