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  1. Anyone use Stripe?

    I have used it for few months about couple of years ago and i didn't have any major issues. If someone isn't able to use PayPal for some reason then Stripe wouldn't be a bad alternate at all.
  2. Who would you hire for your business today?

    I would like to hire a social media expert who can certainly provide great help to bring traffic to any website.
  3. Affinity instead of Adobe

    Haven't tried it yet but I have also hear some positive reviews about it. Looking forward using it sometime in the near future.
  4. PayPal alternative

    You may try rushcard
  5. make one page http only not https

    not sure why would you like to make any page http when you can use https
  6. How do you promote your hosting website ?

    As mentioned above, forums can be very helpful. You can also find great exposure from social media sites like facebook. There are many hosting reviews websites where you can add your website and get some good exposure from these websites too.

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