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  1. WHMCS Andrew

    Problem with login

    Hi Jason, If you are logged in as an admin user, you are able to login as any client without a password, or with any password. Try the same thing again in either an incognito window, or a different browser without an admin session and you will see that a password is required. Andrew
  2. WHMCS Andrew

    Login session not found

    You cannot skip entering payment details when using a credit card gateway. For your free trial, you should either add an alternate gateway, or a client will need to enter their card details. This is not a new thing for WHMCS 7.8, you are always required to enter CC information when choosing a credit card gateway.
  3. I would like to add in here that the error you are getting is a generic one. You could try following the troubleshooting steps on https://docs.whmcs.com/Email_Sending_Issues#Troubleshooting and this could provide a more detailed message for you.
  4. WHMCS Andrew

    Stripe Elements & 3D Secure - Feedback & Support

    The off_session variable will be sent automatically as part of a payment request. If you are referring to other exemptions, you would need to discuss those with Stripe.
  5. WHMCS Andrew

    Stripe Elements & 3D Secure - Feedback & Support

    Payments initiated without client interaction will be marked as off_session so that the necessary exemptions can be requested.
  6. I would also like to note here that the limit only applies to when the ticket is being opened via email. Once opened, the only limit would be the length of the data that can be saved in the table. There is no limit to the number of CC email addresses that can be added manually by an admin or client user.
  7. WHMCS Andrew

    Pay by credit card not working

    We removed card types in WHMCS 7.8, so this would suggest your template has not been updated with the required changes. I'd recommend looking at those, and this will likely solve your issue https://docs.whmcs.com/Version_7.8.0_Release_Notes#Template_Changes
  8. WHMCS Andrew

    Uppercase Email

    This charset is fine, and the _ci at the end does mean it is case insensitive. How are you clients registering for your services? As Chris said, we have been unable to replicate this ourselves.
  9. WHMCS Andrew

    Uppercase Email

    The charset of your tblclients would also be great!
  10. WHMCS Andrew

    Stripe Elements & 3D Secure - Feedback & Support

    3D Secure is only possible when the customer is present. 3D Secure requires a customer to respond to requests for information, so for recurring payments where the user is not logged in 3D Secure cannot be performed. Original payments will have most likely been setup without any 3D Secure verification. As a result, you may find that a client will need to login and pay at least once manually following the introduction of SCA by Stripe in September in order to give you the authorisation necessary to make future recurring payments. Stripe has not given any firm indication if this will be the case, but it seems a fairly safe assumption. WHMCS does not use the Stripe subscriptions service as it is not flexible enough for the needs of WHMCS recurring billing. Instead WHMCS creates and stores Customers and Payment Methods within your Stripe account which can then have charges initiated by WHMCS on-demand using Stripe's Payment Intents. This implementation supports processing automated recurring payments where the card holder is not present. As described above, in most cases, once a customer has performed 3D Secure at least once, recurring payments should continue uninterrupted. However WHMCS has no control over payments that require SCA or 3D Secure. This is all determined by the card issuer and radar rules within your Stripe account. If a card absolutely requires 3D Secure, then card holder not present automatic capture attempts will most likely be declined and the customer would need to login and make payment manually.
  11. So the menu serviceUpgrade requires two contexts if you check the table (3rd column). Client and Service: Menu::addContext('client', $clientVariable); // either \WHMCS\User\Client or null Menu::addContext('service', $serviceVariable); // \WHMCS\Service\Service
  12. says you are passing no parameters Again, shows no parameters You state here you are passing parameters, but don't actually say what you are passing. An example is difficult to provide - this is why the table on https://docs.whmcs.com/Editing_Client_Area_Menus#Context is provided. In the third column, the context required is listed with the type of context, and the value type being expected. In this image, you see the sidebar name, the files this is used on by default, and then the context required. Here you can see, a context name in bold, and the type of context required. So, for clientView, you need to provide a "client" context that has the \WHMCS\User\Client type for the currently logged in client, or null for no client. Menu::addContext('client', $clientVariable);
  13. The documentation example has a link for you to build your contexts. http://docs.whmcs.com/Editing_Client_Area_Menus#Context If you aren't passing anything already, just remove the line "Menu::addContext()" as you don't need it. Context is used to pass data from your php script to the sidebars.
  14. Your code specifically shows that you aren't passing any variables to the Menu::addContent method call.
  15. addContext needs variables like the error states. If you aren't adding any contexts, then you don't need to use that line.

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