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We are adding Stripe to our billing processor and wanted to know if anyone here is using them. Any feedback or suggestions before we go live?

Thank you,


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Yeah the dispute process is a mystery still. Do you get charged for them if you lose and is your account at risk if you have too many?


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I have used it for few months about couple of years ago and i didn't have any major issues. If someone isn't able to use PayPal for some reason then Stripe wouldn't be a bad alternate at all.

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    • By tomdchi
      I am having problems with the stripe gateway module.  When a customer goes to checkout and enters their CC info (not using saved card) and submits, an error saying that the expiration date is not valid is shown. 
      The only way I have been able to get it to work is to go to Manage Credit Card in client area and add a credit card there.  Then go back to shopping cart and select Use Existing Card.  The order will go through OK doing it this way.  Any idea what is wrong here?  This is for WHMCS version 7.4.1.
    • By WHMCS ChrisD
      An issue has been identified in the 7.1.x releases - initially published on 14th December, 2016 - that is affecting the ability to update credit card details using the Stripe module when another tokanised gateway module was activated before activating Stripe.
      This manifests itself when attempting to update credit card details via the admin or client areas:
      A "Success" message when updating card details via the client and admin areas, No token is stored, No entry in the Gateway Log
    • By battles
      How can I change future billing dates from say the 1st to the 15th of the month and keep this change going forward.
      I suppose I could cancel then re-add the service at that date. But there has to be a better way
    • By Web Host Pro
      When trying to update a card I keep getting this error:
      The following errors occurred:
      Remote Transaction Failure. Please Contact Support. I have gotten a couple times before. This transaction was an AMEX if that matters.
      I'm using the latest stable version of WHMCS and most other payments go through fine. When I check stripe the transaction never makes it to their system because they have never record of it.
      Any idea how to trouble shoot this? Maybe an error log with more details somewhere?
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