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  1. So the menu serviceUpgrade requires two contexts if you check the table (3rd column). Client and Service: Menu::addContext('client', $clientVariable); // either \WHMCS\User\Client or null Menu::addContext('service', $serviceVariable); // \WHMCS\Service\Service
  2. says you are passing no parameters Again, shows no parameters You state here you are passing parameters, but don't actually say what you are passing. An example is difficult to provide - this is why the table on https://docs.whmcs.com/Editing_Client_Area_Menus#Context is provided. In the third column, the context required is listed with the type of context, and the value type being expected. In this image, you see the sidebar name, the files this is used on by default, and then the context required. Here you can see, a context name in bold, and the type of context required. So, for clientView, you need to provide a "client" context that has the \WHMCS\User\Client type for the currently logged in client, or null for no client. Menu::addContext('client', $clientVariable);
  3. The documentation example has a link for you to build your contexts. http://docs.whmcs.com/Editing_Client_Area_Menus#Context If you aren't passing anything already, just remove the line "Menu::addContext()" as you don't need it. Context is used to pass data from your php script to the sidebars.
  4. Your code specifically shows that you aren't passing any variables to the Menu::addContent method call.
  5. addContext needs variables like the error states. If you aren't adding any contexts, then you don't need to use that line.
  6. WHMCS Andrew

    Additional Charge?

    You could use a hook, CartTotalAdjustment, to add output to the cart and this would also appear on the invoice generated for the order. If you wanted something to appear on every invoice, that would be different. You could use the InvoiceCreation hook to adjust the invoice as you required, before the invoice is sent to the client.
  7. Another thing to note is that the same search is being completed on the Clients profile list in the admin area (the dropdown at the top of any clientsxxx page, clientssummary.php etc) - does the dropdown work there for you correctly in full rewrite?
  8. WHMCS Andrew

    WHMCS tinymce html editor issue

    Hi, Are you able to provide any more information with your issue? What browser are you using? I can see that @SpeedySRV is using an SSL, does your system also have an SSL @ITWolfy? What version of WHMCS do you use, what version of PHP are you running? As much information as you can provide would be helpful.
  9. Mike, Sorry to hear you are having issues with the Full Friendly Rewrite option within your WHMCS installation. The full rewrite option requires that Apache's mod_rewrite is available on your server. The other two options, do not require this behaviour. It could be that your system is not configured in a way that supports mod_rewrite? You can find a little more info on the different options available on our documentation at Friendly URLs. It is difficult to diagnose any issue with this without checking the environment. However, if your system does have mod_rewrite available, then you could try increasing the logging level temporarily to attempt to see where the rewrite is being sent to. Are you getting a 404 error when full rewrite is enabled? Is the content of your .htaccess file just the stock WHMCS content? Hopefully, I have provided some information to aid in the diagnosis of your problem.
  10. WHMCS Andrew

    mail in spam

    There can be a number of reasons that your mails are identified as spam when being delivered. Usually, checking the headers of the delivered email can provide some information for you. As a start, you can check email blacklist tools such as on MX ToolBox to see if your domain or IP address have been reported as spam. Ultimately, you may find a conversation with your server admin is required to resolve the issue.
  11. WHMCS Andrew

    7.4 Phone Number Validation - Dot required

    You should still have access to the phonenumber and phonecc fields too.
  12. Hey crshep allow_url_fopen is required when using the automatic updater. Without this, you would need to manually apply any WHMCS updates. You can see the full list of system requirements on the Automatic Updater Documentation
  13. WHMCS Andrew

    Domain lookup provider

    The NL extension whois connects to whois.domain-registry.nl using port 43. Check and ensure your server can connect to this port, perhaps using a telnet connection on your server from the account your WHMCS is installed on. The information regarding eNom would be helpful as @brian! has mentioned.
  14. WHMCS Andrew

    Ioncube Loader Version Issue Again

    Hey Gravel, Yes, you can remove this file. We are working internally to attempt to better handle files that require a previous version of the loader so that a WHMCS install will not just stop working like it has done here for you.
  15. WHMCS Andrew

    7.4 Phone Number Validation - Dot required

    We've made sure that the data provided to registrar modules is the same as it has been previously. If you built the number manually, then you can still do that. We do have a registrar that doesn't utilise the . after the country code, and for that, we so a simple str_replace at the point of use on the full formatted phone number.

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