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  1. Hello again everyone! Today we're releasing Vendor 2.0 due to popular demand and to keep in line with the fast development pace of WHMCS! Do you sell product or license keys? Are you tired of wasting time manually distributing and renewing keys? Sell without lifting a finger using Vendor for WHMCS, automating the distribution of license and product keys. Vendor allows you to sell any predefined strings such as license keys, product keys, usernames, passwords and serial numbers to your customers. Simply upload your keys and Vendor will instantly assign keys to the customer when they purchase and pay you via your WHMCS. Like all of our WHMCS modules, Vendor is 100% unencrypted and open source. We put a lot of pride into our work and we're not ashamed to show you, at the same time removing the concern about malicious code and a black hole of unmaintained code. Primary features: Google reCAPTCHA support to help prevent fraud Optional customisable client area template No template changes required Automated distribution of license keys to customers Easily create license 'groups' Assign a custom number of keys to a service from a group Produce 'bundles' that will distribute any number of keys from different groups assigned to one WHMCS service Optional automatic renewal of keys Optional recycling of keys Optional enforcement of unique keys per group Set your own optional welcome and renewal emails to be sent with the keys Complete event logging with admin details Search all keys with WHMCS intelligent search (WHMCS V7.7+) Responsive GUI, written in Vue.js making it lightening fast to use Built in documentation We're reactive developers! Have a feature request? We'll add it quickly, at no extra cost. Read more information about Vendor 2.0 >> Thank you for your support as always. Josh Bonfield Grizzlyware Ltd We're also currently running a 50% off promotion for the remainder of October!
  2. Grizzlyware is proud to release Unit Tracker, which was built to satisfy our own needs for billing clients for hourly work. We then expanded on that idea to support billing any unit, be that time or units of licenses for example. It can support different price and tiers for different clients and/or client groups, allowing you to automatically discount units to certain customers without having to remember their unique pricing arrangements. Ideal for agencies selling time and offering discounts over a certain number of hours in a week, month, year or however long or short you want. Set different hourly rates for different clients and client groups Easily allow bulk discounts e.g. £40 per hour for the first 10 hours in a week, followed by £35 for subsequent hours Automatically calculate invoices based on your custom price ranges and hours worked - no more complex calculations! Input hours worked throughout the week and simply generate the invoice when desired at the touch of a button Generate invoices as drafts, allowing you to validate them before sending to clients Optional inclusion of tax for each type of unit you sell Automatically generated breakdowns of billable totals, pricing tiers and historic totals Fully responsive, allowing you to add entries on the go Documentation provided directly in the app You can read more and view the screenshots here: https://www.grizzlyware.com/apps/whmcs/unit-tracker/ As with all of our code, it's unencrypted, written to a high standard and backed by our excellent customer service. Any questions of feature requests, please let us know! Thank you, Josh
  3. We're currently offering 50% off for WHMCS modules throughout October!
  4. Grizzlyware Josh

    Creating a module

    @tiagocaus sorry it's a bit late of a reply, but you can do this with a hook on service created (using the auto release module) or order created. If you are writing your own module, you could edit the custom field value using Salmon: // Assign the data store to a variable for shorter example $customFieldDataStore = $service->customFieldStore(); // Fetch the custom field $customFieldValue = $customFieldDataStore->getCustomFieldValue($customFieldDataStore->getFieldByName('Chave')); // From which you can then set a new value $customFieldValue->value = md5(microtime()); // And save it $customFieldValue->save(); More docs: https://github.com/grizzlyware/salmon-whmcs/wiki/Custom-fields Hope this helps! 🙂
  5. Grizzlyware Josh

    How can I query out product with custom fields?

    Hi @malin, I just added custom field support to Salmon for you, so you can do the following: $service->customFieldStore()->operating_system; I hope this helps you! 🙂 More docs here: https://github.com/grizzlyware/salmon-whmcs/wiki/Custom-fields
  6. Not exactly documentation to the tables, as a lot of the models extend the WHMCS ones which define the tables, but you can see a fair number of the models here: https://github.com/grizzlyware/salmon-whmcs/tree/master/src/Grizzlyware/Salmon/WHMCS
  7. Grizzlyware Josh

    License manager

    Hey @jes_jor, That sounds like a useful tool, especially with the multiple parts of a license, we’d like to offer to build that for you and offer you a discount on the licensing fee as a thank you for the suggestion. We would be able to get this ready pretty quickly for you too! Feel free to drop me an email and we can discuss how exactly you'd like it to work? 🙂 Best regards, Josh
  8. Hi all, Grizzlyware has just released Ranger for WHMCS, which will allow you to generate, manage and distribute license keys for software that you sell, via WHMCS. It's much like the WHMCS 'Licensing' module, however it has only just been released, so while it's fully functional and full featured, there is more to be added. We built Ranger to satisfy our own needs, it's open source and allows developers to license their software in the field. This is a WHMCS module which uses the Ranger framework. You can of course use the Ranger library on its own if you prefer. The module is bundled with email templates too. It's free - There is no charge for this module or the Ranger framework, all of the source code is available online as well as a packaged up WHMCS module. More information can be found here: https://www.grizzlyware.com/apps/whmcs/ranger/ We will have more WHMCS modules coming out in the not too distant future too. With that said, we just released 'Email Catcher' which scans your ticket replies for mismatched client email addresses (so you don't send an email address to the wrong client). Any questions or confusion, please give me a shout. Thank you, Josh
  9. Grizzlyware Josh

    Ranger - At no cost, generate and distribute license keys

    You're very welcome @DeanCollins, hope you enjoy it.
  10. We're back! After focussing our business on custom development for our customers, we have now establish the foundation and dedicated the time to creating great modules for the WHMCS Addon Market. We have re-branded our WHMCS addon sales as Bluetip Software, which some of you may already know of. Selling addons from our previous web hosting site just wasn't good enough. Our new site and client area has been custom coded, based on WHMCS to give you all you need to know about your addons. We're coming back to the party with three re-written modules, entirely from scratch, all using our brand new Shark Framework! This allows us to write modules faster and more consistently. All of our new modules are 100% Open Source and One Time Payments Only. No more subscriptions! Existing users of our previous modules, please contact us and we will arrange a discounted upgrade for you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Informer Formerly 'Alert Client' More Information: http://www.bluetipsoftware.com/whmcs-modules/informer/ This module lets you post alerts to your customers directly from your admin area. With Informer, you can now filter and choose exactly who receives these notifications: Target users on certain servers Users with certain services, either a mixture or all Active, Suspended + all the other status options in WHMCS Clients with certain domain extensions / TLDs, either Active, Pending, Expired and the rest. This module allows you to fine grain control which users can see the alerts, it is very powerful. Buy Now: $25 One Time - OPEN SOURCE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Resource Mailer Formerly 'Bandwidth Mailer' More Information: http://www.bluetipsoftware.com/whmcs-modules/resource-mailer/ Resource Mailer will allow you to send pre-defined messages to your customers as and when they reach their disk and bandwidth resources. You can set up *unlimited* rules for messages to be sent, ie a 50% Bandwidth Usage message, an 80% and a 110% one. These rules can be set to only check certain products, the service status - It can also ignore certain clients and client groups. Rules can either be set on values (ie 50MB,) or percentages, (ie 80%). This is completely customisable. Resource Mailer can send mail based on both disk space and bandwidth usage. Buy Now: $25 One Time - OPEN SOURCE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pusher Formerly 'Prowl for WHMCS' More Information: http://www.bluetipsoftware.com/whmcs-modules/pusher/ Send PUSH alerts to your iPhone or Android devices directly from WHMCS! Pusher not only supports mobile devices, but it can also support HipChat for team and small/medium sized business collaboration. Pusher is capable of the following: Alerts on new tickets New ticket replies Alerts on orders *NEW* Notify alerts of UNANSWERED TICKETS. If a ticket has been in the queue for 15 mins (user defined), it can send you a notification to any or all of your devices. Can email you instead of PUSH alerts. So when a ticket has been unanswered for a certain amount of time, it can send you an email. 100% Module Based with development module. You can create your own modules to work with your own systems. An example module is provided to get you started. Don't forget the entire module is open source too! Supports a large range of merge fields to create your custom messages from. Conditional Alerts - Pusher can choose to only send an alert if you want it to, ie tickets in a certain department, priority, order value, client, currency and many more! Buy Now: $25 One Time - OPEN SOURCE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A huge thank you to all of our existing customers who have made this a reality. If you are an existing customer and are interested in upgrading to one of our new modules - please contact us via email: support@bluetipsoftware.com
  11. Vendor » I am pleased to announce our latest rewrite, Vendor, formerly known as 'Key Seller'. Vendor allows you to sell product keys and serial numbers to your customers with ease. With Vendor, you can import your product keys, and sell them in any way you want to. Either on their own, or multiple keys of the same type in one product. You can even create bundles, which allow you to sell multiple keys from different groups in one product. For example selling a software package which comes with 3 license keys. Find out more now » Key Features Bundle Support Key Seller import tool CSV, Text Dump Import Methods Auto key generation tool Recycle keys and unique options Responsive hook points Key activity history Assign keys to services domain (optional) Open source, like all of our modules Vendor is shipping at a low one time price of $25, and is 100% open source, as with all of our modules. More information: http://www.bluetipsoftware.com/whmcs-modules/vendor/ Buy now $25
  12. We can provide a full refund if you are unhappy with the module, yes.
  13. Yes - Vendor is compatible with WHMCS V5 and V6.
  14. Grizzlyware Josh

    login curropted without change

    Have you edited your configuration.php file, the CC encryption hash?
  15. Grizzlyware Josh

    this code (rss feed) dont work on footer.tpl

    You're welcome. Hard to see what's causing that from an image - Do you have a link to the page online I can see? Josh
  16. Grizzlyware Josh

    this code (rss feed) dont work on footer.tpl

    Hi, You will need to wrap the above code in {literal}YOUR CODE HERE{/literal} Smarty tags to stop Smarty from trying to parse it as Smarty syntax. Regards, Josh
  17. Hi, You have an option to assign the keys to the domain field of the service, so they would see them - yes. This is optional though. However either way, if they select the product, then in the admin area you will be able to see all keys for the particular service they selected.
  18. Hi, It will show (if key is assigned to domain, optional) on subsequent invoices for renewals for the key, but not the first invoice. The first invoice is generated before the key is assigned so it's not possible. We could create a modification for you, which will edit the invoice after the key has been assigned if that's suitable for you? Send us an email on our website and we'll get back to you with more information and we can talk in more detail.
  19. Hi, It can be done by storing them as one key, ie Username::Password (separator can be whatever you want it to be). In the email template you can them simply explode them by :: (or your chosen separator) and list them in the email to the client. I can also confirm that the email will only be sent once the client has paid for the order. This can be changed, it is dependent on how you set up the product in WHMCS. I am happy to help you configure the username/password options and your email templates if you are at all unsure. Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with. Thank you, Josh
  20. Hi All, I'm releasing another module today that has come from a feature request here: http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?t=30642 PROBLEM Your company is contacted by a third party informing you that there is a web site (That you host) that has content that breaches the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) on it. Now, as the host, it is your responsibility to remove such content, not the web masters. A employee of your company contacts the client via a support ticket with a high priority, but the client never replies, WHMCS doesn't remind you that the ticket needs a response, unless you check it manually on the 'Open Tickets' page. This may not happen, and the content statys active, and the third party contacts you again. THE SOLUTION The DMCA Manager. This module will do the following: Employee creates a new complaint within the module. They only need to select the client, then the service which is in a drop down menu which is generated with AJAX, only for the selected client. Then they select a time limit. I'll go on to this shortly. Finally, they enter notes for the client to see. Eg: Your logo breaches the DMCA. These notes will be sent to the client. The module opens a critical status ticket & alerts the customer with a branded email (With your logo & signature etc) If the time limit of X runs out, suspend the account; only if the system is set to suspend on an over time limit trigger. If however, you enable a setting to PREVENT suspend on client reply, when a client replies to the ticket, the account will NOT be suspended if the time limit is up. The idea of that is to give the client some slack, if they are responding to the ticket. You can re-enable auto suspend if you wish. Incase the response they sent was say an auto responder for example. If the account gets suspended: Alert an Administrator and contact the client via the ticket. Talks go on between the client & host. If a resolution is found, close the complaint: Close the complaint (Unsuspend the account) - On staff decision. Complaint remains closed, unless it needs to be reopened. Complaints can be open indefinately. You can open a new complaint if you wish on the same account, unlimited if you need to... There is no limit to them. I have attached some screenshots for you to have a look at. If there are any feature requests for this mod I'll be happy to help. It can be used for other things too, such as other sorts of complaints. All the ticket responses are configurable with merge fields. The configuration is alo extremely adaptable. As with all my modules, it's well written and I offer unlimited support with every purchase. The order link is: https://b-digital.biz/members/cart.php?a=add&pid=52 Best Regards, Josh
  21. Hi there, I was the original author of Due Sync, I would be willing to write a bit of code to do this for you if you simply want the functionality of moving the expiry 10 days back if the next due date matches the expiry. If you would like to go ahead with this or discuss it further, please contact us via our website here: http://www.bluetipsoftware.com/speak-with-us/ Thank you, Josh PS, I tried to PM you but your profile rejected it.
  22. This is the first release of this module... a brief overview of what it can do for you: The problem Customers get an invoice for their expiring domain 30 days before it expires. The due date on the invoice is the expiry date. As a business should, they pay as late as possible... on the due date. They pay via bank draft/cheque. They don't clear for around a week or so. The domain has expired. A domain shark could have it by now... The solution Set the domain next due date X days before the expiry date. As far as the business knows, they pay on the due date. You, the web host still has X days to wait for a cleared payment. The money clears, and everyones happy... Expanding the problem What if the customer just paid for their domain, and a few days later, they get another invoice from you... this time for hosting. Not another bank charge you both say... Well, if they had both their domain & hosting on the same invoice? Now that would be easier. Sync the domain next due date to X days before the expiry, sync the hosting next due date to to the same as the domain next due date and also sync the payment gateways. This way, WHMCS will add them to the same invoice... With the due date X days before the expiry date. Of course you don't have to set it X days before, but it makes life easier. Due Sync - Explained Due Sync will do all of this for you & your staff. If the due dates are within N days, it will do it automatically, else it will notify an admin to investigate it. If you don't trust it to auto sync, it can always notify admins of changes that need to be made. This module has come from a real need. Firstly to group hosting account & domains onto one invoice & secondly to allow the banks time to clear the cheque, and prevent expired domains. It is priced at £25 to buy & £15 every year after that. As with all my modules, it comes with unlimited support & updates. I have written it well & all is enclosed in a class. If you are intrested in the source, please email me @ josh@b-digital.biz and we can discuss that option. Download Link Can Be Found Here. It' simple to install, two files... upload them, navigate to Due Sync in WHMCS & enter your license key. Configure it and you're ready to go! Any suggestions please feel free to let me know Best regards, Josh
  23. Hi, I'm releasing another WHMCS Module today, written to the new 4.4.1 Module Specification. It came from a need of one of my customers who wanted a simple way to resell product keys, without the hassle of tracking & issuing them. THE PROBLEM You buy keys from a software vendor in bulk, you know how stressful & time consuming it can be to issue those to clients, per order, per email... It's a long process which is highly susceptible to human error. You sell keys as products on your WHMCS install. The customer orders them, you then send them the key manually once they have paid & passed fraud checks. You mark the key as issued, done. Well, that's if nothing goes wrong. You may issue the same key twice on accident, issued before they've paid, send the wrong email, all sorts could go wrong. THE SOLUTION A Key Seller... This module will allow you to bulk import your product keys into the system, into sepperate groups. Once in the 'pool' of keys to be issued, they can be issued instantly to customers on order. You assign the product to a group in the product configuration of WHMCS. Choose when you want the key to be sent, on manual aproval, after payment etc. These are all standard WHMCS settings. Once the key is issued, it cannot be issued again, unless revoked from the customer. The key is stored in WHMCS tables, so it can be searched for using the Live Search function of WHMCS. The key is assigned to the client, so it can be used in email templates, so the key can be sent to the customer as soon as they purchase it. If there are no keys available in a group (Out of stock) then the service create will let you know, and won't send the email to the customer until there are keys available for that group. It has a very easy to use admin interface, keys are sorted by groups & whether or not they are issued or not. You can go to the service management of WHMCS directly from the module and the same from service management to the Key Manager. You can view a clients profile too, with one click. Client names are displayed next to the key in the manager window for easy management. It can accept any special characters you throw at it, making it ideal for a multitude product keys. Bundling Two Keys Into One Email / Product The software vendor you use may have the option to sell two pieces of software, with two keys, as one product, a bundle, with a discount. These keys should be sent in the same email to the customer, for a professional image. Key Seller is able to do this for you, with as many keys in one email as you want. They will be given different mergefield names in the email template, so you can place them where ever you wish in the email to the customer. As with all my modules, it comes with unlimited support, free updates, the peace of mind that it is witten well & written to withstand the fast development speed of WHMCS. The order link is: https://b-digital.biz/members/cart.php?a=add&pid=57 Best Regards, Josh
  24. Hi everyone, This module has now had a complete rewrite - Available for a One Time Price of only $25. More information can be found here: http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?80878-Vendor-Sell-product-keys-and-bundles-import-with-ease Thank you, Josh
  25. jaxTweet - Elegant, slick & beautifully designed Using Twitter is an eseential part of your online presence these days, but using it can often be an inconvenience. Sometimes you can go for months, completely forgetting to 'Tweet'. jaxTweet solves this problem! It is packed with usability & visually appealing graphics, all in a Web 2.0 Style & format; allowing for no page reloading, (AJAX -jaxTweet). Key Features Charatcer limit counter - Colour changing. As you reach the limit, it will change colour Subtle animated graphics - Doesn't draw attention from the admin area Delete last Tweet button Secure Twitter OAuth Connection - No need to enter your password or username! 'Return key' to Tweet function Automatic URL shortener using the Goo.gl service (Options can be configured) Native admin permission integration - Admin users can only post tweets if they have permission to do so Open source code allowing anyone to run it - Users with no-encryption policies can start to make use of our addons! This is a simple concept, made purely to engage you with Twitter. When I think of Twitter, I think "What a pain, I need to sign off, sign on, then shorten the URLs, and then Tweet it". jaxTweet will be waiting for you each morning when you log onto your WHMCS admin area. Just type in a Tweet and well... Tweet it. If you make a typo, just click the undo button. Done, continue with your workflow. All of this, for only £4.99 One time! Order Now!

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