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Our community has gone mobile!

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Hi Everyone,



In the past year we've seen a significant increase in the amount of Mobile Traffic visiting the WHMCS Community Forums and with that in mind we're pleased to annou a new mobile responsive theme for the community which is now live. For users visiting from small devices you'll now see a mobile ready version of the community. You'll be able to access your private messages by clicking the squares in the top right hand corner as well as posting to new and existing threads.


Thanks for being a member of the WHMCS Community and we look forward to bringing you more enhancements throughout 2017.

Edited by WHMCS ChrisD

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Really should just join tapatalk already :)


I've considered Tapatalk and haven't completely ruled it out in the future, but I'm also working on some other things for the community first :)

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I will say that the skin looks good for what it is, a mobile setup. however, it seems that the editor's been disabled, which isn't a great idea. I know using the iPad, I was able to access the somewhat advanced editor easily. No so much with the new setup

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Excellent implementation for today's world.


Would you guys consider a mobile forum application through the vBulletin Mobile Suite Addon?

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      Hi Everyone,
      The WHMCS Forums were launched over 12 years ago and in that time have seen a number of iterations and updates.
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