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WHMCS Manager => Desktop WHMCS Manager


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Welcome all, in the last few weeks I have been working in a new project. Using GAMBAS I developed a desktop application for managing almost all aspects of the front-end of WHMCS. To show some of its aspects I have uploaded a screenshot loaded with example data.


WHMCS Manager v1.0 BETA1


*Sensitive data has been erased from the screenshots





Main-Screen Information:

  • General Stats
  • Clients List
  • Support-Ticket List
  • Orders List
  • Admin Notes (including the possibility to save what you write)




Client Details:

  • Opened by double-clicking a client in the "Clients List"






Order Actions:

  • Opened by double-clicking an order in the "Orders List"

*Buttons disabled indicates that an order can not be taken directly to that status






Ticket Details:

  • Opened by double-clicking a ticket in the "Ticket List"




Ticket-Details Information & Actions:

  • General Information
  • Client Information (By clicking the light lamp)
  • Delete Ticket
  • Add Reply
  • Add an Admin Note




Reply to support tickets:

*As of now, the WHMCS's api doesen't supports the status update. I will implement it as soon as its available












To-Do Items List:






General Configuration:






Because of image limitations, I wasn't able to post 4 images. I will add them later as a reply.


One of the main concerns about using this app would be "how is private data (e.g admin username and password) managed." Well, I cant ensure that by myself (obviously) so I am open to send the source code to any WHMCS Staff to be reviewed.


Any WHMCS member is invited to test the Open BETA, which will last until September 1st. After that day, and depending on the application development. BETA will be closed and the application use will be charged.


The BETA license will be locked to be used by only one user of only one WHMCS installation. It will also allow the user to use this license key in only 1 installation and will expire once the BETA end-line is reached.




Technical Details:


Development Language: GAMBAS + PHP


Supported O.S.: Debian Based (Ubuntu, etc), Fedora Based (Red Hat, etc), OpenSUSE, Mandriva

Price: Free until BETA End-Line (Final price to be announced)



Hard Drive: < 1 MB

RAM Memory: < 10 MB

CPU: Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon XP 2600+ or equivalent

Internet Connection: Required


You will need to install the GAMBAS Runtime and the corresponding components. All of this are configured as dependencies, so they will be automatically downloaded when installing.






The WHMCS Manager uses an interface to perform some routines in your WHMCS installation, for this to work properly you will need to setup 2 unrestricted IP's, yours and the interface ( You will also need the administrator permission to allow you to use the API, this can be configured in the General Settings >Administrator Roles.


IP Permission can be configured from from General Settings > Security in your administration panel.


And nothing else, just start the app and follow th installation wizard.




Bugs Report:


As this software is in an early stage of development I would ask every user that participates in the BETA to report any bug you may find by filling a simple form in http://bugs.whoisar.com.ar. Please be as specific as you can so that the bug can be solved in an effective way.

Change-logs and Road-maps will also be shown here.






Due to incompatibility between new releases and old releases, once an update is released you will only be able to continue using the software by updating it. This can be done in the Client Area, which will be explained bellow.




Client Area & BETA Sign In:


To be able to participate in the BETA release you will need to fill a request by heading to http://licensing.whoisar.com.ar, the following part is extremely simple. Just sign in and buy the free Open BETA product.


Once the process is completed a new license product will appear in your home screen. By clicking it you will be able to see all the license details included a file list for you to download the right build depending on your system.

In this screen you will also be able to edit the URL and the username your license is bound to. (please don't abuse of this feature)




Licensing & BETA Ending:


To manage the application usage I have implemented a licensing system. The license will be checked in every start up. If the app isn't able to connect to the licensing server the application won't start up, as the interface is stored in the same location.

Once the beta period has ended, yo will be able to buy a new license key right from the Clients Area, you will then need to update your WHMCS Manager configuration to change to the new license key,


Supported WHMCS's Versions:

This software has been developed using WHMCS 4.1.2, so actual (4.2.1) and future (4.3.x) versions should be compatible too. If you encounter any error or incompatibility issue please fill a bug in the Tracking System so it can be fixed as soon as possible




Future & In-Development Features:


  • Manage General Configuration
  • Add orders
  • Set Tickets Status


If you have any question, feature request or any comment please post it and share your opinion

Edited by whoisar
Supported OS Correction
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Looks good, few questions,


Your license system


Is it 1 license per a desktop install ? or 1 license per a whmcs ?

Also if it checks everytime at start up, If your license server it down when checking, does it still launch or not ? eg run off a local key



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No. The license key is from the WHMCS Manager. Not the WHMCS's one. Also. If the licensing server is down so will be the interface, meaning that it will not parse the data correctly


local licensing will be imemented for oficial release


Finally. The beta version is bounded to one user and one whmcs installation. For the final release there will be plans to manage that aspects

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What advantages does this offer over accessing the web interface directly?


Just a faster and easy to use interface. I think it's easier and faster to manage the supported aspects right from the desktop. In the future, some things that can not be done easili using the web interface will be implemented in this application.


Right now it's just a testing period, so no conclutions can be taken. But new functions and features will be developed

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Certainly looks very cool. I think a Windows version is a must though.


I agree with John. Limiting yourself to presumably just Linux is probably not the way to go. The majority of the people using such a tool would likely either be on Windows or Mac. But hey, its a start. Nice work.


thanks both for your replies. I am aware that a huge percent of the market uses Windows, but I still haven't started to convert the GAMBAS code to VB. Thought it seems easy it's a hard thing to do


If everything goes right I will start converting it this week. I won't assure anything but I really hope I can get a Windows version of this software.

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John;158628']This looks great. If a support ticket comes in' date=' does the application make a noise or anything to alert staff?[/quote']


Not for now, but it's a good idea


Today I have started to translate the application to VisualBasic. If everything goes right in a few weeks it should be ready. I will keep you informed by periodic post In this topic

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Yes this is what i was hoping to see from WHMCS, Will this app store the data locally or will it be retrieving it remotely everytime?


I run a design studio and we offer hosting to our clients but it is not our main service and so we take advantage of the other client management aspects of WHMCS and so in the event our internet or server is down for whatever reason as of now we would lose access to all of our clients information. To be able to have a desktop app that could sync with the remote server as sort of a cloud application so we will always have access to our clients info would be fantastic. A good example of this type of app is Elements CRM by Ntractive but their pricing is pretty high compared to other services like it. We keep local versions of everything but then we have duplicates and it becomes very cumbersome trying keep both versions up to date. This app would basically take care of that for us aside from the actual data file backup.


This is for another topic but it would be nice to see WHMCS integrate a more robust task and project management system into the mix much like Elements CRM because right now we have to use separate systems for that, it would be nice to be able to record a project's details and time logs, assign an employee to it, maybe even collaborative elements such as notes and file uploads associated with a particular client and then be able to automatically create the invoice from information when the project is completed.


But for now anything that will allow us to access and manage client data offline is a step in the right direction

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