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Found 30 results

  1. I use the quick bar a lot and it unfortunately disappears when I'm on the support ticket page or account activation page. SO I have to click my home page logo to get back to it. Is it possible to have that available on all pages? Or maybe I'm missing something in the navigating when viewing a ticket to get back to: tickets waiting I have version 8.1.1 Also a little thing with the WHMCS admin on my IPhone S. It squishes the form content and spreads out the username in the ticket list. It's the third attached image. 8.1.1 is working really great! Thanks!
  2. Hi, Im sure there is documentation of this somewhere but alas after all the google searching I could not find it. I know of multiple different sites that use WHMCS as their billing panel and offer an Affiliate program, their links are somewhere along the lines of "https://example.com/%username%" instead of "https://example.com/*?aff=*ID*". I would like to do this for my affiliate system, but I'm not sure how I could do it. Any chance somebody could help me out?
  3. Hi everyone! Since I spend most of my time during the day on the WHMCS admin dashboard, answering tickets, activating services, following up with stuff, etc. I wanted to keep eye strain to a minimum, so I recently created this CSS file to turn our admin area into a dark look and feel. ------- Today, I'd like to share with you steps to achieve that. The file is compatible with Blend theme of v7.9.2 of WHMCS, I haven't tested it on the other versions yet. The process is pretty simple and straightforward IF YOU HAVEN'T MADE ANY CUSTOMIZATIONS to your Blend theme already. So just download the attached file (blend-dark.zip) and extract it anywhere in your computer. Next, open the folder and then the "images" folder to locate the (logo-dark.psd) file to edit it by placing your own logo there. Then save it as "logo-dark.gif" replacing the already existing file. Now you should end up with a file tree like this ... blend |__ css | |__ admin-dark.css | | |__ images | |__ logo-dark.gif | |__ logo-dark.psd | |__ header.tpl Now back top and compress your "blend" folder ... Name it something memorable, like "blend-2222.zip" in this example. Next navigate to the "admin" folder inside your WHMCS installation, and open the "templates" folder (based on your customizations, the "admin" folder name may differ, so this here presumes the default setting). /path/to/whmcs/admin/templates/ Next make sure to ZIP and backup your current Blend theme folder (name it something like "blend-original.zip). Next, upload the "blend-2222.zip" you compressed earlier to the "templates" folder and unzip it, and you should be all set and ready! If you have any notes or additions, please feel free to add! Also, any mistakes or errors are unintentional, please feel free to share and highlight them. Wishing everyone a good day! - Mohamed
  4. Hello there If we goo to to reports menu and trying to (simulate printing reports)... Reports»annual income report»on tools bellow help link we can view Printable version, so if we click on that it will open a version to click but... at the end of page will be there an option to Close Windows, and that close windows never works. Some one can try and confirm that problem is not in my side, but on WHMCS code. In all reports that button do not work!
  5. Hello there I have saw out there that is possible to add Favicon on client area and also there is whmcs doc for that but admin Favicon there is no documentation, also there is no thread on this community explain how to do that. I have search on google and find on Brazilian website this hook, I did not give it a try yet. So I can assume a hook could be used to add favicon on WHMCS admin. // Favicon in admin panel add_hook('AdminAreaHeadOutput', 1, function($vars) { $gofas_admin_favicon = array(); $gofas_admin_favicon['gofas_admin_favicon'] = '<link rel="icon" href="https://www.example.com/favicon-mini-32x32.png" sizes="32x32" /> <link rel="icon" href="https://www.example.com/favicon-medium-192x192.png" sizes="192x192" /> <link rel="apple-touch-icon-precomposed" href="https://www.example.com/favicon-large-300x300.png" /> <meta name="msapplication-TileImage" content="https://www.example.com/favicon-large-300x300.png" />'; return $gofas_admin_favicon['gofas_admin_favicon']; }); There is any improved way to add favicon now a days? Sometimes I have a lot of pages opened, so favicon really helps identifying my own website easily and also having favicon makes websites more friendly 😉
  6. Some hosting accounts disappeared after using the server "sync" feature. Error message: "Service ID Not Found". Can someone explain why? What is the logic behind the server sync? Thanks. PS: Everything was working fine before the upgrade to 7.8.x
  7. WHMCS, we're also having problems with the Sync Tool showing some accounts as missing on the server, even though they exist. We can log in to the cPanel account directly from WHMCS. I think there's a few issues with the tool.
  8. Upgrade version to 7.8, the End User License Agreement is displayed after logging in to the background. Interface, click Accept and then jump back to the page. The routing mode has been adjusted to basic. Is there any solution?
  9. Hi. I have detected (although I believe that in the previous version it was already happening), that when using a custom proforma number in WHMCS, when viewing the proforma invoice by the customer, the custom proforma number appears correctly, but when choosing the transfer payment bank, it is indicated that when making the payment you must indicate the proforma number, but here the personalized one does not appear, but the original one. I think I remember that in previous versions the custom proforma number also appeared here. Somebody could help me? Thank you.
  10. We cannot upgrade at present due to a "missing module" bug we have in 7.8.2 (testing in staging environment). So going to have to wait and see what happens on Saturday nights billing run ! We have Paypal and Worldpay as fallback if needed but 50% of our clients are on Stripe now.
  11. Hi all, I noticed since the updates i no longer get anything in the Activity log (from the dashboard) saying anything less than an hour. I do have some CRON jobs which run every minute no problem and it used to say 23 seconds ago, 1 minute, 2 minute ect... Is there a way to fix this as the only way to fix this issue it changing the timezone although this is not the best way to cure this. I have also checked to make sure the server (WHM/cPanel) time matches WHMCS and this is correct. Thanks
  12. Hi all, Not sure if its just me but i have noticed when my daily cron runs daily (8am) there is a huge memory (RAM) spike whilst its being processed and then resumes normal usage. Is this normal as the memory did not hardly move before? Im guessing there are new tasks added to the CRON to make this big jump? I am using the latest version 7.8.1 with fully updated CentOS 7.6 running on PHP 7.2
  13. i just upgraded whmcs to latest version and i found one issue on To-Do List its showing No Records Found only https://prnt.sc/ozyxd5 https://prnt.sc/ozyxgb do not know its my whmcs issue or its a bug
  14. From what I've seen, there is no way for an admin to cancel out another admin's 2fa settings? I'm just thinking that there needs to be a way to allow it to be cancelled should you lose your phone with google authenticator on it or some such. Within the googles apps, the administrator users can clear the 2fa settings. I'm just wary of setting this and losing my phone/having my phone (or my staff's phones) stolen and not being able to get back in. Is there a process for this? I realise some might think this is a security risk, but if it was only full admins who have the ability to adjust the 2fa settings it should be ok? you don't normally set all staff as full admin, I'd imagine most only have 1-2 senior full admins as this enables access to system-wide changed (they can turn 2fa on and off anyway) and all other users with lesser access. Just a thought.
  15. Hi, Before 7.8 update i have no smtp problem all the mail sent and good. there is no problem. But i upgrade 7.8 and smtp not work. All the time say ehlo, helo connection smtp not connected. Please help us. Thanks.
  16. Hello there During pre-releases (BETA and RC1) we detect that new date picker did not updated in some project management section...I have found on 7.8 other issue...is it expected situation or need some updates? Steps followed: Create new project and try to edit it and find old calendar.
  17. Hello there Finally we got 7.8 production. happy with all new futures...I have already saw that on client summary page perhaps something is not like should be...can others test to confirm that...is that problem with my installation. on 7.8 RC I guess it was like this with border displaying well...anyway it not mostly important.
  18. I've created a provisioning module for v7.3.0 and I'm using the following to remove the Change Password button from the Module Command area in admin but it isn't working: add_hook('ClientAreaPrimarySidebar', 1, function(MenuItem $primarySidebar) { if(null !== $primarySidebar->getChild('Service Details Actions')) { $primarySidebar->getChild('Service Details Actions') ->removeChild('Change Password'); } }); Why isn't this working? It looks right to me.
  19. Why am I getting this? Can't login to admin panel, this displays?
  20. Since 6.x version, we had modified our clientsummary.tpl admin file from {$clientsdetails.phonenumber} to <a href="callto:{$clientsdetails.phonenumber}">{$clientsdetails.phonenumber}</a> So we can with our app, with just one clic call to our customers from browser, but in last update 7.4 adds automatically +54 (countrycode) to the phonenumber, how can i remove countrycode ? because our call should not include country code. Thanks !!
  21. Hello please help me to resolve this issue: http://prntscr.com/fazx5b i cant see the dashboard of the admin area Version of my whmcs: 7.1.0 Thank u
  22. hello, i've been trying to login on my whmcs admin panel, I contacted my host and they said the problem is not on their side, i even tried to clean cache and re install WHMCS. but nothing worked. when i enter my login details i simply get back to login area again, like a page refresh. and i'm sure my login details are correct since i tried with other password and gave an error. but doesn't show any error when i enter my login details correctly, just a simple refresh happens. How could i fix this problem please?
  23. hello, i've been trying to login on my whmcs admin panel for a few hours, i even tried to clean cache and re install WHMCS. but nothing worked. when i enter my login details i simply get back to login area again, like a page refresh. and i'm sure my login details are correct since i tried with other password and gave an error. but doesn't show any error when i enter my login details correctly, just a simple refresh happens. How could i fix this problem please?
  24. We recently updated WHMCS to 6.2.2 from 6.0.4. On 6.0.4, when we accepted an order and a welcome letter was generated, the welcome letter would go to the client and we would also get a copy of the welcome letter. This no longer seems to be the case in WHMCS 6.2.2. Are we overlooking something?
  25. I had a ticket without about 20 messages in it. I realized that about 60% of those messages were another topic, so I selected them and split them into a new ticket. All went well, except for one thing: The oldest message that moved over to the new ticket (client-message, not admin. Not sure if this is relevant) took on today's date and was moved to the very top of the ticket as if it were the latest reply. I would imagine that it should have maintained its original date and been the last message in the list (since they're sorted newest first). WHMCS Version: 6.3.1
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