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  1. wp4all

    WHMCSServices Team Communication Issue

    Hi raiyen I'm tired as hell got an open issue since : Standard phrase : So still open but it is important that they have released today another 3 new modules: So I deactivated the module and payed an freelancer creating a module under my control. Lesson learned better to have an direct partner to communicate. Greetings Christian
  2. I was already disassembled like a pig, but this discussion is getting better. Moment popcorn is over !!
  3. really ? Which children do you really think we are ? Why to hell should I open an ticket if an Software Provider inform me listen if you use an addon of *Insert any random and unknown developers listed on Marketplace* please be informed that we recognized there is an potential hack. With reference to the Guideline and maybe also some tips ? I know in some countries, customer service is a mystery but I would wish that a Company which sells a software which I entrust my customer data, reputation and money ( and here we have the responsibility) have 5 min time to write a statement. We would point out again following information : - bäääm.... - bäääm..... - bäääm...... - over & out I would say wow thanks to get in mind that some of this addons on this Marketplace are developed by others an be carefully and use it on you own risk. But deleting Posts (or locked for the public) giving silence and than just write a standard phrase we are not in charge of any addons on the Marketplace is everything else but certainly no service on the customer. And @Kian I'm not the only one with this opinion truly not, if I would count all the pots that could be found by an simple *enter your favorite Search engine* search about the hack, you would possibly change your opinion as well (maybe who knows) Just say listening to the Frog 😉 My last 2ct to this post. a proverb from germany says : in some hops and malt is lost. cheers Christian
  4. Rarely never read such a contradiction. This is a community for the WHMCS community WGS offers 3th party modules for just this software. What could be closer to the customer than bringing the information here? Nothing was presented which WGS had already reproduced in their Blog or was already readable in the net. In generally I hate censorship and accept it only when it makes sense. In this post the Links where deleted and on the Post before it was made inaccessible to the public what a a contradiction. Just to think about it, the information was still listed here in the community especially before WGS had informed its own customers. Alone that already says how important the community is here and it is also used. @bear in other community Post it was possible to delete just the link and not the whole Post ? http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1731675 But you can see it has nothing changed, whether it's cpanel, WGS or WHMCS itself. cover of silence WHMCS has a damn duty to inform its customers about possible damage. I Agree totally that no one can desire that WHMCS has to proof every single Theme, Module or Addon but you have the duty to inform your customers about possible damages even more if you know about them. It can not be to sit down and say hey it's not WHMCS I do not care. Then WHMCS should not even appear to have something to do with it, if they wants to distance oneself in hindsight. Call it collection of unaudited addons suitable for whmcs 😉 and remove your Brand . For this entry I am ready to receive my first warning. P.S. I like the Frog - Story think about it. Sorry I'm not the native english speaker so sorry for my grammar and expression. Greetings from Germany Christian
  5. There was already a post on the Hacked day and it was closed totally instead removing the Link. I was wondering that this post was just modified and not closed . There are still a lot of listed domains using WGS addons, I am not sure if it is not clear that anyone can board their site. Just my 5ct
  6. wp4all

    Marketplace translation

    Hi Tengri, could you post your $Lang_ string ? $_LANG['store']['upsell']['years'] and $_LANG['store']['upsell']['yearly'] Greetings Christian
  7. wp4all

    Marketplace translation

    Hi Tengri, try this open upsell.tpl. go to Line 11 and start replacing with this : <h3> {$promotion->getHeadline()} {if $promotion->getLearnMoreRoute()} <small><a href="{if $promotion->getLearnMoreRoute()|strstr:'sitelock'}sitelock.php{else}{routePath($promotion->getLearnMoreRoute())}{/if}">{lang key="learnmore"}...</a></small> {/if} </h3> Don't forget to create the Lang string in /whmcs/lang/overrides/your_language.php if not already there : $_LANG['learnmore'] = "Mehr erfahren ..."; This is usually what Brian tried to describe. It works for me fine : Greetings Christian
  8. wp4all

    Marketplace translation

    Not only the documentation also the myth that it is now possible to translate easily the shop I'm already sick of so many rolling eyes 🤢
  9. Thanks Brian! sometimes to easy oO Greetings Christian
  10. Hi , I have a Link in the header.tpl : {if $loggedin} <button type="button" class="line-default" data-dismiss="modal">{$LANG.secure_pin}</button> {/if} which I would have shown only under the Main-Template but not in the Orderform. Is there any possibility to hide the Link under the order process ? Thanks and best regards Christian
  11. wp4all

    configuredomains.tpl need coding help

    Hi Brian, thanks for your answer. No is not going about the Language I just would like to change the style. But the part with resources/domains/dist.additionalfields.php could help maybe. He disappeared after packing the money. His last answer to my escalation was 4 months ago. The last update status is now 1/2 years old. The system shown the pictures is still on 7.4 Thanks and best regards Christian
  12. Hi @ all, got some problems with modifying the configuredomains.tpl This is what I have at the moment : This is what I would like to have : That's the part that drives me to despair : {foreach key=domainfieldname item=domainfield from=$domain.fields} <div class="form-group"> <label class="{$responsio.classes.col}-3 {$responsio.classes.label} control-label">{$domainfieldname}</label> <div class="{$responsio.classes.col}-8"> {if $domainfield.type == "tickbox"}<div class="checkbox {$responsio.classes.checkbox}">{$domainfield}</div>{else}{$domainfield|replace:"type=\"text\"":"type=\"text\" class=\"form-control `$responsio.classes.input`\""|replace:"type=\"password\"":"type=\"password\" class=\"form-control `$responsio.classes.input`\""|replace:"<select":"<select class=\"form-control `$responsio.classes.input`\""|replace:"<textarea":"<textarea class=\"form-control `$responsio.classes.input`\""|replace:"style=\"width:90%;\"":""}{/if} </div> </div>{/foreach} Maybe someone has an idea how I could solve it . Thanks and best regards Christian
  13. wp4all

    Marketplace translation

    Hi Brian, got it. Strange. Thank you Christian
  14. wp4all

    Translate MarketConnect blurb?

    Hi tkalfaoglu, I guess you will drive better with this post: Greetings Christian

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