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  1. Are there any alternatives? this module is crucial and very much useful.
  2. Surprisingly this worked!! Tho I don't what's the mysterious link between signature and this issue in particular. To those on Android who are facing similar issue, this solution may definitely work, I re-installed the android app, then removed my ticket signature from WHMCS settings, and then created the profile on the app. I closed the app, came back later after 15 minutes, forced closing the app, came back hours later, and everytime it was just working fine, no more splash screen 🀩! Thanks @pRieStaKos for taking the time to share your experience and providing feedback πŸ™‚
  3. Yes, it's an old general issue, almost everyone suffers from it πŸ˜₯
  4. Hello, Where are we on the profile re-creation bug? Upgraded to latest version 1.4 but still every time I leave the app and come back later, it presents the splash screen for adding a new profile, why it doesn't just load and sign-in automatically to the previously created profile? If I need a new profile I know where to add one, but why do I have to re-enter credentials every time I revisit the app?!
  5. Thanks a lot @Brian!! πŸ€—πŸ˜ This was very helpful for my use case
  6. Nop, still persistent. Nothing seems to be fixed by this update, I was again asked to go through the process of re-adding profile, with splash screens etc, it's like if the app is reset after sometime. Note: I upgraded to android 10 Also we run on whmcs 7.9.1... Could this have something to deal with it?
  7. Hello there! So I grabbed a phone recently equipped with Android P, but I'm still facing the same issue of having to re-login and create the profile each time I revisit the app, it walks me through all the steps, starting with the splash screens and then re-entering credentials once again. Weirdly tho, it asks for biometric verification each time I open it, as if I was already signed-in (except I am not). I am wondering, if anyone from the community facing similar issues, might share your experience with us?
  8. Does your PayPal account have more than one email address linked to it? You may want to try and add them all, separated by commas, under the PayPal Basic settings in Payment Gateways section.
  9. Sadly I have no access to one, but I'll update the thread if I could find a phone with mentioned versions.
  10. Nop, it just keeps starting all over again from the beginning with splash screen and everything whenever I exit (not log out, unless pressing "Back" purposefully causes logout event). OS: Android 6.0.1
  11. I am really not a fan of having to submit login credentials every time I revisit the app, I understand it is there for added security, but maybe it could be replaced with a lock PIN instead since most of us surely use password managers that maintain randomly generated credentials for their WHMCS accounts that are impossible to memorize.
  12. Oh! It seems I've been away from their Dashboard for a while and didn't notice! Well, in that case despite they offer hosting, I haven't seem to notice any upsell or promotions emails sent out to the contacts of domains we register with them.
  13. Thanks @lims ! I do my best in updating and modifying and adjusting it to the various sections of the admin area. I'll keep sharing here any updates or modifications with the community ☺️! Best wishes!
  14. LoL! mostly I rely on Grammarly to auto-correct stuff as I type, but for some reason it seems like it does not load on the Invision editor, that's why I missed it πŸ˜ƒ. For the To-Do widget, I intended to make it look this way as I noticed with the original look, sometimes elements could get scattered for lists with long titles, so I just wanted to make the look even in all list items blocks. But I get on it right away and modify it to be more convenient in look. I'll fix text colors in these as well.
  15. Hi @lims! So, as brian suggested, to disable and enable just simply rename the hook file. Also, I have updated the repository to make the installation process even more simple in addition to further enhancements to appearance. Please check the Github repository. http://github.com/WevrLabs-Group/WHMCS-Blend-Admin-Theme-Dark-Mode
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