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  1. This is only partially correct, the user will be deleted only when the customer owner will be removed. But if there is a request to delete just the user information without the customer owner, the only way is through the database. As I said, why do you always have to use a hook or API for the simplest logical operations ? As administrator / owner I should be able to create, change and remove users/ accounts at any time. A orderly user management is needed here, everything else is nonsense.
  2. Slowly it seems to me as if only zombies work here without a brain. 💀 If you want to sell your software only in the US where no one cares about privacy anyway then do it and I'm out. We have very strict and restrictive rules here in the EU area. If you need some tutoring please do so: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Data_Protection_Regulation If a customer demands that I delete all his data, I have to do it. If he can log in again after a year for whatever reason, as if nothing ever happened, I can hang myself from the next tree. The quality and consideration of the customers here is getting worse and worse. This is not a charity here but we are still paying customers and I can damn well ask to get attention. More and more often reseller products are implemented here than regular customer requests for system changes and functions. Only when the outcry of several customers becomes too loud changes are made with minimal effort. All too often customers will leave themselves to deal with hooks and coding to get functions that worked before working again after a main release. In the future it would make sense to announce elementary changes to system functions, then the community can announce early that there could be problems in some scenarios. There are areas that are very sensitive in some countries and there is no room for maneuver. - Privacy - Data security - Finance and tax law I already see a preferred solution by whmcs: Then simply anonymize the user with a dummy entry: It is the year 2021 the database points to 5000 dummy entries 🤮
  3. Hi @aivcastaneda, you will find your answer in the 2nd answer from Brian in this post : it belongs to the SSL page but it is the same way to translate the Sitelock Page. Greetings Christian
  4. Hi aonap, I find the site much too slow, as a customer I would have left it already. I would optimize the code a little bit, shrink images, merge JS and make it smaller. CDN can be afforded by everyone today if it is not the Cloudflare free package. There are some tools that show you the way, which doesn't mean that everything you get suggested makes sense. https://www.aonap.com/ https://id.aonap.com/ Greetings Chris
  5. Hi ZoXx, unfortunately it is not just a language file, there is a lot of inline coding to be done. But in this post you should find everything you need to translate. Greetings Christian
  6. Use the Plugin, configure and go . https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/wp-live-chat-software-for-wordpress/ Greetings Christian
  7. Hi Brian, Yes, I'm sure you're right, it was just the fastest way to post that, honestly had no time to look in the whmcs Market. What do you mean with --> Greetings Christian
  8. No is not ours but we use it in our Dashboard. You can contact the guys they are very flexible to add some features. Greetings Christian
  9. Hi @donostiarra, there is an addon available --> https://whmcs.deploymentcode.com/order.php?id=44 maybe this works for you. Greetings Christian
  10. Hi EricP, I would never answer that like that. 😉 First of all welcome here in the public community of WHMCS. Where is the correlation between grasshopper which is a SMS Gateway provider to WHMCS ? You got the right impression. 👍 In my short web search I did not find an addon provider for Grasshopper, but since it offers an API it should be possible to develop something for it. It is recommended to make a request in the Developer Corner. Greetings Christian
  11. Hi there,

    thanks in advance for your post. Just saw your solution in google icon non compliance post and wonder where your latest version of the code should go to? The latest version doesnt seem to go into the all.min.css file. I did try to use your previous code in the all.min.css within my own template but it doesnt seem to work...

    <-- Button --> 
    .btn-google {
        background-color: #ffffff!important;
        color: #000!important;
        border: 1px solid #ccc!important;
        min-width: 187.55px;
    <-- Googel G -->
    i.fab.fa-google {
        content: url(/img/25px-Google__G__Logo.png);
        margin-bottom: -4px;
        margin-right: -4px;
        width: 28px;
        height: 18px;
  12. It's possible that I let myself be blinded by the same red label but it's still a 3rd party module. but your answer to @WHMCS ChrisD was : And that's the truth. Greetings Christian
  13. Hi @BigGainz, you are definitely using a 3th party software, whmcs does not provide IPTV connectivity by default. It looks like the whmcs module from https://www.whmcssmarters.com/web-tv-for-iptv/#webtv-features. Yous should check your /whmcs/modules/servers and /whmcs/modules/addons Folder by searching like IPTV | TV | WebTV something like that. Or under the product you defined search for the Module under the module settings : --> /admin/configproducts.php This is just an example made in Paint. But it should give you an advice how to find the module which is in charged for this link. And your post from October 2018 also confirms my assumption. Greetings Christian
  14. Hi @Gavin-Wright, have you set the Domain - option under the Product settings ? If you disable this functions there shouldn't be any Domain selection page in the order process. Greetings Christian
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