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  1. Hi there,

    thanks in advance for your post. Just saw your solution in google icon non compliance post and wonder where your latest version of the code should go to? The latest version doesnt seem to go into the all.min.css file. I did try to use your previous code in the all.min.css within my own template but it doesnt seem to work...

    <-- Button --> 
    .btn-google {
        background-color: #ffffff!important;
        color: #000!important;
        border: 1px solid #ccc!important;
        min-width: 187.55px;
    <-- Googel G -->
    i.fab.fa-google {
        content: url(/img/25px-Google__G__Logo.png);
        margin-bottom: -4px;
        margin-right: -4px;
        width: 28px;
        height: 18px;
  2. It's possible that I let myself be blinded by the same red label but it's still a 3rd party module. but your answer to @WHMCS ChrisD was : And that's the truth. Greetings Christian
  3. Hi @BigGainz, you are definitely using a 3th party software, whmcs does not provide IPTV connectivity by default. It looks like the whmcs module from https://www.whmcssmarters.com/web-tv-for-iptv/#webtv-features. Yous should check your /whmcs/modules/servers and /whmcs/modules/addons Folder by searching like IPTV | TV | WebTV something like that. Or under the product you defined search for the Module under the module settings : --> /admin/configproducts.php This is just an example made in Paint. But it should give you an advice how to find the module which is in charged for this link. And your post from October 2018 also confirms my assumption. Greetings Christian
  4. wp4all

    Ease of use

    Hi @Gavin-Wright, have you set the Domain - option under the Product settings ? If you disable this functions there shouldn't be any Domain selection page in the order process. Greetings Christian
  5. Congrats @Kian @brian! I'm sad and I can understand it hope you'll come back one day. Greetings Christian
  6. wp4all

    Css Help

    Hi Leonuk, it is defined in the global as <header> Tag in all.min.css #order-standard_cart .products .product header { position: relative; padding: 10px 20px; margin: 0 1px; background: #346288; border-radius: 3px 3px 0 0; } You can override it in custom.css by !important Greetings Christian
  7. Hi @Remitur, No one will give you an answer and if, the Community Manager of the Board would delete it immediately. It should and will not be shown here, if and how to decrypt encrypted files. There is actually also no reason to ask for it, otherwise there would not be this post at all or ? Greetings Christian
  8. Hi String, You should read your article carefully, it doesn't say anything. This is only a plan that 3 parties have taken, except the Telemedien law §10 there is not really, a hardly legal handle outside the jurisdiction and exactly this is also at the top of my post. If you want to enforce the exposition of an online content in Germany, this is usually only possible by a court order. We receive almost daily mails from angry and offended people that we should close customers content without valid evidence. Should we comply with any of these requests, we would be sued by the affected customers for loss of service, financial damages and the like. So if you wanna force a Page take down take money in your hand and go to an lawer. Greetings Christian
  9. Good morning, regarding : Unfortunately, Germany is not perfect here, we are well known for our regulations but especially concerning the Internet we are lagging far behind. Without a court order, Contabo will not block any paying customer, everyone could come and say they have stolen my intellectual property block him now! You can try it over the https://www.dmca.com ( Digital Millennium Copyright Act) we did it in the past and it works fine even in Germany. WHMCS used it also in the past. The take-down list can be found here --> https://github.com/github/dmca we use the data for our Blacklist. Greetings Christian
  10. Hi @sitesme, Maybe in the next release who knows . But you can solve it on the same way as described here : Change Google Just use instead of i.fab.fa-google --> i.fab.fa-facebook-f and replace the Google image with that from Facebook. i.fab.fa-google { color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0); } i.fab.fa-google { background: url(../img/25px-Google__G__Logo.png) no-repeat; background-size: 14px 14px; margin-bottom: -3px; margin-right: -3px; margin-left: -20px; } If you have any problems or need help just contact me . Greetings Christian
  11. wp4all

    Nginx friendly urls

    Good morning @dolios, do you have an Screenshot which button you mean ? There are a lot in WHMCS. Greetings Christian
  12. wp4all

    Template = Language

    Yea didn't check the price was just c&p 😉
  13. wp4all

    Nginx friendly urls

    Hi @dolios, nice how to for NGINX rewrites: https://www.codesmite.com/article/clean-url-rewrites-using-nginx Have fun Christian
  14. wp4all

    Custom Page Issue

    Hi @Tom Wilson, try : <?php define("CLIENTAREA",true); //define("FORCESSL",true); // Uncomment to force the page to use https:// require("init.php"); $ca = new WHMCS_ClientArea(); $ca->setPageTitle("Legal"); $ca->addToBreadCrumb('index.php','Home'); $ca->addToBreadCrumb('legal.php','Legal'); $ca->initPage(); //$ca->requireLogin(); // Uncomment this line to require a login to access this page # To assign variables to the template system use the following syntax. # These can then be referenced using {$variablename} in the template. $ca->assign('pagetype', custom); $ca->assign('category', legal); # Check login status if ($ca->isLoggedIn()) { # User is logged in - put any code you like here # Here's an example to get the currently logged in clients first name $result = mysql_query("SELECT firstname FROM tblclients WHERE id=".$ca->getUserID()); $data = mysql_fetch_array($result); $clientname = $data[0]; $ca->assign('clientname', $clientname); } else { # User is not logged in } # Define the template filename to be used without the .tpl extension $ca->setTemplate('legal'); $ca->output(); ?> Greetings Christian
  15. wp4all

    Template = Language

    Hi @BunnyBloYT_Hosting Here is a commercial product that probably helps you : https://www.blog.modulesgarden.com/automatic-currency-language-template-setup-whmcs /** * Configure additional settings: * Firstly assign a WHMCS template to each country used. * Use the below pattern (template name for country code) edit it and/or add new entries below: */ $countryToTemplate = array( 'US' => 'six', 'DE' => 'german_six', 'default' => 'six', // NOTE: You can add more below ); Here is another one: Or you find someone who will code you an Hook that change the template corresponding to the {$language} variable. Greetings Christian

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