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  1. Hi All From Tomorrow and EU business cannot charge a fee for accepting card payments (this also includes Paypal and Applepay) https://www.which.co.uk/news/2018/01/rip-off-card-surcharges-to-end/
  2. Read the WHMCS documentation. It is advised not to have WHMCS on the same server as your clients. you look at it this way. WHMCS is a billing and client management system, so you have this on the same server as your clients and opps that server has an issue and goes down. Now how are you going to contact your clients and more importantly how are your clients going to contact you to find out what has happened to their site. This will lose you more clients. You can pick up a VPS for $5 a month that will run WHMCS ( you dont need WHM/cpanel). It is bad practice to run WHMCS on a shared environment
  3. Very risky having WHMCS on a shared plan, you are better off having this on a VPS and if possible a different 1 to where your clients are held
  4. blank dashboard

    Hi I just upgraded to 7.3.0 and in the admin area the dashboard is blank and i cant see anywhere to place any widgets and their is no little cog
  5. TH Data Breach Notifications

    Got this thinking it would be a good addition to my services offered, but in a month i have got several emails as below 'Subject: Cron <********@westfold> php -f /home/********/public_html/*******/modules/addons/th_data_breach_notifications/cron.php Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2017 07:40:32 +0100 From: Cron Daemon [email protected]*********** To: ************************* License Error' so opened yet another ticket with them as clearly they have a issue with their licence server. not even used this for a month and all these issues
  6. Invoice generated when adding funds

    But like a lot of countries an invoice is needed. Take me in the UK, if add funds then this is giving money from my business bank to my server provider to hold for me until i use it, but for business purposes to keep HMRC (Her Majesty Revenue and Customs) happy i have to show an invoice/receipt for every payment
  7. Hi It has been a while since i have seen these tickets I got a ticket overnight with the {php}eval(base64_decode from the IP which originate in Singapore. They wont get in as i have all the extra security.
  8. New Gocardless module

    I only had 4 clients paying via DD, so not worth me paying the £35 for this module, just wish GC would stop sending me emails regarding changing to the new API
  9. New Gocardless module

    only if you want it automated, you can still use GC to process payments, but you would need to set it up and mark invoices as paid manually
  10. New Gocardless module

    dont add the http:// or www. just use the domain name
  11. i would assume it is to provision these services https://www.cloudways.com, but i would be wary of purchasing this as if you check the links in the OPs signature as they state 'Down for Maintenance (Err 3) We are closing our business. We are looking for best offer to make a sale. If you are interested to take over, please contactus at "[email protected]". so would they be around to support this module
  12. whmcsmoduleshop seems to be dead

    This is the first part of the message i got the new re-encoded version did not work, but still it does not excuse why tickets from me and others have not been answered since Jan. 2017, must have been some tech glitch for 8 months of silence
  13. whmcsmoduleshop seems to be dead

    i got message from him, but for some reason it wont let me PM it to you. seems the collection agency got his attention
  14. What do you use for client backups?

    We use Jetbackup, which we have it set to give all clients 3GB of free backups and then after that they pay £1 for every 3GB
  15. whmcsmoduleshop seems to be dead

    UPDATE: He ignored Paypal, so i got refund on the 3 payments i claimed against. and Paypal are looking into his account as they have had a fair amount of chargebacks on his account recently. He also never replied to my Letter giving him 14 days to refund me for all the support addons that i have paid and that run until 2018, so i passed the details to a commercial debt agency. I also phoned his local Trading Standards Dept. and guess what they are already investigating him as they have had several complaints of him taking money and not providing any service

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