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  1. Hi @ all, If got a problem and I'm not able to solve the Problem. In the clientareaproductdetails.tpl you have the cancellation Button to cancel your product . In normal condition it shows "Request Cancellation" but after the cancellation the Button text should change to "Cancellation Requested" Therefore is the {if}{else} function : <div class="col-xs-{if $packagesupgrade}6{else}12{/if}"> <a href="clientarea.php?action=cancel&amp;id={$id}" class="btn btn-block btn-danger {if $pendingcancellation}disabled{/if}"> {if $pendingcancellation}{$LANG.cancellationrequested}{else}{$LANG.clientareacancelrequestbutton}{/if}</a></div> here is the translation : $_LANG['clientareacancelrequestbutton'] = "Request Cancellation"; $_LANG['cancellationrequested'] = "Cancellation Requested"; but no change 🙄. The status is cancellation -> False Anny idea why it is not changing the status ? Greetings Christian
  2. Hi @Web Host Pro, looks like the double arrow for the sorting function : you will find it in your *.css file which belongs to your theme. In my case it is: .sorting:before { content: "\f0dc"; opacity: 0.2; } The inspector of the Browser should help here to find the right location : Find needed Help here : http://lmgtfy.com/?s=d&amp;q=How+to+Inspect+Web+Page+Elements Greetings Christian
  3. wp4all

    Broken link in German Language Support URL

    Hi @cseamiya, which version are you using? Under Version 7.6.1 Template six my view is different : The Template - File you search is in ./whmcs/templates/orderforms/standard_cart (could be different) close to Line 275, you should be able to find the code <div class="col-md-6"> <div class="domain-promo-box"> <div class="clearfix"> <i class="fas fa-globe fa-4x"></i> <h3>{lang key='orderForm.transferToUs'}</h3> <p class="font-bold text-primary">{lang key='orderForm.transferExtend'}*</p> </div> <a href="cart.php?a=add&domain=transfer" class="btn btn-primary"> {lang key='orderForm.transferDomain'} </a> <p class="small">* {lang key='orderForm.extendExclusions'}</p> </div> </div> in the german.php you should search for: $_LANG['orderForm']['extendExclusions'] = "Ein Transfer ist für kürzlich verlängerte oder kürzlich geänderte gTLDs nicht möglich. Wenn Sie unsicher sind, ob Ihre Domain transferiert werden kann, erkundigen Sie sich bitte bei unserem <a href='/submitticket.php'>Support</a>."; Here is the URL --> <a href='/submitticket.php'>Support</a> Greetings Christian
  4. wp4all

    How to set DKIM?

    It work's:
  5. wp4all

    WHMCS with WordPress

    I don't think that's a question of right or wrong. And I tried to explain it doesn't matter because if you upload an backdoor by an addon to WHMCS you will have the same effect . That would be equivalent to don't host more than one customer per server because if the host system got hacked all customers are affected. The only question is where do you want to start and where do you want to stop. I think we could have a basic discussion on this from several sides and will never get a consensus opinion. My next 5ct Christian
  6. wp4all

    WHMCS with WordPress

    oO Hi @Remitur please don't forget to unplug yourself from the bad bad Internet 😂 There is almost never 100% protection and this is not due to Wordpress. Sure it is the most common CMS but to demonize it right away is the wrong way. There are numerous ways to secure a Wordpress instance. Also WHMCS recommends further security precautions and I am sure > 60% have not implemented them. https://docs.whmcs.com/Further_Security_Steps No matter if Wordpress or whmcs it is recommended to keep the number of addons to a minimum. Just my 5 ct. Have a nice Day Christian
  7. wp4all

    How to set DKIM?

    Hi m107, in the screen there is the txt shown ? Here is an screen of one of our entries . So take it and it should work. Greetings Christian
  8. wp4all

    Registrar module for OVH?

    https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/1314 http://bstacknetworks.com/whmcs-ovh-api-manager.php
  9. wp4all

    MarketConnect does not fully automate SpamExperts

    Press the cross on top right
  10. wp4all

    MarketConnect does not fully automate SpamExperts

    😂 I feel with you. I Stopped the market because I got more trouble than benefits from it. Unfortunately I've got still credit there but I will survive it. Greetings Christian
  11. wp4all

    Translation in Hook understanding

    Hi Brian, thank you so much, I understand now better how to handle the Lang::trans. Thanks and best regards Christian
  12. wp4all

    Translation in Hook understanding

    Hi Brian, Ok thanks understand, but how should I translate the .$salutation. It will be only shown in the standard Language as the input was selected there is no translation function for custom fields in the backend. I' m not sure if I understand this in the right sentence greetings Christian
  13. wp4all

    Translation in Hook understanding

    Hi Brian, you are right with the output as variable also with the db query. Just a last Question how would you now translate the .$salutation->value. ? Hook: <?php use WHMCS\User\Alert; use Illuminate\Database\Capsule\Manager as Capsule; if ($_SESSION['uid']) { add_hook('ClientAlert', 1, function($client) { $fullname = $client->fullName; $salutation = Capsule::table('tblcustomfieldsvalues')->where('fieldid','2')->where('relid', $_SESSION['uid'])->first(); $alertstring = "Hallo " .$salutation->value."</b> ".$fullname."</b>, " .Lang::trans(infobox); return new Alert($alertstring); }); } It looks now : also the HTML is not working usually in the first row should be 2 x <br> 🙄 Greetings Christian
  14. Hi @ all, I would add 2 things in a Hook but I guess it is wrong due to a lack of understanding. <?php use WHMCS\User\Alert; add_hook('ClientAlert', 1, function($client) { $salutation = $client->custom_fields.1; $firstName = $client->firstName; $lastName = $client->lastName; return new Alert( "Hallo {$salutation} <b>{$firstName} {$lastName}</b><br> Here I would add text as $LANG but the clasic {$lang.infotext} is not working ", 'info' ); }); I have an custom_field.1 which includes the salutation Mr/Mrs but it will not displayed in the hook firstName & lastName works fine. The next Problem I do not know exactly how to add $_LANG['infotext'] = "Here my text"; as a {$lang.infotext} in to a hook. Greetings Christian
  15. Hi , this hook is checking about the template file but how would it bee if it is an new *.php site. For example .. /whmcs/mynewsite.php ? Thanks and best regards Christian

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