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Found 17 results

  1. Are you looking for Ready-Made WHMCS Knowledge-base which is based on Latest version of cPanel/Softaculous and Domain Registrars? - Professionally Written KB - 73 Articles, Step by Step with Images - Reviewed by peoples who is best in English and Grammar - Frequent Updates - Easy to Install (We will provide SQL File of WHMCS KB) - Free updates up-to 6 month - We're also working on 50 other Articles - Whitelabel Articles - Images will contain Watermark of your Company Name or Your Domain Name. Demo Article (Only 1 Article) Price: $49.9 More Info >> Order! Category List: + Backup/Restore + cPanel - Control Panel + Databases + DNS - Nameserver + Domain Management + Email + FTP + Mail Filters & SPAM + Others + Security + Softaculous For Checking List of Articles, Click on order link. Thanks.
  2. Hello, I have been struggling with this problem for some time now. In the file seo.tpl I am using: {if $LANG.globalsystemname eq "Portal Home"} to edit the seo for the homepage. The problem I encounter is that the seo of all the knowledge base articles is also changed into the homepage seo. this also happens when I use: {if $filename eq "index"} At the end of the file I am using: {else} <title>{if $kbarticle.title}{$kbarticle.title} - {/if}{$pagetitle} - {$companyname}</title> <meta name="description" content="{$kbarticle.text|truncate:210:"..."|strip_tags}" /> for the kb articles which works perfectly when I disable the homepage seo. As soon as I enable the homepage seo with one of the above options the kb articles all get the homepage seo. Is there a way to set the homepage seo without affecting the kb articles seo? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, René
  3. Hi Community, Its Normal behavior to be able to vote only once on an article BUT now if you go to any other article, after rating/voting just a single article, the message appears above all articles you happen browse to : Thanks for rating the article for us Thanks for looking into this, I would like to know if anyone of you members see this behavior please. Greets Wolf
  4. Hi everybody, i found an issue in knowledgebase articles. When is rate one article i get the message "Thanks for rating the article for us", but if i go now to another article it seems that i have rated this article also. This goes with all articles. If i have rated one article, i've rated all articles. I have tested this at my installation and also in the whmcs knowledgebase (https://www.whmcs.com/members/index.php/knowledgebase).
  5. Hello there I find this client area searching on google, I can assume it is WHMCS 🙄 but i have saw that it uses pictures on knowledgebase client area...from WHMCS admin I did not see a way to add pictures. Any idea how to add pictures? PS: I have edit named and some picture due to possible copyright and not to expose others website.
  6. This script will add support for Non-Latin characters in WHMCS Knowledge Base URLs. by default WHMCS allow only Latin (a-z) characters in SEO URLs, after installing this action hook all Knowledge Base URLs will be re-generated and all Non-Latin characters will be translated to Latin characters and give you valid and search engine friendly URLs. Mod Type: Action Hook This Mod features: 1) Re-Generate URLs for articles and categories inside WHMCS knowledge base. 2) Re-Generate URLs for bread crumbs in the same section to. 3) No template modification required. How to Install: 1) Download the ZIP from: http://whmcms.com/downloads/6/Free-Hooks-and-addons-modules#item1 2) Upload the contents from #1 to " /includes/hooks/ " directory 3) Activate "KB SEO Friendly URLs" feature from Admin area > Setup > General Settings > Support tab.
  7. How do I display client tickets tablelist (like in clientarea home panel) on knowledgebase.tpl or static page? When i explored the /feed/ folder, it doesn't look like anything relevant is there - perhaps data feeds are not available option (https://docs.whmcs.com/Data_Feeds). So would I make a hook? That makese sense. I tried to make an includes/hook/display-tickets-help.php file and copy / pasted things I gathered on forums but that's not good. I get oops error and break site. Stock theme on WHMCS 7.4.* - this is the hook that is giving me trouble: https://pastebin.com/r1wYxYE7 https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks/hook-index/ https://whmcs.community/topic/284977-hook-to-display-todo-list-to-public-or-logged-in-clients/ tried changing 1 to 0 at the very bottom "add_hook("ClientAreaPage", 0, "display_help_tickets");" (don't think it matters though) Thanks for looking this over if you are thinking about helping out. :)
  8. Howdy WHMCS Community, using WHMCS 7.4.1 I was wondering how I could tweak / adjust the breadcrump for knowledgebase. It looks like when I use {debug} the top level or parent category isn't loaded on the article page. kb home > cat 1 > subcat 2 > kb article OR kb home > cat 1 > subcat 2 > subcat 3 > kb article (what i desire) kb home > cat 2 > kb article (what it currently is) The breadcrumbs just remove and wipe out the parent cat. Might you know of a hook to possible to display full breadcrumb?
  9. Why when I change a page of pages is added meta but in the knowledge base is not there is something? missing this is my meta {if $metadescription}<meta name="description" content="{$metadescription}" />{/if} this is my hook if ($vars['filename'] == "knowledgebase"){ $metakeywords = $_LANG['keywordsknowledgebase']; $metadescription = $_LANG['descriptionknowledgebase']; } is there a problem
  10. Hi! I’ve purchased a third party addon, pre made WHMCS kb articles, but now my knowledgebase is realy slow. Looked into the database and saw that the ID’s are starting from 2001. Could the ID be a problem?
  11. Hello guys, I'm customizing the six template for my non-latin language and also making the urls seo friendly. but since the WHMCS built-in seo friendly feature only supports a-z characters I've decided to modify some htaccess and template codes to achieve my goal. I was almost successful except for knowledgebase sidebar urls that are still shows up in WHMCS way (a-z chars). Any ideas how to modify sidebar urls as well? I want the knowledgebase sidebar urls to be like this : {$WEB_ROOT}/help/{$kbcat.id}
  12. May you please offer wisdom to help me achieve my desired URL for knowledgebase? rename knowledgebase to kb rearrange, so {$kbarticle.urlfriendlytitle} appears before {$kbarticle.id} hide / remove / trim and or redirect extensions *trailing slash *force lowercase * = extra fancy, but still, highly desirable original / stock http://domain.com/knowledgebase/1/Test.html new (what I currently have with code below) http://domain.com/kb/Test-1.html * rearrange and rename knowledge to kb desire http://domain.com/kb/test-1 *force lowercase, remove extension and rearrange and rename Here is my current code .htaccess: RewriteRule ^kb/[a-z0-9_-]+\-([0-9]+).html$ ./knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=$1 [L,NC] RewriteRule ^knowledgebase/([0-9]+)/([^/]*)$ ./knowledgebase.php?action=displaycat&catid=$1 [L,NC] RewriteRule ^knowledgebase$ ./knowledgebase.php [L,NC] Here is the original stock .htaccess on fresh WHMCS install: RewriteRule ^knowledgebase/([0-9]+)/[a-z0-9_-]+\.html$ ./knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=$1 [L,NC] RewriteRule ^knowledgebase/([0-9]+)/([^/]*)$ ./knowledgebase.php?action=displaycat&catid=$1 [L,NC] RewriteRule ^knowledgebase$ ./knowledgebase.php [L,NC] I've already fired up some template files, like these: knowledgebasecat.tpl knowledgebasearticle.tpl knowledgebase.tpl After I launched up the file, I didn't have to customize that much, and I just cut / paste some code, for example: stock code line #34 <a href="{if $seofriendlyurls}{$WEB_ROOT}/[u]knowledgebase/{$kbcat.id}/{$kbcat.urlfriendlyname}[/u]{else}knowledgebase.php?action=displaycat&catid={$kbcat.id}{/if}"> new code <a href="{if $seofriendlyurls}{$WEB_ROOT}/[u]kb/{$kbcat.urlfriendlyname}-{$kbcat.id}[/u]{else}knowledgebase.php?action=displaycat&catid={$kbcat.id}{/if}"> --- sources that helped me out, but didn't get me 100% desired results: #1 = http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9608366/remove-index-php-from-url-with-htaccess/9619319?noredirect=1#comment64671812_9619319 #2 = https://alexcican.com/post/how-to-remove-php-html-htm-extensions-with-htaccess/
  13. Our Time Tracking Center For WHMCS has been bolstered up to help you ensure the highest efficiency of time and assets management in your company! Among numerous new conveniences, version 1.3.0 introduces the ability to define the urgency level and set the extra hourly rate per each task. What is more, 'Start Counter' button has been implemented in a ticket system to let you supervise the time spent on responding and bill your clients for it accordingly! Changelog - v1.3.0: New Feature: Bill for time spent on solving tickets New Feature: Define task urgency New Feature: Define 'Extra Hourly Rate' per task New Feature: Decide if prepaid hours should be reset each month New Feature: Reset prepaid hours of recurring product each month New Feature: Edit number of hours & incidents pre-purchased per client New Feature: Edit billable items New Feature: Define product to which 'Buy Additional Hours' is linked Improvement: Minor tweaks Bug Fix: Minor fixes Find Out More About Time Tracking Center For WHMCS! It gives us great pleasure to announce that our gripping promotion is back! Do not hesitate and jump at the chance to save up to $500 on your project - simply submit your request and our advisor will provide you with all further details! See what's on the list of latest releases: Hosting Renewals For WHMCS – v2.5.7 WWD GoDaddy Domains For WHMCS – v2.2.3 Bulk Orders Center For Magento – v1.2.0 Liquid Web Storm Servers For WHMCS – v1.1.3 Coming soon: DNS Manager For WHMCS – v.2.2.0 Proxmox VPS & Cloud For WHMCS – v2.1.0 DirectAdmin Extended For WHMCS – v2.0.0 Need Custom Software Development For Your Business? Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
  14. This addon will 301 redirect to the correct Search Engine Friendly URL. THE PROBLEM: After changing some knowledgebase article's titles, I've noticed that articles can be accessed through old URI as well. Even worse, can be accessed using any URI as long as it has the ID inside the path. Announcements have the same behavior as well. For example, all URLs below will show the same content: 1: yourdomain.com/knowledgebase/15/Transferring-Your-Domain-from-NameCheapcom.html 2: yourdomain.com/knowledgebase/15/Transfer-your-Domain-from-NameCheap.html 3: yourdomain.com/knowledgebase/15/JUST-ANYTHING.html This is a extremely negative for SEO as it produce duplicate content. SOLUTION: This addon will fix that by 301 redirecting to the correct Search Engine Friendly URL. For More Details please visit our WHMCS Addons page.
  15. What it would be the solution to embed a YouTube video on WHMCS knowledgebase section, and be able to use the fullscreen mode on Google Chrome? After embedding the video, is not possible to use the fullscreen mode on Google chrome, it doesn't work. My customers are getting frustrated about that. Any alternative or solution would be very appreciate it. Thank you.
  16. Enables users to Quickly Find and select from a pre-populated list of your WHMCS Knowledgebase Articles as they type, leveraging searching and filtering. Articles marked as Private in WHMCS > Support > Knowledgebase will not be included. One Time price with Free Lifetime updates. Visit our WHMCS Addons page for Price and Screenshot.
  17. I've been testing the knowledgebase suggestions that appear before ticket submission, and they are way off. I'm posting very specific questions that have very specific articles and either they never appear, or flash for a few seconds while you type the ticket text, and then are replaced by more generic ones. I think this is due to the fact that they are ordered by the number of votes ("useful"). Also, there are some words that are bound to appear a lot, like "domains" or "hosting", so whenever the question includes those, you are shown the top-rated articles that features the words domains and hosting the most. Is there a way to replace these suggestions, maybe with a different MySQL query? A module with some configuration/weighting options would be very useful here.
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