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Found 13 results

  1. Is there a way I can put this link: href="../dologin.php?username={$clientsdetails.email|urlencode}&language=&?action=productdetails&id={$serviceid}" Inside the Product/Services tab (/admin/clientsservices.php) so that I can directly login to the product in the clientarea that I'm looking at in the admin area? I'm not sure the above syntax is correct either.
  2. I've created a provisioning module for v7.3.0 and I'm using the following to remove the Change Password button from the Module Command area in admin but it isn't working: add_hook('ClientAreaPrimarySidebar', 1, function(MenuItem $primarySidebar) { if(null !== $primarySidebar->getChild('Service Details Actions')) { $primarySidebar->getChild('Service Details Actions') ->removeChild('Change Password'); } }); Why isn't this working? It looks right to me.
  3. Please always refer to the official page (english - italian) since I can't update this message as time passes. You can always find updated informations there. Complete translation of the back-end of WHMCS in Italian. In addittion to this the module includes also transations for Project Management, eNom TLDs Addon and EU VAT Addon. The translation has been made following guidelines of MozillaItalia.org scrupulously by people using WHMCS daily since 2007. The result is a balanced translation between literary and non-literaly without changing the meaning of words. Features: Complete translation of WHMCS Admin Area Compatible with all versions of WHMCS Translation always kept up to date with the latest release of WHMCS Translations available also for Project Management, eNom TLD and EU VAT addons
  4. Hello please help me to resolve this issue: http://prntscr.com/fazx5b i cant see the dashboard of the admin area Version of my whmcs: 7.1.0 Thank u
  5. cannot login on whmcs admin panel.

    hello, i've been trying to login on my whmcs admin panel, I contacted my host and they said the problem is not on their side, i even tried to clean cache and re install WHMCS. but nothing worked. when i enter my login details i simply get back to login area again, like a page refresh. and i'm sure my login details are correct since i tried with other password and gave an error. but doesn't show any error when i enter my login details correctly, just a simple refresh happens. How could i fix this problem please?
  6. hello, i've been trying to login on my whmcs admin panel for a few hours, i even tried to clean cache and re install WHMCS. but nothing worked. when i enter my login details i simply get back to login area again, like a page refresh. and i'm sure my login details are correct since i tried with other password and gave an error. but doesn't show any error when i enter my login details correctly, just a simple refresh happens. How could i fix this problem please?
  7. We recently updated WHMCS to 6.2.2 from 6.0.4. On 6.0.4, when we accepted an order and a welcome letter was generated, the welcome letter would go to the client and we would also get a copy of the welcome letter. This no longer seems to be the case in WHMCS 6.2.2. Are we overlooking something?
  8. I had a ticket without about 20 messages in it. I realized that about 60% of those messages were another topic, so I selected them and split them into a new ticket. All went well, except for one thing: The oldest message that moved over to the new ticket (client-message, not admin. Not sure if this is relevant) took on today's date and was moved to the very top of the ticket as if it were the latest reply. I would imagine that it should have maintained its original date and been the last message in the list (since they're sorted newest first). WHMCS Version: 6.3.1
  9. A free integration with Whmcs to chat for free with your customers. Open source - Live Support chat for your website. Web and desktop clients. Co-Browsing, XMPP notifications, GTalk, Jabber, Openfire, Skype, Chrome extension, Node.js support, MySQL, PostgreSQL Features for developers who will make integrations MVC structure Free - Open Source Clean code Full XMPP support (ejabberd) not only XMPP notifications Two sync methods, long polling or standard. Node.js as transport layer MySQL and PostgreSQL support No php session if not required Archive module Fully supported multiple domains including http, https and subdomains Plugins supported Easy upgradable Bootstrap 3 CSS framework Customizable without changing kernel Bugs fixed in days not in weeks or months Can be customized to meet any business Download Free Integration Module Here
  10. For one time services which are piling up, and clogging the clients services list, here is a module which will help you view and delete them in bulk. Features Include: Filter them by Status, Billing Cycle, From and to Date. Select multiple services you want cleared, or only for certain clients. Sort the columns by ID, Service ID, Product/Service Name, Client Name, Billing Cycle, Last Invoice No, Payment Status, Date Created, and service Status. Quick maintenance to upkeep your WHMCS. First 100 clients gets the module free. Signup here: http://my.cloudastrix.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=62 with promotion code: CloudAstrix_BulkService102 Additional Information: This module works in Admin Area only Supports WHMCS V5.0 or later Contact us now for more information: [email protected] CloudAstrix website: http://www.cloudastrix.com Other CloudAstrix products: CloudAstrix SPE VoIP Softswitch - This advanced Freeswitch based VoIP Wholesale Softswitch has been designed for ISPs to provide VoIP Services. The automatic functions integrated within WHMCS means you do not need advanced VoIP Technical knowledge to sell and provision VoIP services. CloudAstrix CloudRadius- CloudRadius is an advanced RADIUS web management application aimed at managing hotspots and general-purpose ISP deployments. It features user management, graphical reporting, accounting. CloudAstrix CloudAccounting- CloudAccounting is a fully functional accounting package fully integrated with all functions of WHMCS Billing. From Bank reconciliation to Financial Statements and Inventory input, control and sales, CloudAccounting completes your WHMCS for your business.
  11. After log-in, index.php loads blank page

    I upgraded my WHMCS to the latest version last week, and just today and yesterday, after I pass the login page for the admin section of WHMCS, it loads index.php but shows only a blank page. This happened on the two times a new customer signed up, but I think it's due to inproper SSL settings, I tried changing the URLS inside the admin panel to SSL's https and it's loading that by default now but showing just a blank page. The guys at tech support recommended I copy new files into the directory to "restart" WHMCS, but I don't want to lose all my settings. Also, I now get a PHP error:
  12. Hi This is our first update for this year 2015 and we had to give it to the admin tweets module because the module stop working and it don’t send tweets or display tweets in admin area widget but with the update v1.1.0 we have fixed all this bugs and now the module is working without any issues you can view the module page for the link below http://www.hardsoftcode.com/product/14/admin-tweets
  13. This WHMCS Addon module can hide your logged in status from your staff members. This can be very useful when you want to quietly login without other staff members to notice. Once logged in, you will be automatically hidden from other members for 5 minutes (adjustable), and you will be asked for the desired status: Stay hidden, or cancel it. Product's page: http://www.jetserver.net/whmcs-hide-admin-status Enjoy ! Eli.

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