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  1. Hi, When changing a ticket status the notification that it's successful pops up over the top right icons on the menu bar blocking them, slowing down navigation inside WHMCS. There is plenty of whitespace below that it could be moved to so that it doesn't block the icons, just moving it down by 25 px or so would fix this problem. Image attached.
  2. Thanks, this is very useful, I just updated to v8 and was disappointed to see that the pending orders/tickets had been hidden making it more work for admins! I wondered if there was a way to change it so that it doesn't show the Overdue Invoices just keeps the Pending Orders and Tickets? I did have a go at this but ended up with some whitespace left over.
  3. Hi, I just auto-updated from 7.5.0 to 7.5.1 and noticed an odd issue. It gave the list of changed files as we've made some small modifications to admin and client area tpl files. After updating I checked the diffs and copied over the old files where it was safe to do so but noticed these had no effect. I thought it might be due to caching somewhere but there was nothing in the templates_c so I couldn't figure it out, all looked correct. It seems however that WHMCS is using a timestamp and possibly the wrong one to see if a file is updated/modified, I have no idea where it cached the old page but once I ran a touch templatename.tpl on the template file to update the timestamp it then displayed correctly instead of showing the default template. This isn't very intuitive and my guess is it's using the access or modify time instead of the change time as shown below as this is what it looks like when I stat the file after the copy: public_html]# stat clients/templates/orderforms/standard_cart/configuredomains.tpl File: ‘clients/templates/orderforms/standard_cart/configuredomains.tpl’ Size: 11778 Blocks: 24 IO Block: 4096 regular file Device: 802h/2050d Inode: 4328724 Links: 1 Access: (0644/-rw-r--r--) Uid: ( 1003/ smain) Gid: ( 1003/ smain) Access: 2018-04-13 13:03:48.285266450 +0100 Modify: 2018-04-12 21:59:22.156422624 +0100 Change: 2018-04-18 11:34:25.828407210 +0100 If it used the Change time instead of Access/Modify then it would realise that this has indeed been updated so it needs to update/recache and use the template file.
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