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About Me

Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I've been unable to find other posts on the topic, should there be any I am sorry for posting. I am looking for a way to place orders that will be flagged as fraud. This is in order to test some post fraud check hooks. I have tried Maxmind/Fraudlabs with bogus zip codes, hotmail email, high risk countries. Orders just pass trough as OK. If anyone has any suggestions as to triggering fraud check with automatic listing as fraud-order please share. Setting a order to fraud manually is not an option, as certain hooks does not trigger with this behavior. Cheers
  2. Hello again everyone! Today we're releasing Vendor 2.0 due to popular demand and to keep in line with the fast development pace of WHMCS! Do you sell product or license keys? Are you tired of wasting time manually distributing and renewing keys? Sell without lifting a finger using Vendor for WHMCS, automating the distribution of license and product keys. Vendor allows you to sell any predefined strings such as license keys, product keys, usernames, passwords and serial numbers to your customers. Simply upload your keys and Vendor will instantly assign keys to the customer when they purchase and pay you via your WHMCS. Like all of our WHMCS modules, Vendor is 100% unencrypted and open source. We put a lot of pride into our work and we're not ashamed to show you, at the same time removing the concern about malicious code and a black hole of unmaintained code. Primary features: Google reCAPTCHA support to help prevent fraud Optional customisable client area template No template changes required Automated distribution of license keys to customers Easily create license 'groups' Assign a custom number of keys to a service from a group Produce 'bundles' that will distribute any number of keys from different groups assigned to one WHMCS service Optional automatic renewal of keys Optional recycling of keys Optional enforcement of unique keys per group Set your own optional welcome and renewal emails to be sent with the keys Complete event logging with admin details Search all keys with WHMCS intelligent search (WHMCS V7.7+) Responsive GUI, written in Vue.js making it lightening fast to use Built in documentation We're reactive developers! Have a feature request? We'll add it quickly, at no extra cost. Read more information about Vendor 2.0 >> Thank you for your support as always. Josh Bonfield Grizzlyware Ltd We're also currently running a 50% off promotion for the remainder of October!
  3. Wouldn't it be great, if you could manually review risky orders before activating them, while allowing orders passing your fraud checks to auto-activate ? That makes sense, right ? .. but while this might be perfect for some payment gateways, it might not work for others .. That's exactly why we created Lara Fraud Control. Lara Fraud Control will allow you to set fraud check settings per payment gateway , as follows : Disable Fraud check completely, per gateway. Enable Fraud check, and take one of the following actions, if an order Fails the MaxMind Fraud check : Reject the order before payment, and prevent further orders during the same session. Allow Order and accept payment, but mark order as 'Awaiting Manual Review', and don't auto-activate after payment. Allow Order and accept payment, then activate the order, if WHMCS is set to auto-activate after payment. This module will pay for itself, with the first paid order that you will manually review and pass, while in the absence of Lara Faud Control, that same order would have been unpaid, marked as fraud and rejected. Additional Notes : Rejected orders, will show a generic message to customers, giving them the option to open a support ticket. Awaiting Manual Review orders, will act as any paid pending order, giving you or your staff the chance to manually check the order before activation (similar to setting WHMCS to "Automatically setup the product when you manually accept a pending order"). Accepted orders and orders Passing MaxMind Fraud check will complete normally, as per your WHMCS settings (auto activate/wait for manual review .. etc). The module will use your current MaxMind settings and will also Skip Fraud Check for existing customers, if "Skip Fraud Check for Existing" is enabled in your WHMCS ordering settings. As with all of our modules, you'll get : Full Source Code, 100% source code provided. No encoded/encrypted files. Updates & Support, 12 Months of Free updates and support. Including new features, bug fixes and WHMCS Updates. Get the module now for only $9.99 and take control in your hands .. That's a discounted price ! .. Act quickly, as THIS OFFER IS LIMITED.
  4. The module just gives this error when I click it in the addons section addon Lara Fraud. When I click on the addon Lara Fraud Control i get There is no admin output for this module It also does not seem to work. It's supposed to move fraud orders to a new section and well it does the same as if the addon was not there.
  5. So, I've been looking into this a little bit... Diving into it. The "fraud" module is kind of laid out like a module. Noticed the following functions: getConfigArray() return configarray() doFraudCheck($params) return results() getResultsArray($results) resultarray() When I configured the getConfigArray() and setup the array as such: function getConfigArray() { $configarray = array( "Enable" => array( "Type" => "yesno", "Description" => "Tick to enable My Fraud Module" ), ); return $configarray; } //end configArray when I select the fraud module from the list, it wont display the option. Any help?
  6. What is Fraud Banning Manager? Fraud banning manager module work with any fraud services provider like maxmind.com. The fraud banning manager detect any fraud activity on your website fraud banning manager count how many times the customer try to order and blocked by the fraud provider. if the customer reach the number of fraud that you have setup in the fraud banning manager setting it will ban the customer ip and stop him from making more orders Why do you need it? Some companies have high fraud activity on their website and for that we developed the fraud banning manager module so it can help this companies to stop those customers from making many orders just to test some fake information so that the fraud provider pass them from fraud checking. Sometimes the customer live in a country and work in another country but he use his original country address and this activate the fraud provider and block the customer but the customer still try to order and get blocked again with fraud banning manager module it will limit the number of order by banning the customer How it works? After installing the fraud banning manager module the admin can enter the number of failed fraud attempts. the module will counts the failed fraud attempts and if it reach the number that the admin setup in the module settings it will add the customer ip in the "Banned IPs" and ban the customer from using the website for 30 days. The admin can remove the banning ip from the "Banned IPs" buy going to SETUP > OTHER > Banned IPs Features Setup a failed fraud attempts Work with any fraud services provider Add banning ip to "Banned IPs" View the product Page View all our works and Products
  7. We have our own custom fraud check system which we run alongside MaxMind. I am trying to get our system to abort the payment process if an order fails our fraud check. I have tried running on hook AfterFraudCheck but I get no variable values back at all. When I run on RunFraudCheck and use the API command FraudOrder I get a success return but the order still goes through the payment process. Q1. Why am I getting no variable values on AfterFraudCheck hook? Q2. How can I stop the payment process if an order fails our custom fraud check? Any help greatly appreciated.
  8. I had a fraud guy somehow manage to get 5 domains registered with my Enom API. Is there anyway to get that payment back? I assume it's lost forever. I've set everything to manually review now.
  9. First they discontinued their Telephone verification service, now for those that were fortunate to have a free Maxmind minFraud from the promotion WHMCS ran a while back, then we are going to have to take out a subscription with them as just got this email
  10. I created a fraud module for WHMCS v5.2 (after scouring the internet for some examples) and now since I upgraded to v5.3, the module doesn't work properly. I'm assuming that WHMCS has changed something and this has caused it to stop working and since the PHP is encoded, I can't just look at the fraud modules. I've looked everywhere but can't find anything on how the fraud modules work in WHMCS v5.3. The WHMCS documentation has documentation for everything, except for fraud modules. Is there a reason for this? Why can't developers know how the fraud modules work?
  11. I would like to find a way to make the fraud check only run for certain products. I know this is not possible out of the box. Does anyone have any suggestions on how this could be achieved? I have an experienced developer on hand, but we are stumped for idea's on how to do this because of the closed source nature of WHMCS. Could it be done by creating an Addon? Suggestions please? Our use case is this: we offer a free trial product (non hosting) that we don't want to run fraud check on. We only want to run fraud check when someone upgrades from this free trial product. Or if they sign straight up for a paid product without a free trial first.
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