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  1. I sell the Enterprise + dedicated server + Unlimited license of Tcadmin V1 www.tcadmin.com REQUEST $ 800 The purchase of this license offers those who decide to buy it 2 great advantages. 1) Using it if you are free to install unlimited Tcadmin v1 licenses on any number of remote servers, fully integrated and fully functional with WHMCS (unlimited remotes server, unlimited game server) 2) By purchasing this license you can upgrade to TCAdmin Enterprise License (Unlimited) * version 2 saving $ 1200 of the current enterprise price The license transfer will be managed in a safe way and in a protected environment directly on the TCADMIN site under the control of the staff. If you are interested, please contact me privately.
  2. Ciao Claudio I can help you please PM me
  3. and the answer is yes 🙂 in the custome theme there was an uncorrect app id fixed
  4. I am still trying to understand there is some thing that add in the share butoon llink an APP ID for example this is the link generated by whmcs https://www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gamesclan.net%2Fbilling%2Findex.php%2Fannouncements%2F21%2FCOSA-RENDE-IL-TEAMSPEAK-LA-SCELTA-NUMERO-1-PER-I-PRO-GAMER.html&display=popup&ref=plugin&src=like&kid_directed_site=0&app_id=183455215195472 (and Not work) if you remove the APP ID it work correctly https://www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gamesclan.net%2Fbilling%2Findex.php%2Fannouncements%2F21%2FCOSA-RENDE-IL-TEAMSPEAK-LA-SCELTA-NUMERO-1-PER-I-PRO-GAMER.html&display=popup&ref=plugin&src=like&kid_directed_site=0& so the question is what can ADD this to the whmcs announce share on facebook button ?
  5. yes you right but the question is with relation between the share button of whmcs and an app id of facebook ? Based on what I know there is nothing to set in whmcs so why when I clcik share I get an APP error ?
  6. share ads on facebook suddenly it doesn't work anymore. I don't find any settings to set in whmcs and nothing has been changed from what can depend ? login with facebook works correctly
  7. thans Brian as someone alredy said I will have to offer you a virtual coffy 🙂 No replacing the hook priority not solve the problem, only disabling the module it work again. if you are interested to test all MG extension can be download for a free 7 days testing but need to complete the registration process. Thanks
  8. yes you right "as usual" Discount center" break the hook.
  9. @Brian guru What happen to my whmcs Brian this hook not work too I have copied from here added to includes/hook create the folder assets/img/logo and put a paypal.png refreshed cooky not work I can't belive whmcs 8.1.3 php 7.4 where is the problem ?
  10. yes I know but this will be replaced in the next update. There is anyway to debook the hook and understand why not work ?=
  11. yes Brian I confirm in the right pleace somethings in the code is wrong I have attached the hook removemonth.php
  12. thanks Brian as usual, but not work too. and also are we sure that remove only the 0.00 price ? and not also where the mounthly prices are defined ? <?php # Remove Pricing From Cart BillingCycles Hook # Written by brian! use WHMCS\Config\Setting; function cart_remove_prices_in_billingcycles_hook($vars) { $pricebreak = Setting::getValue('ProductMonthlyPricingBreakdown'); if ($vars['templatefile'] == 'configureproduct') { $pricing = $vars['pricing']; $cyclesarray = array('monthly','quarterly','semiannually','annually','biennially','triennially'); foreach ($cyclesarray as $cycle) { if ($pricing[$cycle]) { $langstring = 'orderpaymentterm'.$cycle; $pricing[$cycle] = Lang::trans($langstring); } } return array("pricing" => $pricing); } } add_hook("ClientAreaPageCart", 1, "cart_remove_prices_in_billingcycles_hook");
  13. this hook not work form me on 8.1.3 @Brian guru where is the problem ?
  14. yes I put the file back, because no change removing completly bootstrap1.min.css https://www.gamesclan.net/billing/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=1
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