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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Everyone, Providing threads with little information about the issue you are experiencing makes it harder for not just WHMCS Staff to help you but other WHMCS.Community members as well. When you don't provide a detailed overview you may end up with either a lot of questions being asked of you to determine the root cause and gather more information or no answer to your question at all. This can be frustrating and lead to you having a negative experience on the Community. The purpose of this thread is to help other WHMCS.Community Members help you quickly and effectively. 1. Do a quick search WHMCS.Community has a wealth of information that has been gathered in the last few years that means there might already be an answer to your question. Before posting, take a moment to do a quick search in the top right-hand corner of the community. Other than search WHMCS has some other great resources to these include our Documentation , Guides & Tutorials & our Developer Documentation to name a few. 2. Thread Title - Make it relevant The thread title is the first thing people see when browsing the community, this is your chance to provide a quick snapshot of the issue, so a subject matter expert can jump in and help you Thread titles like the below are more useful: Broken payment gateway page after installing 3rd party module. How do I set my configuration.php file to read-only clientarea.php returns error 500 Setup > Products > Domain Registrars broken with PHP 7 Than thread titles like these: Payment Gateway Broken Permissions to Read Only Error 500 Domain Registrars broke 3. Make use of tags - Include your version Hot Tip: Put the WHMCS version number you are using as a tag e.g 7.3.1 Tags are just as important as the title these are used as filters and are another way to quickly and easily determine what the thread is about. Tags like Domain Registrars, eNom, OpenSRS, Payment Gateways, eWAY, PayPal, Stripe, Client Area, Invoices are all useful tags remember to separate your tags with commas. Putting useful tags is one way you can help people understand what you need help with and for people who know that functionality to help you quickly If you'd like to learn more about tags check out 4. Detail & Reproduction Steps Detail is of paramount importance, the more detail you provide the better include information such as: The error messages you are receiving on screen, in module logs, or server logs, remember to say which log it's in Note: For users with admin panel access enable display errors under Setup > General Settings > Other > Display Errors, If you cant access your admin area add the following line to the end of your configuration.php file $display_errors = true; Provide detailed reproduction steps The action you where taking The screen you where on The error/output you received The output server/module/gateway logs showing What module/server/gateway you are using What you expected to happen What actually happened What you have done to try and resolve the issue Tell us about your environment - everyone has a slightly different setup, remember to include things such as Your WHMCS Version number Your PHP version & IonCube Loader Your PHP Memory & Timeout Limits (when relevant) Are you running Linux, Windows, Mac? What Distro If your issue is with a template or a template display issue Try the default Six theme To do this, use an URL such as http://www.yourdomain.com/whmcs/?systpl=six Try the default Standard_Cart theme To do this, use an URL such as http://www.yourdomain.com/whmcs/?carttpl=Standard_Cart Anything else that you think is relevant 5. Use the CODE box when pasting code or log outputs When pasting any code into a thread remember to click the code icon box first it's in your editor toolbar at the top of the thread. We recommend using the code box when pasting logs as well. 6. Remove personal information This might sound obvious but you'd be surprised how often people forget! Please remember to remove/hide/blur any personally identifiable information such as Usernames, Emails, Passwords & IPs from text logs & images. Posting this information on the community is a security risk. If you forget to do it or you come across any personal information please use the Report Post button in the top right to alert our moderation team to it. 7. Seeking support elsewhere? Have you already opened a ticket? Remember to include your Ticket ID this will allow our WHMCS.Community Staff to check your ticket and let the support team know that you've got a thread on the community as well. 8. Problem solved? Tell us how Remember, when your problem is solved please take the time to let us know in the thread, provide details on how it was solved and anything relevant this will help future community users experiencing a similar issue get the answer quickly! That's it! Thanks for reading! That's all we have for now we hope this helps you get the most out of the Troubleshooting Issues board Have I missed something out? Ideas for how to make threads even more useful? Let me know in the Feedback Thread linked below!
  2. Hi Everyone, The WHMCS Forums were launched over 12 years ago and in that time have seen a number of iterations and updates. Today, we’re excited to announce that we're getting ready to introduce the next incarnation of the WHMCS Community and with it, a brand-new look and feel, along with a whole host of new features and functionality - starting with in-line post reactions & a new reputation structure as well as a new question & answer format for certain forum categories. Preparations are already well underway to migrate from the current forums to our new Community powered by the Invision Community Suite. The current community is home to a wealth of knowledge and information and we’ll be migrating all existing threads and posts as well as user accounts and private messages to the new WHMCS Community to ensure that none of this is lost. I’m personally very excited about the opportunities our new platform unlocks. Over the coming months, we’ll be rolling out a range of new features and functionality in our community, taking inspiration from the responses we received earlier in the year about how we can improve your experience. Stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks as we move nearer to the switch over, in the meantime, here’s a sneak preview of what’s to come. The team and I are excited to bring our new community to you in September, and I will be posting more information on the changes in future posts.
  3. Welcome to the August 2016 community wrapup this is a new post we'll be doing each month to help highlight some of the things happening on the community forums during the month. The wrap-up is a work in progress and we welcome your feedback either in a reply below or you can open a private thread in the Forum Assistance category Taking a quick look at the stats for the month: During August we saw 368 new members joining the WHMCS Community Forums which saw us clock over 65,000 registered members! We had 302 new threads created during the month and 1,328 posts across the community making August the busiest posting month of 2016 August 3rd and August 9th where the busiest days in the community with 165 users logging in Every month we'll hand pick a few posts to highlight in our monthly wrap up: Forum: Preview Release Discussion Many of our users will be aware that WHMCS v7 is currently in beta, we're all pretty excited by the feedback we're getting from the community if you've not had a chance to take a look at the V7 beta head on over to the forum and take a look Upgrade 6.0.0 Arjanvr asks how to upgrade to the most recent release (6.3.1) and the community helps by providing help and guidance along with a few tips and tricks when the dreaded White Screen appeared during the upgrade. Action hook to send values to external page Frankc needed some assistance on showing certain data on an external page using hooks there the community had a few handy ideas for achieving the desired result which Frankc achieved with a bit of a workaround New TLD No Pricing Boxes Visiable 3awh was experiencing issues with the pricing boxes not appearing on his installation when editing the domain pricing. The discussion touch on a number of possible issues this could have been including the solution which was mySQL Strict Mode being enabled. Currency Selector on header.tpl Thembi discusses how he would like the ability to display currencies in the selector when a user is logged in or out. There is a great discussion full of ideas of ways to achieve this. That wraps up our community overview for August albeit a work in progress! Thanks for being a WHMCS Community member your input helps make WHMCS the thriving community it is today. We've got lots planned for the next few months on the community!
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