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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, Has anyone ever migrated from a parallels platform to whmcs ? I saw on the market place that there were two tools: ImportAssist and Account Synchronization For WHMCS But I don't have the impression that these would do the trick... Sincerely
  2. Hi, I have successfully trasnfer my WHMCS , but now i got all my clients account but they are still linked to my old WHM server , i have added my new WHM server and make it the default one. But now i tried syncing it so the actual WHMCS clients account and products are going into the new WHM server but it's not working ... I seen that i would be supose to use the Migration tool to migrate the account from the old WHM server to my new one , but actually i got a problem , i dont have root access to my migration tool on the older WHM (maybe even on the new one). So i am a bit stuck ... the support on my old hosting told me to download a backup of my main account (via cPanel - JetBackup) but i dont really know now what to do with the .tar.gz file ... I would like to have the WHMCS clients account/products export to my new WHM server ... I already have redone my Package on my new WHM server and changed the products/services i had to link them to the new Package on new WHM server. Now i would only need to have the old WHM accounts and products or even just the accounts so i dont need to change all passwords and all their infos. Do i need to manually reenter all my clients accounts and after that recreate the products they had ? Because this would be a good headache lol .. If there is any way to go through this without manually reentering all my clients info (and their products) it would be great .. (I dont have access to the WHM migration tool so ... only the Main account cPanel - JetBackup .tar.gz (which i dont really know what i would do with it to import that into my new WHM server lol) If you have any questions feel free to ask... And any help would be really appreciate :) ... and sorry if my english is not that good i'm a french canadian x) Peace, Charles.
  3. I've migrated my WHMCS from a cPanel panel to Plesk. The problem now is that I can't see the orders but they are on the database. Any idea of how to solve it?
  4. I'm looking for someone who can assist us in importing approx. 200 clients/100 cpanel hosting accounts/100 enom registrations. I can arrange all data into ordered columns per your instruction. I've done some importing to WHMCS before, but I really don't have the time I used to have... This is a brand new install/clean db that you'd be populating. Best to PM or email me at mark at buffalowired.com Thanks! Mark
  5. Hi Everyone, The WHMCS Forums were launched over 12 years ago and in that time have seen a number of iterations and updates. Today, we’re excited to announce that we're getting ready to introduce the next incarnation of the WHMCS Community and with it, a brand-new look and feel, along with a whole host of new features and functionality - starting with in-line post reactions & a new reputation structure as well as a new question & answer format for certain forum categories. Preparations are already well underway to migrate from the current forums to our new Community powered by the Invision Community Suite. The current community is home to a wealth of knowledge and information and we’ll be migrating all existing threads and posts as well as user accounts and private messages to the new WHMCS Community to ensure that none of this is lost. I’m personally very excited about the opportunities our new platform unlocks. Over the coming months, we’ll be rolling out a range of new features and functionality in our community, taking inspiration from the responses we received earlier in the year about how we can improve your experience. Stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks as we move nearer to the switch over, in the meantime, here’s a sneak preview of what’s to come. The team and I are excited to bring our new community to you in September, and I will be posting more information on the changes in future posts.
  6. Hi Folks, We've been finding cpanel a lot faster on identical hardware, compared to Plesk, so are moving some of our larger customers over to cpanel. I'm wondering if there's a tried and true method for how to move these while keeping WHMCS happy? I know we can login to cpanel, point it at plesk, and suck the clients across - but then we have WHMCS still thinking the clients are on the Plesk server? Is it just as simple as going into each client's package, changing the product from a Plesk product to a cpanel product, and selecting the new server? I don't suppose someone has written down a step by step howto for this? Thanks Damien
  7. Is there a BoxBilling Migration Script available somewhere? I have a client that needs to migrate 100+ hosting customers to WHMCS and he's waiting on a confirmation that it can be done before purchasing a LifeTime license. Can somebody please advise if such a migration script exists, if not, then what options do we have to do that? If done manually, how does are automated payment subscriptions via Paypal that were created using BoxBilling handled? Can it be switched to WHMCS? If so, how? Thanks!
  8. Due to an administrator username change, my mySql database username changed. This broke both WordPress and WHMCS. In WordPress, I just had to go into wp-config.php and find where it had the old username and update it to the new one. Is there a file in WHMCS somewhere that I need to go into and update the mySQL username? Is there anything else I need to do to fix it? When I try to connect now, I get Critical Error Could not connect to the database
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