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Recommend some Live Help application


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I have a license to php live helper that I am willing to sell on if anyone is interested.


The inital year ends on May 13th this year and cost $99 initally


Will sell on for $40 if anyone is interested??

has the exploit thats known in it been fixed :) figure i ask and is the licence transferable?

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live chat is good but if you got msn messenger or something that works alot better cause its got everything needed too help cover a issue remotely with the client and keeps everything confitdential

Yes but what about customers who do not want to download and install msn messenger? And as for keep everything confidential, I would not be too sur of that myself.


I'm looking at providesupport at the moment, looks quiet good, especially the world map showing where each visitor comes from, whether they are in a chat with you, in a chat with another operator etc

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What are you talking about? Their client does have to be downloaded to be used.


agreed, i looked at the free one and you need the client, looking to go with stardevelop, love their interface, doing a complete revamp of the entire site inc livehelp

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Whats wrong with a a client? Star Develop requires one too? Were only talking about the admin side of things. Neither of them require the site visitor to have any type of special software installed.


nothing wrong with a client, tbh makes it easier for me as i have a tendancy to accendtialy close browser windows that i shouldnt, what annoys me is when ppl look at the site then post here saying no client needed, and me having been there previously knowing that it does require a client, simple checking of facts before posting makes everything so much easier.


its the old saying, engage brain before mouth

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You can also check out PHPLiveSupport (phplivesupport.com)... they have dropped their pricing for a owned license to about $90.


NOTE: There are some issues with it (XSS), (and don't expect any real support), and their site's ssl is expired with a non valid OCSP.


But ... if you are good with php and .htaccess you can patch it easily enough.

It's also open-source, readble code...so you can even add features.

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