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  1. Change Order Hosting

    You would use language file overrides to do this. https://docs.whmcs.com/Language_Overrides Search the main language file in the ./lang/ directory for the text you wish to override, and then copy this into your override file and change as appropriate.
  2. integration to sell .se and .nu domains

    You'd need to check with the specific registrars to see if they support the specific extensions you want to use.
  3. Orders created without invoice

    I would suggest you open a ticket. 1. Have you checked your exchange rate is correct? 2. Is your pricing properly defined for the billing cycles you are using? 3. Does the client area cart work ok? 4. Have you tried disabling any hooks/addons? Still open a ticket so our support team can look at this and help you.
  4. Credit card type and last 4 digits on invoices

    If you are editing a file where $clientsdetails are available (may be part of another param array too), you should find cctype and cardlastfour are parameters available to you. There are separate merge fields for these values available in Email Templates. $clientsdetails is available in the PDF invoice and the online viewable invoice. In a template, remember you can use {debug} to see the variables available. This also applies to email templates, but you have to send the email to see what is available. https://www.smarty.net/docs/en/language.function.debug.tpl
  5. Encoding with ionCube v10

    I'm going to take a guess and say that your ioncube settings have been defined to restrict the files that can include it? I think it is the include-if setting in your encoder.
  6. How to add variable to smarty template

    The custom fields for a service aren't included. You'd need to obtain these. Take a look at https://developers.whmcs.com/api-reference/getclientsproducts/ for an API command that you can use to obtain the service custom fields.
  7. How to add variable to smarty template

    Try using the hook: https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks-reference/admin-area/#AdminAreaPage
  8. Stripe module problems v7.3.0

    Card details are absolutely not stored when using the Stripe module - if the card details were already stored in WHMCS, then they would continue to be until the next payment. But, when checking out as a client and entering new details, WHMCS does not receive any card details, and the details are sent straight to Stripe. If you are getting card details stored, then you would appear to have some misconfiguration somewhere, perhaps with a custom template. You can tell if the card input form (admin or client area) is working correctly if you do not see a card type. If you see a card type field, then Stripe is not the selected gateway. For a new client in the admin area, their payment method (until an order has been added) will be the first payment gateway in the list in Setup -> Payments -> Payment Gateways. You can also override this on the profile tab using the Default Gateway option. As the Stripe module is still a CC gateway, you cannot disable CC storage as WHMCS still needs to store some data (like the gateway id, card last 4 and card expiry). If you are continuing to have issues in the admin area, I would suggest opening a ticket so our Support Team can take a look for you and advise.
  9. Domain

    Leave the Registrar as None on the Domain Pricing page which will stop any domain automation and create a ToDo list when a domain should be registered. For renewals, you can disable auto renew on invoice payment in Setup -> General Settings -> Domains
  10. OK, great. If you open up the browser console and follow the post that occurs when attempting to use the client dropdown, what do you see being returned? Do you have any issue with other Selectized client dropdowns? (Like the one on the Client Profile in the Admin area)
  11. I suggest using logActivity("Message here") in place of the file put contents... it's more reliable. For the removing, please see https://docs.whmcs.com/Client_Area_Navigation_Menus_Cheatsheet which has an example for you to use which you can build on.
  12. This suggests that you have an issue with the new admin routes that have been introduced. Do you get an error when visiting the License Information page under the Help menu in the admin area? Has your htaccess file been updated? From what version did you upgrade? In Setup -> General Settings, what routing option is selected?
  13. The description of your issue sounds like you have conflicting things occurring, perhaps from your other integration you were using? Do you see any notices on the Stripe gateway configuration in Setup -> Payments -> Payment Gateways? It may be easier to open a ticket and have support take a look.
  14. Invoice cancelation slow

    How are you cancelling the invoice? I am going to guess using the "Mark Cancelled" option from a list of invoices. Depending on how many invoices you are cancelling at a time, this is a simple operation. Update status in tblinvoices to cancelled Log an item in the Activity Log Run the InvoiceCancelled hook This will run for *each* invoice you are cancelling at the time. Do you have any hooks running, using this hook point that could be causing the slowdown?
  15. If you are clearing the CC details, then WHMCS will mark the customer as deleted at Stripe. This won't remove the customer, but they will appear with strike through text.

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