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  1. PM'd you and also have a ticket in on your website. Waiting for a reply.
  2. At present, I'm not offering hosting or domain registration, so I don't need any of that setup. What I'm needing from WHMCS is the following products/services, available for purchase. As an example: I will be offering three (3) WordPress services/products. As an example. Service A Service B Service C Each will need a detailed description. I will write this. Users will be able to purchase a single service or multiples of any one service, or single or multiples of any or all three or any combination. A user could purchase just one service for a website. A user could purchase multiples of one service for multiple different websites. A user could purchase just one service for multiple different websites. A user could purchase multiple services for multiple different websites. Each service will require the buyer to provide the following for EACH service they purchase: Website URL and IP Website Owners Name and Email Website Admin Login Credentials Website FTP Login Credentials
  3. Thanks Bigol' Yes for reselling domain names. And one WordPress shared hosting setup on my VPS.
  4. I'd rather not resell hosting and have to support users that require hours of help setting up email accounts. So I'm wondering if it's possible to to change the links in WHMCS > Products/Services > Links (or some other location) so that when the client lands on my WHMCS client portal the buy now bouton is an affiliate link to my hosting company.
  5. Thanks #steven99 for checking on what might be happening. Nope, the emails aren't going to clients. I just failed to understand why it was listing the Admin dir.
  6. Ah, yes. Having munged my initial install I feel like I'm herding cats trying to get things back in place. Thanks for pointing out what I should have noticed in the previous emails. - L.
  7. After re-installing WHMCS is am receiving "WHMCS Domain Synchronisation Cron Report" email that shows "Active Domain Syncs" and lists (shows) my WHMCS installation path with my renamed admin dir. Like this: https://mydomainname.com/whmcs/renamed_admin_file. Doesn't seem right that to me. I haven't setup any domains yet but in the past I would receive that report showing mine and client domains. Not the complete path to my renamed admin file. Thinking I have something configured incorrectly but don't know where.
  8. My web host provided WHMCS. I mangled the initial install and used Softaculous to uninstall. I re-installed and moved: attachments, downloads and templates_c above the web root. Did the same for the Crons directory and made the necessary edits to the respective config files. I just noticed a "WHMCSDATA" directory that also has a Crons directory below it. The files in this Crons directory are newer and seem to be the same date of my re-install. The Crons directory I moved above the web root are from my original install. I must have overlooked removing that Crons dir when I preformed the uninstall. Question is, What is the "WHMCSDATA" directory and should I delete the 'old' Crons dir and move that Crons dir above the web root?
  9. Thanks for doing my thinking for me. Perhaps someday I'll describe what a female alien... ah, never mind
  10. If you have a "hit by a bus" solution I'd be interested in learning more.
  11. It could be a serious matter tho. And although my post is tongue-in-cheek, the question remains: What/how do clients recover management of their domains should the 'registrar' (re-seller) go belly up?
  12. <Or similar> So you have a successful business reselling domain names and you and your team are kidnapped by aliens. You hosting account gets suspended for non payment, phone disconnected and your landlord auctions off your stuff. What steps do your (ex)clients need to take to gain control of their domain registrations?
  13. Sorry for the delay in responding. In response to Chris D, there was none in particular. In brief, I'm not expecting to build an empire. just offer convenience to a couple dozen hosting clients. I do have a fairly robust Cloud VPS from a top tier provider and have decided to use another providers 'reseller' program that offers WHMCS and.or enom/resellerclub plugin. This is just to mitigate the possibility of my server getting blacklisted 'cause some client gets hacked or turns out to be otherwise trouble. Thanks for the feedback and see y'all soon. - L.
  14. Been a while since I've used WHMCS. I'm searching for a Registrar that won't spam my clients and doesn't offer them hosting. Been thinking about Hover but not certain they integrate with WHMCS. Then OpenSRS. Feedback/suggestions welcome.
  15. I recall Chris posting that this is in final beta and should be out in about a months time. AFAIK
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