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  1. @WHMCS John @WHMCS ChrisD surely by now, with all the feedback and grievances aired, WHMCS will have something to say publicly to their customers.
  2. Hello, There's been plenty of feedback about the recent announcements from WHMCS about the changes to licences and pricing. Apart from two replies (Chris, and John (referencing Chris')) it's just silence from the WHMCS side. Does WHMCS have nothing to say in a reply to all the feedback provided? *Please keep this thread quiet until a response comes from WHMCS staff. There are other threads open to share our experience/comments/disgust.
  3. If you have an owned license of WHMCS you can save 30% This is on their homepage as of right now.
  4. We've paid $99.95 USD for the last 4 annual "Support and Updates" addon. e.g. 2018, 2019, 2020 and this year.
  5. It is unreasonable to discontinue 6/12 month support purchases for Owned licenses immediately (management decision and is final) on this notice. Yet the price increases come about on July 1st 2021. That's a very calculated move. A sure way to have WHMCS owned licenses choose between three options. - Run a legacy version (current licence) - Switch to a monthly fee (Chris' suggestion that this spreads the annual cost out is just laughable. A $99 annual fee doesn't equate to $20 per month for 12 months) -Find an alternative product. WHMCS don't want the smaller clients anymore, that's quite clear. If these changes are in the interests of WHMCS customers then I'd find it more reasonable and equitable for owned licensed holders to be able to purchase one more annual support extension. That way the opportunity to get current software remains whilst adjusting. As an owned license holder the moment I switch to the monthly plan, apart from the steep price hike, I can no longer go back to my owned license (even though technically I can continue to use it) because the data set will no longer be compatible. Owned licenses effectively become moot.
  6. Well that's different to the count I see when viewing the clients page. There's active clients with no active services and they're still counted. WHMCS needs to provide the method used to determine it so that we can prepare and understand this pricing change.
  7. Apparently 'Never' doesn't mean never.
  8. It doesn't show on an owned license. I'd like to see WHMCS provide this so that we can determine what plan we are forced to move to should we stay with WHMCS.
  9. There's lots of this discussion that interests me (on a few levels) but at the end of the day it's a choice to use WHMCS and if you don't like it (legally/ethically/best practices aside) then don't use it. WHMCS is not the same company it was. There is not the same interaction and personal level with the developer (Matt) it's now a corporate entity. Beating your head against a wall or waving your fist isn't going to get attention. Legacy clients will be expected to drop off so it's better to cut them loose through policy. Legacy clients aren't going to bring continued revenue. Sadly that's a reality.
  10. Have you considered SupportPal as an alternative to Kayako? It's actively supporting WHMCS, the integrations are so clean and seamless. We dropped Kayako when they forced their cloud system upon customers. Best move we ever did.
  11. Instead of modifying the template you should create a child template. That way your changes won't get overwritten when an update comes out for Twenty One.
  12. Both options are available. See the documentation here https://docs.whmcs.com/Affiliates At the product level you can set it to One Time if that's what you want to do.
  13. I never said it wasn't looked at, and 'complete and utter rubbish' is a tad emotive. Historically speaking, and there is no way logically you can deny that, the feature request system has not been the place to get changes made. An updated client theme / bootstrap is by no means a recent request. And I'd like to get you started on the feature request/vote system - you've been here long enough, and as the community manager, that's done a lot of good things I'd hope that a more user (paying clients 'community') friendly system would get implemented. I appreciate that very few of the client base will visit the forums and / or the requests site but GIGO still applies.
  14. You're joking yeah? A feature request that requires yet another login and historically the last place that WHMCS looks at. I appreciate the reply but towing the companies line is a tad insulting. Shame on me for offering a users perspective.
  15. It would be great to be able install a hot fix from within WHMCS. The built in updater could be used seamlessly to do this. Manually patching before the next release is cumbersome and inconvenient.
  16. So you'll have extra resources available for support / questions / issues / hot-fixes for the release? Umm , probably not given the time of year. But let's not that get in the way.
  17. And more. Changing the contact details (under profile) doesn't update the 'user'. So if as an admin you change the email address it has no real effect only a semi-cosmetic one. All emails still go to the first 'user' instead of the profile that was updated.
  18. And adding to this the 'Client Activity' widget shows the main user profile as being used to login. Not the user. Again, this incorrect. It should be showing which user of the the client has accessed the account.
  19. Hello, There appears to be no logging (Log or Emails) in a client account when a user in invited to an account. Is this a bug or an oversight? Be able to audit / track this is very important.
  20. Would you not be able to locate all the strings in the English file? As mentioned by Brian they would have 'ox' in the string name so maybe easy to search for them that way.
  21. It's a reasonable business decision to not exclude 'legacy' (non recurring income) access by default. But to deny it a reasonable cost is the insulting part. That's bloody frustrating and annoying but their business is focused on improved revenue. And as license holders we are realistically liabilities. WHMCS has moved on from its original user base, and if it's no longer fit for purpose then they're ok with that.
  22. https://blog.whmcs.com/133600/announcing-new-improvements-to-your-customer-experience
  23. I'd like to see owned license users that have an active support subscription be able to access chat support. We invested early and continue to pay a subscription. There's currently no way to get live chat support unless we abandon our investment and pay a monthly premium.
  24. It would be great if you'd provide some additional commentary now. There's lots of feedback and it appears to be falling on deaf ears.
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