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Any idea where I can update this font awesome icon?

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Sorry I know this is not WHMCS core related but I thought maybe the main template uses the same js file to run the tables and someone might know the name of this font awesome icon that's missing or how to replace. If I knew what it was I could at least track it down that way. So far I can find where it is called from, what it is, or even how to remove it from showing it.


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Hi @Web Host Pro,


looks like the double arrow for the sorting function  image.png.c32b9ba68f0ca416b2fbe112949bbfc3.png 

you will find it in your *.css file which belongs to your theme.

In my case it is:

.sorting:before {
    content: "\f0dc";
    opacity: 0.2;

The inspector of the Browser should help here to find the right location :


Find needed Help here : http://lmgtfy.com/?s=d&q=How+to+Inspect+Web+Page+Elements


Greetings Christian

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if you were using Six (and I know you're using Clouder), then that icon would be a glyphicon rather than font awesome... looking at the Clouder demo invoices page, they look to be using a FA5 icon...


I would have thought updating to the latest version of Clouder would fix this - otherwise, you'd probably have to grab the style sheets from the demo and update them manually.

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That was it, awesome. It was the two arrows and I just added the new css code from Clouder.

I wish I could just upload the new theme but I have too many custom changes to overwrite everything. I'm working on a system to upload the full theme and just overwrite my changes.

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