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  1. The CLI version of PHP your running is most likely different to the PHP version your website is running on.
  2. It's almost a month and module updates for the current version of WHMCS are still not available because they don't support PHP 8. PHP 8 wasn't released overnight so why is it taking so long to update the modules you're selling?
  3. I turned on error reporting in the WHMCS config file, re-ran the check and the directory name showed up in the PHP error log.
  4. If you were testing your system and entered your email address (the one use as an admin) as the customers email address at the time of purchase it would make sense that the 'customer' email address received that message.
  5. That's an admin email. The customer doesn't get that one. Look at the email templates in the setup/configuration area.
  6. Please continue updating your modules to support WHMCS 8.6.x and PHP 8.1. It's taking a long time.
  7. I've identified the cause. There was a directory that wasn't readable and it was generating a 500 error. Perhaps the scanner could handle this type of exception instead of bombing out completely.
  8. Why, after all these years (especially given that WHMCS was developed in the UK), is there no British (and by default Australian) language translations available? US 'English' is not actually English. In US English words with S in them are shown as Z. Eg sanitise is shown as sanitize. In US English many words drop the U. Eg colour is shown as color. Is there an English translation file available? If not, why not?
  9. Hello. I am receiving the follow error message when attempt to run the PHP Version Compatibility utility.
  10. I've usually had quick replies from requests too. My current one about PHP 8.1 support is waiting a reply after 48 hours so far.
  11. Also check the gateway log in WHMCS. It will show if the payment request was made more than once.
  12. That would be expected wouldn't it? Logging in via gmail is really no different to entering the site login details. Once initially authenticated the second authentication method would kick in.
  13. @leemahoney3 that's a very compressive post. I hope the OP really does appreciate that you've assisted them with configuring their server, something that is not in the realm of WHMCS installation or support. You're very generous in help.
  14. 'View & Manage Contacts' is a User permission setting. It's not available to all users and must be set per user. That's the whole idea of permissions.
  15. Isn't that what the User permission of 'View & Manage Contacts' be for?
  16. We have to wait for a compatible version of WHMCS is made available. See https://blog.whmcs.com/133720/whmcs--php-81
  17. @WHMCS ChrisD any chance of a reply from WHMCS?
  18. @bear it very much feels that way. If these forums and the 'requests' aren't actively monitored it does more harm than good for reputation. Its a real shame. cPanel are great with their forums even though not an official support channel. They appreciate the value of customer interaction.
  19. I'm trying to vote for a feature but I'm being told You have voted for this idea this month. You will be able to vote again next month. But I haven't. There are features that have a lot more votes than others but seem to be ignored. Is the feature request tool actually used for feature development?
  20. If the message is sent via Google mail then the full header will originate with them would it not? All you will be able to supply is the sending OAuth user, To address, sender, subject and date/time.
  21. Correct this was my point. @yggdrasil I know how to upload themself, so please don't suggest that it may be too hard to do. I also have no expectation of a quick turnaround. But it would be nice to have it align to the default (and only official cPanel theme) and not get overwritten on updates.
  22. I am asking when WHMCS will update them.
  23. When will the sprites displayed in cPanel be updated to the new Jupiter cPanel theme? https://docs.whmcs.com/Application_Links_and_cPanel_Quick_Start_Guide The current icons/sprites look terrible.
  24. There are references to ea- in both. So yes there is something wrong. Rename them like I suggested and try again.
  25. If you view the source of the email message what's the URL for the image?
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