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Lock customers into one billing payment method

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I have some customers that are questionable and I would like to only allow them to use Paypal for the fraud protection.


Is there a way we can add an option to not allow customers to change their billing option?


For example: I just had a guy sign up with a check, it looked questionable so I changed him to Paypal and voided the payment.


But now he can change it back and use a check or credit card which is not safe.




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Hi Charles,


you may have to do a number of things to prevent this from occurring...


1. setup -> general settings -> invoices -> Clients Choose Gateway --> (untick the box).




Enabling will display a dropdown menu on the invoice allowing customers to choose which gateway they use to pay each invoice. When disabled each invoice will use the gateway the client chose upon signup.


2. modify the client area details template (clientareadetails.tpl) and remove the "Payment Method" dropdown.


3. assign this guy (and similar) clients to a Client Group - http://docs.whmcs.com/Client_Groups


once they're added to a client group, you could then modify your order-form template to hide alternative payment options for this group... e.g members of this group can only use Paypal on new orders, everyone else can use Paypal, check, credit card etc...


it should just require one simple {if} statement in viewcart.tpl - i've posted similar code in the forums previously for hiding payment options based on various factors... yours would need to use the $clientsdetails.groupid array value to determine which client group (if any) a logged in client belongs to.

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