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To Do List on dashboard, need a link to the service

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I am sure I have suggested this a few times but after every update...nothing.  My real frustration is that when WHMCS creates a task for you on the Dashboard but no link to any service, no name, just a service ID but when I search for the ID number I get multiple results and my guess is, that it's just picking up other numbers, not necessarily the actual service.

I really want to see a description of the service in the task and a link to the service so we can go straight to it, can it really be that hard?


WHMCS Service ID.png

WHMCS To Do List.png

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This is So needed! Can't wait for it to finally be usefull rather then being extra work

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Hi Sean,

On 3/3/2018 at 20:41, seandnz said:

I am sure I have suggested this a few times but after every update...nothing. 

welcome to using WHMCS. :P

I assume this is your request with 2 votes...

WHMCS John 2 months ago

With just 2 votes in a year this is not currently on our radar for implementation. However should this change and this idea gain popularity we are keeping that possibility open for the future.

if the database table had two additional columns (userid and serviceid/domainid), it would make life easier with the widget to do what you want... with some effort, you might be able to extract the info from the description field...

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      I am looking for a way to change how WHMCS handles tasks in project management. i know this addon is hard-coded but perhaps this could be changed with CSS or hook.
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      the idea for this widget was started in the feedback thread below, but rather than hijack that thread with this project, it was easier to start a new thread in Third Party Addons.
      this "Enhanced ToDo List" admin widget, expands on the default widget by showing client names (or Company Name), service details (name/domain) and domain names as mouseover tooltips (I could put them in the body, but then space might become an issue)...

      for those that want to use this widget, i've attached it to this post - simply upload to /modules/widgets and the next time you go to the admin homepage, it should be there (assuming your admin role allows viewing of the ToDo List).
      i've called the file "EnhancedToDo.php", so you'll end up with two ToDo widgets on your homepage, just disable the default one using the Show/Hide widgets option top right... I could have called it ToDo.php, but then the WHMCS auto-updater would have overwritten it during the next update - so it's easier to keep it separate until WHMCS improve how they handle ToDo's.

      it's written for WHMCS v7.6, but will work on v7.5.x too... it might work on earlier v7 versions, but I haven't tested it on them - there is a WHMCS version check inside the widget that chooses FontAwesome 5 icons if using v7.6 or later, or FA4 if using an earlier WHMCS version.
      if you spot any ToDo's that don't behave correctly (e.g a third-party addon might add a ToDo that doesn't follow the WHMCS convention), then feel free to reply about it (or PM me) - it shouldn't break the output, it will likely just not show the icon(s) for that ToDo.
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