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change product billing cycle

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Hello everyone.

how are you? i need some expert help for my whmcs.

basically i have setup a product with billing cycle quarterly with price of 150 euros. the customer used that for almost 2 and half months. now system generate an invoice for 150 euros again for the next 3 months. and now customer rang me and said he would like to go for monthly payment which is 55 a month. problem is invoice is generated and if i cancel the invoice system will not be generating any more invoice for him. 

so what can i do now? i need to remove or cancel that 3 months invoice and generate him a monthly invoice

can someone please help with some idea. i am sure lot of people face this issue before


Thanks very much in advance for reading my post

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On 11/3/2020 at 12:34 PM, brian! said:


even though it's 6-years old, the video in there should walk you through the steps required.

thanks brian for this help. i was thinking to delete the whole invoice... completely remove each data from the system so then i can generate new invoice for the client. but found its not possible with whmcs

thanks again brian

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    • By WevrLabs
      In WHMCS, by default the "Automatic Credit Use" option can only be disabled or enabled system-wide for all clients universally, and cannot be enabled/disabled on a per-client basis. In addition to that, only admins control this option.
      However, in certain scenarios, some clients have more than one active service on their accounts (such as freelancers and agencies who handle billing on their customers' behalf), so they don't want all of the services to renew automatically as a result of "Automatic Credit Use" before first getting payments from their end-customers. On the other hand, some clients may want to have Automatic Credit Use for their renewal invoices by default.
      Allow clients to selectively enable automatic credit use on renewal invoices of specific services
      Auto Credit for WHMCS introduces automatic credit application per service. It gives your clients more control over how their credit balance is used, by enabling specific services renewal invoices to be paid from account credits automatically.
      This is very useful for users of WHMCS who serve resellers and clients that manage hosting services on behalf of their end customers, because the reseller may wish to have only the services that he owns to be automatically renewed from the account credits, while not automatically applying from that credit on the other services until they get paid by their end users first.

      Allow clients to enable automatic credit usage on invoices of specific services only. Notify client when the credit applied to invoice is not enough to pay it. Display auto-credit status in services details page. Admin section to display clients list and the "Separate Invoices" option status for each client. Ability for admin to enable "Separate Invoices" option for new clients by default. Ability for admin to enable "Separate Invoices" option for all clients by one-click. Better track activities, by logging actions to activity log. Translation ready.
      FREE TRIAL Available
      You can fully test and try the addon before purchasing. Visit our store to order the free 3 days trial license.
      Of course, WHMCS "Automatic Credit Use" setting must be disabled for this addon settings to be in effect, otherwise, if it is enabled, then WHMCS will automatically settle any newly generated invoice from credits regardless of the type of this invoice. The first time the addon is activated, it will disable this option automatically. The addon also requires the Separate Invoices option to be enabled for clients in order to work as should. Currently it supports general products only. Domains, Addon Services, and Billable Items are not supported yet. When triggering due invoices generation manually (from client summary page), WHMCS will use credits if available regardless of whether the system's "Automatic Credit Use" setting is disabled or not. In other words the addon has nothing to do with this behavior and it is in fact something built-in and how WHMCS works by default. Requirements
      WHMCS "Separate Invoices" option must be ENABLED for client in order for auto-credit settings to take effect. A section in the addon admin area allows you to handle this setting for clients. WHMCS "Automatic Credit Use" setting must be disabled.
    • By vpshove
      It's almost half year, our customers complain on Paid Invoice getting terminated (Whether it is on time/due/suspended).
      It is not sure what causes it, the customer is increasing leading to increasing complains on service terminated (Which cannot be recovered) although that it has been paid.
      For example of Use Case: For Subscription A, due is on today and knowing termination date is 2 days after. I managed to paid it before termination date. However, the system still terminate my service on specified termination date. End of Use Case  
      Known changes made last year:
      - Installed LiteSpeed Web Server.
      - Upgraded to php73 (from ea-php56 to ea-php73) of Apache + (Cloudlinux Uninstalled)
      - Updated CronJob accordingly for php73
      [Note: I've also removed all custom hooks made to see if it is the causes, it doesn't seems like it]
      [Current version of WHMCS: 8.1.3 (Manual Update)]
      Modules Extension used:
      1. ASPnix License Manager
      2. Braintree Advacne Fraud Helper
      3. Braintree Transaction Lookup
      4. EunaRede Core (GA Ecommerce Tracking)
      Thank you. I try my best to give more details if needed.
    • By Hank Cohen
      Forgive me for a newbie but I have been reading documentation and this community community all day without an answer.
      I want to print the order number as reported in the customer order confirmation email on the customer's invoice and the invoice email.
      Seems a natural enough thing to want but the order_number seems not to exist in the context of invoices.  Why?
      Is this a bug or a feature?
      Hank Cohen
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      1. Resellers Center For WHMCS 3.7.0

      Resellers Center For WHMCS owners may utterly give in to the feeling of excitement as today is the day when this magnificent module has been rolled out with complete WHMCS 8.1 compatibility! We take immense pleasure in revealing that our keen specialists went out of their way and devoted hours on end to provide seamless experience to all the users applying this great reselling solution in their business.

      As time is precious, go ahead and see for yourself how comfortable the management of your resellers can be, break into envisioning new prospects for your company and getting your products flying off the shelf! The red-hot support for WHMCS 8.1 will ensure the safety and stable functioning of your daily operations.

      Enjoy the flawless reselling performance with WHMCS 8.1!

      2. Cloud Billing For WHMCS 1.1.0

      Connect conveniently with your cloud computing services, bill your clients in a fully automated manner, gain effective supervision over your business. All of these unique benefits have been available to manage comfortably your Amazon Web Services solely so far. But now it is time to launch into a new epoch as Cloud Billing For WHMCS opens its gates to warmly welcome Google Cloud services in its empire!

      Do not hesitate and suit yourself to add an extra dimension to your business activities. Jump on the bandwagon and expand your audience to a significantly larger number.

      Enter the realm of Google Cloud services with Cloud Billing For WHMCS v1.1.0!

      Need Custom Software Development For Your Business?
      Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
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      1. Cloud Billing For WHMCS 1.1.0

      Do you remember how much of assistance our flagship product - Cloud Billing For WHMCS - can be to you? We hope you didn't forget that with this invaluable tool you can quickly assign an unlimited number of your Amazon Web Services to a single WHMCS account as well as create pricing groups with multiple pricing margins per each service plus bill your clients in a totally automated way! This can awfully add to your convenience, do you admit?

      That's not the whole story though, since ModulesGarden team, giving the mission to provide clients with the means to flourish priority, comes to you with breasts full of pride and exhilaration to announce that Cloud Billing for WHMCS 1.1.0 is now in operational readiness to assist you expand your undertakings into the area of Google Cloud services too! Gaining an extra set of tools to efficiently bill your customers sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

      Hop on cloud nine with Cloud Billing For WHMCS 1.1.0!

      2. Polish Language Translation For WHMCS 2.0

      Have you ever thought of extending the list of available languages in your WHMCS as the chance to take your business to greater heights? Perhaps our freshly updated Polish Language Translation For WHMCS 2.0 which is now in maximum compatibility with WHMCS 8.1.3 and "Twenty-One" theme will convince you that it is a good move towards success. Over 4500 updated records along with 250 new Polish expressions and the freedom of code modification are here to support the case.

      Should you have any doubts, you need to realize that a new language in your WHMCS settings not only can help you eliminate the linguistic guesswork while administering your WHMCS system , but also tools you up to target new audiences and turns your services more competitive!

      Were that not enough, you can give your visitors freedom to choose the preferred version with a single click at a substantial discount of 20%!

      Polish your WHMCS 8.1 to a high gloss!

      Need Custom Software Development For Your Business?
      Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
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