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Parmeter missing username

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I've been searching for hours and can't find an answer to this specific problem:


I tried registering a domain through the front end of the system, (for a different organization than my web biz, so a "real" registration).

The module queue shows that the original registration with Reseller Club failed because of missing field 'state'.

I found the answer to that problem and updated the client profile with the Province. All fields in the client profile are completed.


When I press "Retry" the process fails with the error message:

"Required parameter missing: username"

The module debugging reports gives the following:

Under "Request":




[auth-userid] => ******

[api-key] => ********************************

[username] =>

[passwd] => xxxxxxxx

[name] =>

[company] => N/A

[address-line-1] =>

[address-line-2] =>

[city] =>

[state] =>

[zipcode] =>

[country] =>

[phone-cc] => 0

[phone] =>

[lang-pref] => en

[posteddata] => auth-userid=******&api-key=********************************&&passwd=xxxxxxxxxx&name=%20&company=N%2FA&address-line-1=0&address-line-2=0&&&&&phone-cc=0&phone=&lang-pref=en



Under "Response":



[status] => ERROR

[message] => Required parameter missing: username



It seems as though the module is sending almost no registration information, and the response is halting the process on the first error (first empty field, "username")


Is this a bug? Or is it me!?


Appreciate any help.



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for resellerclub, username usually refers to the email address - so that's where the issue might lay.

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Thanks for replies. Using the latest version of WHMCS - 7.2.3.

All fields in the client profile are completed. Email address was in the first time I tried to run the domain registration, which the module is supposed to submit to Reseller Club as the user name.

What was originally missing was the "State" (missing parameter: state"). I added that to the profile and clicked try again in the module queue. This time username was the missing parameter, but in fact if you look at the submission array, no user details at all are included. Or am I reading it wrong?



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Hi Andrew


I'm not sure I understand the question exactly - do you mean if I just try to register a domain using the domain registration form in the client area?

If so, that's how I started, and it didn't work because there was a missing field in the profile ("state" = Province in Canada). After I corrected that I think I only have the module queue to work with for that particular domain. I can see if the whole process can be deleted, issue a credit to the client records and try again from scratch.

To me there's still a problem. Although there was an error on the first attempt to register, wouldn't a well written script check for missing fields, request the information from the user and then carry on with the process? I'm not a coder at all, so I hope that's not coming across as arrogant! Just seems there should be a logical correction step so that the process doesn't fail completely.

Also, does the posted error log message I included earlier give any clues about what is going wrong?


I'll try a registration from scratch again and see if it works.


Appreciate the help.



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