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  1. I solved myself: <?php # Cart Gateway Translation Hook # Originally written by brian! and edited by Lizzus function hook_cart_gateway_translation($vars) { if ($vars['templatefile'] == 'viewcart' || $vars['templatefile'] == 'order') { $gateways = $vars['gateways']; foreach($gateways as $key => $gateway) { $transstring = 'gateway.'.$key; $transgateway = Lang::trans($transstring); if ($transgateway != $transstring) { $gateway['transname'] = $transgateway; } else { $gateway['transname'] = $gateway['name']; } $gateways[$key]['name'] = $gateway['transname']; } return array("gateways" => $gateways); } } add_hook('ClientAreaPageCart', 1, 'hook_cart_gateway_translation'); ?> This work fine with ThemeMetro Croster theme (also for onepage cart).
  2. Hi @brian! an thanks for fantastic help you do here. I need a Hook only form translating gateway name (without images). Can you help me?
  3. Hello to all community users. I would like to disable some payment gateways when the amount to be paid on the shopping cart or invoice payment form. Any advice and help? thank you
  4. Are from different product group, but both product group use same custom order form template
  5. very strange. it seems to be using the default_cart and not the customized one.
  6. I empy template cache and all other cache, but problem not solving...
  7. Hello everyone. Thanks again to those who helped me in the past few days in customizing my whmcs template. Today I'm customizing the last aspects of the template. Specifically I'm setting up whmcsroot/templates/orderforms/custom_orderforms_name/viewcart.tpl I'm trying to modify the "Continue shopping" link in order to redirect to a page I created (for example custom_page.php) Original code of viewcart.tpl is <a href="cart.php" class="btn btn-link btn-continue-shopping" id="continueShopping"> {$LANG.orderForm.continueShopping} </a> and i change with <a href="custom_page.php" class="btn btn-link btn-continue-shopping" id="continueShopping"> {$LANG.orderForm.continueShopping} </a> This change appears to have no effect. I also tried putting some text in the divs to see if it appeared on the page, but it doesn't appear. At first I was thinking of a cache problem, but even after clearing the cache the problem remains the same. It is as if any changes I make to the template are ignored.
  8. iHi Brian. Tha nks for fast answer. I know. But i need to remove only from one template. If i remove from admin area will be effect to all templates
  9. Hi, I removed with help of @brian! the sidebar menu. Ate the moment sidebar not appear!. Remain only Toggle Option button on cart.php page. I checked on orderforms/mycustomorderform/products.tpl if is present button, but i not find it. now i think that to remove it i have to make, as i did with brian's code, an exception on hook. Can you help me? I'm at the very end of my panel customization. Thank you
  10. Hello everyone. I use whmcs with cpanel. I made 3 hosting plans and everything works fine. Of course I also set up the possibility of upgrading / downgrading from one plan to another. I wanted to ask you: but if a user by chance only needs more space and not other features provided for the plan, how can I do? thanks.
  11. solved myself: {ucwords($sld|replace:'-':' ')}
  12. I need to use ucwords and str_replace. I found str_replace function here: https://developers.whmcs.com/themes/functions/, but nothing for ucwords functions. My string is: Ucwords(str_replace('-', ' ', $sld));
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