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  1. If you need any help sorting that out @gei, please let me know - I've done that for two large hosts now, one of them from any other registrar (which allows for consolidating varied portfolios) --> to the new one. Happy to answer any questions.
  2. That's not currently possible! We have a module which has to be both an addon and server module, the way we got around that was to put all of the logic into the addon module, and just have the server module require the file from the addon. That way, customers only have to upgrade the addon module and never touch the server one, and the addon module can handle all the logic and hooks etc.
  3. Hi there, What you've described should be possible with hooks, you could modify an invoice after order and the EmailPreSend hook to stop the invoice being sent out. Once the changes have been made, you could then send it out to the user. You would also have to read the services custom field value to determine what to do, but it's all possible. Feel free to PM me if you want to chat in any more detail 🙂 Hope you get it sorted. Josh
  4. WHMCS addon modules can only have one output function in the main module file (leave_module.php in your case). You could use a GET variable to determine what to display, combined with a switch statement: switch($_GET['page']) { case 'settings': // show settings break; default: // show home page break; } That is a very rudimental example, but it should point you in the right direction 🙂
  5. Can you show where you are instantiating your CoolClass instance please? What you've shown so far looks like it should work, however I suspect you're calling it without first initialising WHMCS (and its autoloader).
  6. Hello again everyone! Today we're releasing Vendor 2.0 due to popular demand and to keep in line with the fast development pace of WHMCS! Do you sell product or license keys? Are you tired of wasting time manually distributing and renewing keys? Sell without lifting a finger using Vendor for WHMCS, automating the distribution of license and product keys. Vendor allows you to sell any predefined strings such as license keys, product keys, usernames, passwords and serial numbers to your customers. Simply upload your keys and Vendor will instantly assign keys to the customer when they purchase and pay you via your WHMCS. Like all of our WHMCS modules, Vendor is 100% unencrypted and open source. We put a lot of pride into our work and we're not ashamed to show you, at the same time removing the concern about malicious code and a black hole of unmaintained code. Primary features: Google reCAPTCHA support to help prevent fraud Optional customisable client area template No template changes required Automated distribution of license keys to customers Easily create license 'groups' Assign a custom number of keys to a service from a group Produce 'bundles' that will distribute any number of keys from different groups assigned to one WHMCS service Optional automatic renewal of keys Optional recycling of keys Optional enforcement of unique keys per group Set your own optional welcome and renewal emails to be sent with the keys Complete event logging with admin details Search all keys with WHMCS intelligent search (WHMCS V7.7+) Responsive GUI, written in Vue.js making it lightening fast to use Built in documentation We're reactive developers! Have a feature request? We'll add it quickly, at no extra cost. Read more information about Vendor 2.0 >> Thank you for your support as always. Josh Bonfield Grizzlyware Ltd We're also currently running a 50% off promotion for the remainder of October!
  7. @tiagocaus sorry it's a bit late of a reply, but you can do this with a hook on service created (using the auto release module) or order created. If you are writing your own module, you could edit the custom field value using Salmon: // Assign the data store to a variable for shorter example $customFieldDataStore = $service->customFieldStore(); // Fetch the custom field $customFieldValue = $customFieldDataStore->getCustomFieldValue($customFieldDataStore->getFieldByName('Chave')); // From which you can then set a new value $customFieldValue->value = md5(microtime()); // And save it $customFieldValue->save(); More docs: https://github.com/grizzlyware/salmon-whmcs/wiki/Custom-fields Hope this helps! 🙂
  8. Grizzlyware is proud to release Unit Tracker, which was built to satisfy our own needs for billing clients for hourly work. We then expanded on that idea to support billing any unit, be that time or units of licenses for example. It can support different price and tiers for different clients and/or client groups, allowing you to automatically discount units to certain customers without having to remember their unique pricing arrangements. Ideal for agencies selling time and offering discounts over a certain number of hours in a week, month, year or however long or short you want. Set different hourly rates for different clients and client groups Easily allow bulk discounts e.g. £40 per hour for the first 10 hours in a week, followed by £35 for subsequent hours Automatically calculate invoices based on your custom price ranges and hours worked - no more complex calculations! Input hours worked throughout the week and simply generate the invoice when desired at the touch of a button Generate invoices as drafts, allowing you to validate them before sending to clients Optional inclusion of tax for each type of unit you sell Automatically generated breakdowns of billable totals, pricing tiers and historic totals Fully responsive, allowing you to add entries on the go Documentation provided directly in the app You can read more and view the screenshots here: https://www.grizzlyware.com/apps/whmcs/unit-tracker/ As with all of our code, it's unencrypted, written to a high standard and backed by our excellent customer service. Any questions of feature requests, please let us know! Thank you, Josh
  9. Hi @malin, I just added custom field support to Salmon for you, so you can do the following: $service->customFieldStore()->operating_system; I hope this helps you! 🙂 More docs here: https://github.com/grizzlyware/salmon-whmcs/wiki/Custom-fields
  10. Not exactly documentation to the tables, as a lot of the models extend the WHMCS ones which define the tables, but you can see a fair number of the models here: https://github.com/grizzlyware/salmon-whmcs/tree/master/src/Grizzlyware/Salmon/WHMCS
  11. Hey @jes_jor, That sounds like a useful tool, especially with the multiple parts of a license, we’d like to offer to build that for you and offer you a discount on the licensing fee as a thank you for the suggestion. We would be able to get this ready pretty quickly for you too! Feel free to drop me an email and we can discuss how exactly you'd like it to work? 🙂 Best regards, Josh
  12. Hi all, Grizzlyware has just released Ranger for WHMCS, which will allow you to generate, manage and distribute license keys for software that you sell, via WHMCS. It's much like the WHMCS 'Licensing' module, however it has only just been released, so while it's fully functional and full featured, there is more to be added. We built Ranger to satisfy our own needs, it's open source and allows developers to license their software in the field. This is a WHMCS module which uses the Ranger framework. You can of course use the Ranger library on its own if you prefer. The module is bundled with email templates too. It's free - There is no charge for this module or the Ranger framework, all of the source code is available online as well as a packaged up WHMCS module. More information can be found here: https://www.grizzlyware.com/apps/whmcs/ranger/ We will have more WHMCS modules coming out in the not too distant future too. With that said, we just released 'Email Catcher' which scans your ticket replies for mismatched client email addresses (so you don't send an email address to the wrong client). Any questions or confusion, please give me a shout. Thank you, Josh
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