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  1. Ciao Claudio I can help you please PM me
  2. and the answer is yes 🙂 in the custome theme there was an uncorrect app id fixed
  3. I am still trying to understand there is some thing that add in the share butoon llink an APP ID for example this is the link generated by whmcs https://www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gamesclan.net%2Fbilling%2Findex.php%2Fannouncements%2F21%2FCOSA-RENDE-IL-TEAMSPEAK-LA-SCELTA-NUMERO-1-PER-I-PRO-GAMER.html&display=popup&ref=plugin&src=like&kid_directed_site=0&app_id=183455215195472 (and Not work) if you remove the APP ID it work correctly https://www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gamesclan.net%2Fbilling%2Findex.php%2Fannouncements%2F21%2FCOSA-RENDE-IL-TEAMSPEAK-LA-SCELTA-NUMERO-1-PER-I-PRO-GAMER.html&display=popup&ref=plugin&src=like&kid_directed_site=0& so the question is what can ADD this to the whmcs announce share on facebook button ?
  4. yes you right but the question is with relation between the share button of whmcs and an app id of facebook ? Based on what I know there is nothing to set in whmcs so why when I clcik share I get an APP error ?
  5. share ads on facebook suddenly it doesn't work anymore. I don't find any settings to set in whmcs and nothing has been changed from what can depend ? login with facebook works correctly
  6. thans Brian as someone alredy said I will have to offer you a virtual coffy 🙂 No replacing the hook priority not solve the problem, only disabling the module it work again. if you are interested to test all MG extension can be download for a free 7 days testing but need to complete the registration process. Thanks
  7. yes you right "as usual" Discount center" break the hook.
  8. @Brian guru What happen to my whmcs Brian this hook not work too I have copied from here added to includes/hook create the folder assets/img/logo and put a paypal.png refreshed cooky not work I can't belive whmcs 8.1.3 php 7.4 where is the problem ?
  9. yes I know but this will be replaced in the next update. There is anyway to debook the hook and understand why not work ?=
  10. yes Brian I confirm in the right pleace somethings in the code is wrong I have attached the hook removemonth.php
  11. thanks Brian as usual, but not work too. and also are we sure that remove only the 0.00 price ? and not also where the mounthly prices are defined ? <?php # Remove Pricing From Cart BillingCycles Hook # Written by brian! use WHMCS\Config\Setting; function cart_remove_prices_in_billingcycles_hook($vars) { $pricebreak = Setting::getValue('ProductMonthlyPricingBreakdown'); if ($vars['templatefile'] == 'configureproduct') { $pricing = $vars['pricing']; $cyclesarray = array('monthly','quarterly','semiannually','annually','biennially','triennially'); foreach ($cyclesarray as $cycle) { if ($pricing[$cycle]) { $langstring = 'orderpaymentterm'.$cycle; $pricing[$cycle] = Lang::trans($langstring); } } return array("pricing" => $pricing); } } add_hook("ClientAreaPageCart", 1, "cart_remove_prices_in_billingcycles_hook");
  12. this hook not work form me on 8.1.3 @Brian guru where is the problem ?
  13. yes I put the file back, because no change removing completly bootstrap1.min.css https://www.gamesclan.net/billing/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=1
  14. thanks Brian I have completly removed bootstrap1.min.css from my custom theme to test but it do not help some problem.
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